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Fantastic hike! A must do AND NOTE LOOP DISTANCE IS ACTUALLY 11 Miles Not 8.

Great hike. Lots of fun. A little challenging at the start.

Great slot canyon. Actually three sets of slot canyons with a small wide area in between each section. Went up Little Wild Hors and backtracked same route. Took 3 1/2 hours. No water in the canyon which was a huge plus. Some mild scrambling. We are in our early 60s and did it without any problems. The temperature was 68 degrees and I would not recommend hiking it past 75 degrees. Bring plenty of water and a few snacks. Very crowded due to spring break in Utah but still a fantastic hike. Not to be missed if you are in the area.

Starts out as a great slot canyon, i think about two miles, then turns into a trail that leads to bell canyon. Getting out of wildhorse has two high scrambles that are about 12 feet each, but once out, it is easy from there. The downhill to bells canyon is the hardest part, but not too hard. Bells is most interesting at the end of the loop. Mid 40s, did it with my wife and 16 year old daughter, a little teamwork got us through the tough spots. Bring water, bright and sunny between canyons.

Great hike! did it by myself on a weekday and there;s nobody around. one star less because the central part that parallel with the bike trail is kinda boring. Very accessible slot canyon and so much diversity of rocks!

1 month ago

We loved this trail! Nice, easy hike! Great for a little weekend getaway!!

One of the best hikes I have ever been on. We didn’t make it past the deep water. However, we will definitely be going back.

2 months ago

We left early enough in the morning that there were hardly any others on the trail with us. Beautiful landscape and the cave at the end kept the kids engaged for a good hour. Such a beautiful place to see for it being mid February.

3 months ago

Great hike! I agree with others, that winter is the best time to visit. The weather is cooler and there are no crowds. We took two dogs on this hike, they loved it. They did not go all way to the bottom of the chamber, but were able to scramble up the rocks with human assistance.

Weather was perfect & the canyon was bone dry which was a nice surprise.

GPS tracks this at 9 miles. Did this today (1-5-18) and it was jaw-dropping, incredible slot canyons and towering rock walls. weather was nice and beauty was overwhelming!! i can't recommend it more.

A bit of a short hike but beautiful. Winter is the best time to go!

5 months ago

Got bored and went back. The cryptobiotic soil with red agate in it was cool but I wish they'd put up LNT signs so people wouldn't trample it. So sad to see 100 years of growth ruined by careless (probably ignorantly innocent) steps. Please stay on the trail! LNT.org

5 months ago

Went on 11-11-17 and there was no water to wade thru. I would rate it as difficult simply because 8 miles is rather long and there were many times I had to scramble up/down so it was a full body workout. Not to mention a lack of signs and markers so thank goodness Alltrails works even though there was no service out there! Finished in 3.5 hours because I was worried about it getting dark and I was solo.

5 months ago

I enjoyed the quiet lair more than the valley of hoodoos simply because of the amount of kids running around yelling and climbing on everything. After the lair I look the Carmel Canyon side trail then back to the road.

As far as slot canyons are concerned, this is the easiest we have ever done! However, it still posed some challenges. We took little wild horse in, and intended to come out bell (more on that in a later paragraph).

We went in early October, 5 days after a rain storm and we still needed to navigate through 1 1/2 - 3 feet of water. Most people turned back because getting wet waist deep in VERY cold water was too much. Not dangerous perse, but my 10 year old complained of numb toes for a good 10 minutes after we got through all the different water sections.

The cistern at the beginning of the hike was more than 6 feet full of water (my husband fell in and learned the hard way) so hang to the left and go up the trail if you want to avoid a full body soak.

You have to scramble the rocks to get out of little wild horse, and when you climb out of the cave like crack the correct path goes over some rocks and continues west. But, there are some yellow ribbons and cairns that elude that the trail goes south. The south ribbon and cairns take you to a bunch of overlooks. We got lost for 2 hours up top because we kept following cairns and didn't understand they were a side ventures for a long while. So, now being 4 hours in, we decided to go back out little horse instead of finishing the loop, and I decided I would warn other hikers to keep heading west! :)

Fun hike, and gorgeous!! Did Little Wildhorse first and then turned into Bells Canyon to take us back to the trailhead. As others have said, many just do Little Wildhorse so the trail is a lot quieter once you get about 3-4 miles into the loop. There was some water we waded through (just under knees) at about mile 1.5 that turned several groups back. We took our medium sized dog with us, and we did have to help her up and down quite a few obstacles, but it was well worth it! I would bring a dog harness. The hike took us 4.5 hours (quicker without a dog handicap). Weather was great! Crowds were there (Saturday) but again, only on the Little Wildhorse side, and most turned back by mile 3 or so. Make sure you have enough light to finish the hike, or bring headlamps! We got out by 4pm but another 30-45minutes and I would have liked to have a headlamp just in case, as the sun sets early now, and the canyons hides a lot of remaining sunlight.

The best! Did the loop with 2dogs... needed help with alot of the rocks due to the steepness/ dropoffs. Recommend dogs wear a harness to assist them with the climbs, all in all, a fabulous hike!

Beautiful slot canyons for about a mile. We didn't do the full loop due to water in a canyon but great trail with some up and overs due to fallen rocks. Dogs loved it!

Awesome hike. There is water about 1 mile up little wild horse. It was about mid thigh deep (I'm 5'7") and super cold. Because of the water, most people turned around at this point. Bell canyon was quite and crowd free.

beautiful place to go back next time but its better to camp out there for more trails to see i was there for only one day not much time to enjoy

6 months ago

Wonderful time on this loop.
While rated "moderate" there are some tough rock or ledge spots to get over or down. Beware of any recent rains. You could find yourself transversing walls or walking through waste deep, cold, muddy water.

So much fun! Only went up Wild Horse as bad weather was approaching. After the gulch you enter Wild Horse on the right. The first 3rd is easy, enjoyable and pretty standard for a slot. The middle 3rd is fantastic! Some great narrows, snakelike sections and some nice coloring. Final 3rd is a combo of the first 2, well worth the effort. next time will complete the loop through Bell.

8 months ago

the loop does NOT take you to the Lair!! if you are ONLY going to the lair; take the trail UP and to the left. The trail to the right and down will take you straight into the goblin valley; with no way to see the lair without starting over. THERE IS NO SHADE!! bring tons of water & sunscreen. LAST CLIMB UP A MOUNTAIN TO THE LAIR IS HARD, BUT WORTH IT. we suggest going to both parts of the park; but do it EARLY.

Nice easy walk to a cave but the goblins are really the main attraction. Roaming around in the park with the hoodoos is really fun! Yay, Galaxy Quest!

Did this hike on 20 Jun 2017 with a group of 10 boys (12 to 14) and 5 adults and we did the complete loop, up Little Wild Horse Canyon and down Bell canyon. Little Wild Horse Canyon is a fairly easy hike until you get most of the way up when you have scramble over/around 8-10ft "cliffs". Bell has more and higher "cliffs" and to me was less interesting than Little Wild Horse Canyon. Make sure you bring enough water, I drank close to 4 liters doing the loop. If it is is going to be hot, start early.

The rock formation ma were coops but I kinda felt like once I saw about 5 minutes of it, I'd seen it all. Would have been much better had it not been so hot. Don't got in the heat of the day, cause it's like burning in hell....gonna make sure I live right so I don't go to hell after knowing how hot it could be

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