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Beautiful trail but the beginning was not for people who are afraid of heights. I sadly have a fear of heights and found it very difficult. The part from the beautiful falls on was fantastic! I think it’s one of the prettiest hikes I’ve ever been on. We went in the summer.

12 days ago

Easy hike with beautiful views!

Thought this trail was ok. It was awesome to do simply because I see Needlerock from afar all the time and was really very interested in hiking it. The trail is easy to follow, but there is no clear end point and the brush is super thick towards the base of the rock itself. Views are nice, but mostly just expansive farmland. Spent my time at the “top” listening to a nervous donkey from the farm below...

Very easy and worthwhile hike. Took about half an hour, which included several stops along the way to either take in the gorgeous views or let my two dogs get in their "necessary" sniffs. Look out points have guardrails, so I could rest easy knowing the puppy couldn't launch herself over the edge. Highly recommend if you've only got a few minutes

I lost the trail 2 or 3 times and over shot the lake.
12.66 miles later, 3 adult tantrums, 2 falls, 3 female bighorns, no partirages or pears trees, exhausted, nauseated from the altitude I made it back to camp and had a good laugh til I cried at myself.
I loved it. Plan to go back and put some trail markers up with Wyland the Earl Grey drinking, ex Army Ranger with a kitty, camphost.
Markers are sorely needed.
These mountains and the valley below are sacred. there is potent magic here.
Don't be disappointed if a place doesn't let you in the first time. Bow your head, lift your heart and try again.

Pretty views, easy hike.

Very scenic hike with great views of the lakes, pinnacles and snow capped mountains (from the top). Easy to find trailhead right off Hwy 50.

19 days ago

Beautiful views, definitely returning to see the Sand Lakes. Also, I made it to the trailhead in a manual 2003 Subaru Forester with AT tires and skid plates. I didn’t touch my skids once on anything and there was snow and ice on the steeper hills. Disregard all the high clearance 4wd only comments. Just need a good driver.

Easy ride through the Ponderosa’s!

loved this trail and views were spectacular!

Easy hike until the very top then a bit rocky. It was well worth it!!!

26 days ago

absolutely loved this small trail shrubs views kids could easily keep up dogs had a great time October weather was beautiful.

27 days ago

This hike was just spectacular when I got a chance to do it in June of 2017. Definitely doable for most anyone, though being from a town at sea level and having had only a day of acclimation slowed me down a little. The falls are so powerful and the spray so refreshing, really incredible, but the views are just as impressive as the falls on this trek. This part of Colorado is as good as it gets: the terrain is so varied, red sandstone cliffs to the west and snow-capped mountains that remind me of The Sound of Music to the east. I love Telluride so damn much. Next time I go I want to try and get further up the Wasatch Basin Trail.

29 days ago

Terrible place. Should be closed. Slimy, stinky, and absolutely foul.

on Mesa Creek Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful fall colors, well kept trail. My 6 yr old did this with ease. The river is really low but still amazing scenery. Restrooms at the top. Well marked and easy to find. There are a few access spots to get to the water. We only saw 3 fisherman the entire time.

1 month ago

NIce trek out to the falls this morning. In from Boston on a pleasure trip. A LOW comes in and drops some precipitation you will need snow shoes. Do it while you can.

1 month ago

Nice peaceful walk.

Hike with the family. Had a bit of snow and slippery patches towards the top. View is good

so rediculous that you must pay to hike. way better nature for free elsewhere.

We hiked this trail yesterday as we have had so much rain in Durango. So glad we had the chance as the sun broke through for our 3 hour hike and we saw only one other hiker. Trail is well marked with maps at each junction. We took the first loop option using the posted maps. We saw three small cliff dwellings spaced well along the hike. We had 5 min of trouble finding the exit trail on top of the Mesa because there were so many smaller view trails- just pay attention to the sign post. Cliffs, mountains and vegetation, made every turn a photographic event. Lack of serious stretches of elevation made this an easy hike. Our 15lb dog loved it as her first hike. The soft sand/soil was easy on her pads. If you don’t see the parking lot using Apple maps, just keep driving a little bit further-you can’t miss it. Our maps tried to take us up a small road near the parking area that said no public access.

My wife and I recently traveled to Telluride and decided to check out Rico Hot Springs while in the area but to our surprise it was closed off much like Ben said in the previous review. Don’t waste your time.

Great little hike! The drive up is rough gravel but there’s a Honda Accord that made it up here in dry conditions (early October).

1 month ago

Great hike, amazing to see ruins up close without the crowds. Thoroughly enjoyed myself . Please be respectful of the ruins, let’s keep them around for everyone to enjoy!

1 month ago

We went right at the fork at the beginning, and because it had rained that day, the steep descent was a little nerve wracking. Wish we had gone left to start. Not a trail if someone has any fear of heights, as the trail is narrow and right on the edge of the canyon/hill many places. We loved it! Fantastic canyon views, as well as an aspen grove right up against the rock wall.

Short hike but moderately challenging if you take the rout on the right. Easy to access and great for a quick nature fix.

off road driving
1 month ago

Great little trail. Not too difficult at all. We took it on a very rainy and overcast day. It made the ascent a little harder than most days, but that’s what made it fun. The switchbacks going up were a blast.

1 month ago

Wishing for more water for the waterfall, but still beautiful.

Beautiful with options to go farther by taking the connected ouray perimeter trail.

This hike was so beautiful, the first but is steep but the rest is pretty easy. Each lake was beautiful and so was the overlook and waterfall. I will definitely do this again

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