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Nice hike. Still very little snow. Gear: trail shoes, shell pants and top, thermal. Was upper twenties to start (9:30ish) and warmed up quickly. Trekking poles would have been nice. Once you about a mile from the summit stay close to the ridge and avoid the scree field.

Nice easy trail. Beautiful day

I went again after the first attempt and I can say this is my favorite trail so far. It is really hard and demanding and also dangerous. I agree with the fact that this trail could be marked better. Even when I loved the snow the first time I went, I would never do this trail in those conditions, following the trail in the snow is really complicated and it was overwhelming for me. The second time,I got lost twice, one in the way down from the top. Fortunately I was able to follow a group of ladies that guided me to the main trail. I was by myself and I started late, I would recommend to get there really early if it’s the first time, so you can have time in case you need it. Besides everything I said, I would do it again and again. Loved it!!

4 days ago

Great views of the lake

Always lovely, November 6th, little bit of mud in the beginning otherwise clear and beautiful.

Nice views well-maintained trail perfect for carting a baby on. Great in the fall

8 days ago

Awesome variety of vegetation and terrain.

12 days ago

We did this hike on September 29th. I prefer hikes near running water, but this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up, and I’m so glad that I didn’t.

After our GPS took us the long way into the park putting us all there at different times, we made it to the trail head. It was an arduous climb, and the first gentle portion of the hike gives you what you think to be an outstanding view of what you have in store for you, as if asking you if you’re really have it in you to do it. Don’t listen. You must do this.

Once you’ve begun the climb, it’s all up hill. One member of the group and his spouse had to turn back before the first switchback because of breathing issues. Five of us continued on up the rise. It’s a 2.5 mile climb with 4 switch backs along a very well maintained trail. There are plenty of opportunities for views that you can never tire of. Every clearing in the trees is just amazing.

The 5 of us made it to the top at a staggered interval and I was able to take in the view by myself. It was so spectacular that it brought me to tears.

The clouds, smoke, and temperature drop hit us all at once, and we made a brisk retreat down the mountain.

It took us 2 hours going up and 45 minutes down. I can’t wait to do it again next year in early summer.

If you are not in a wheelchair and don’t have breathing issues, you can do this one, given enough time. Trust me! I’m fat and 48. We also passed very old people as well as people with mobility challenges, including crutches. Don’t worry about how many times you need to stop. You’ll enjoy those stops as much as the view from the top. Just go prepared.

UV protection is a must as is the potential need for wind protection.

14 days ago

Completed 9-8-18

Completed 9-9-18

14 days ago

Completed 9-9-18

Completed 9-9-18

Great moderate hike with lovely views. So nice to be able to take our energetic pup, he loved it!

16 days ago

Did this loop 10-26-2018. I did the loop counter clockwise starting at the junction of the Cold Springs trail and the South Rock Creek trail. I did not see any sunglasses on the trail, but I had my eyes peeled for them. The South Rock Creek trail is mostly burned up forest all the way to the junction with the Sky Lakes trail. I did the Isherwood trail loop also. The map here seems different than what I saw. The Cold Springs trail on the way back to the trailhead was mostly green and a better hike than the other part. This loop is easy to moderate at most, not difficult imho.

17 days ago

absolutely beautiful views

This trail was recommended to us by the park ranger. Unlike a lot of the trails, it goes down to the lake where you can take a dip. We didn’t as it was too cold but it looks refreshing for warmer days. It was a nice short hike but somewhat of a challenge going back up. Doable for all!

all uphill, decent view on top of the boulders

Great hike. Did it in mid October on a weekday, so there were very few people there. Yes, it is all uphill all the way to the top, but take your time and enjoy the views from every angle. It's a fairly steady climb and there is no scrambling. Well worth your time.

20 days ago

Difficult trail that starts out easy and exponentially slows to a crawl scrambling through boulders at the top. The trail could be marked better! There are white dots on the rocks for the middle third but are mainly on the uphill side. Only 10% are visible while ascending making it a bit hard to follow. Near the top markers consist of small red ribbons in the few trees. If the trail was better marked I would probably rate it 5 stars. Great workout. Scenery good but many others better.

Great trail. Missed a fork. Poison oak in patches.

21 days ago

Pretty great hike. First 3/4 was quite basic. The last leg and the rock climb was a bit harder than anticipated. The last leg was the steepest, as you can see from the topographical map. The climb was a bit sketchy. Two puzzles (first was easy, second was a pain), then steep stairs with a lot of loose gravel, so be slow and steady.

Great long hike, easy assension to the top. Amazing views. Family and Dog friendly, easy parking too.

Well maintained trail that passes 3 lakes in 3 miles. Trail to Horseshoe Lake is not marked. At the far end of Blue Lake, make a right. Tough climb back out to the parking area, but overall I agree with the moderate rating. Beautiful Fall colors today and only passed 1 other group.

22 days ago

Fantastic hike! Great workout, beautiful views and the view at the top is worth the effort. I was hesitant to climb up the rocks at the end and make my way around the ridge, but with some encouragement from other hikers I decided to go for it and I’m so glad I did.

Great hike with worthwile views from the top! Seriously amazing. Not super hard but it’ll def increase your heart rate. GPS measures it closer to 11 miles. Well-maintained and easy to follow. When the trail forks in 3 different directions, go left!

on Toketee Falls

23 days ago

Watch out for dog poop on the trail! It was kind of a bummer to have to be more aware of piles of poo than actually enjoying the scenery around. Overall, it's a beautiful tiny hike!

Great workout and we had great weather. No wildlife spotted and views are limited to the open spaces. At the top, fabulous! The first third is strenuous due to gradient but the surface is great. Well marked path with options towards the top.
Lunch at the top is great.
We traveled to the trail head by RV- not recommended! The last 7 miles is gravely and narrow in places with logging trucks and a few hunters. Still a great day out.

Highly trafficked place, many varieties of people... I went twice at night and once in the day. Seeing it in the light was so disgusting that I will never go back (and I am not a germaphobe). It is a beautiful place but it is ruined by the amount of people that flock to it. Road to hot springs is very pot holy, high clearance vehicle recommended but not needed.

24 days ago

My favourite waterfall although hike is short and usually very crowded.

24 days ago

This is an great hike for an easier view of the southern Cascades. Starts at a high elevation point and is shorter so the hike puts you higher than Mt Bailey without the intensity. Took 2.5 hours up and down. Hiked end of August and weather was fair. Not a lot of traffic for a National Park!

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