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Very easy walk. The way is paved so anybody can do it. Worth doing it, you’ll see general Sherman at the end.

Loved the hike! The views were amazing and I got great shots of the sign. It is dry and open trail but if done in the early morning it's not bad at all. Definitely bring apply sunscreen and wear hats and sunglasses. We didn't go all the way up behind the hike, but it isn't much further up the trail (maybe like another mile) if you decide to go further up.

4 days ago

Great hike with family. Good incline, total hike felt more than 3.2 miles. Shade on lower part of trail. Beautiful views of the ocean!

4 days ago

One of our fave JT hikes — we always do it first thing in the morning because it makes 85% of the ascent shaded, which really makes a difference. It’s a lot of natural “stairs,” and pretty strenuous if it’s in the sun or you aren’t used to serious inclines. But the view at the top, and along the way, is amazing. It gets very windy at the top, so watch your hat. Again, recommend starting by 8:30am, not only for the shade but to watch the shadows change on the landscape as you climb... great photo ops.

4 days ago

It was amazing view! We loved this trail and will come back for the ocean view for sure! We hiked 6.2 miles for 2 hours!! Early morning is recommended as there is not much shade or canopy.

Not really a hike, nice paved walk to see General Sherman. I thought the General Grant tree in Kings Canyon was a much more majestic tree and the short hike was much less crowded. Glad I saw both.

Great workout, watch out for flies on the uphill climb. Views are pretty sweet.

easy walk to see some BIG trees. arrived around 730-8am and there were only a few other people but more were coming in on the way out. get here early!!

Easy hike with good incline. Love this hike up to the observatory for sunset

14 days ago

We are staying at the Azalea Campground and started out with this easy trail. It’s my first time at this park and it’s absolutely majestic and wonderful. This trail is an easy introduction to the park. It’s 2 miles from the campground and it was not crowded at all. There were no buses parked when we went so maybe we just got lucky. I’m giving this a 5 Star because it’s easy, well paved, worth the hike, and leisurely.

15 days ago

Could not hike entire trail due to a closure, so hiked a loop (made via another trail) back to parking lot. Fantastic hike, beautiful vegetation.

Scenic and historic- good incline!

Scenic and historic!

19 days ago

It’s a bit dry and dusty at the moment (Labor day weekend), but normally this trail is probably great. It was fine today - just quite hot and 6 out of 7 of us got stung by yellow jackets (there was a swarm right on the edge of the trail). We saw 3 rattlesnakes on the trail but if you spot them and wait for them to slither off it’s no problem. The falls at the end were nice (a bit small), but not 100% sure they were worth the effort and stings.

trail running
19 days ago

Good for a day run

Great hike with the family!

A great hike for when friends and family are in town visiting. That being said, if you're able and wanting to put in some more mileage elsewhere, you can get much better views that aren't as crowded.

Very Steep, but paved. There is also a shuttle option. We didn't follow all the side trails, but it was amazing to see all the trees!

Great hike - and easy for kids.

23 days ago

08/26/18 - started at tecolote nature center. there is plenty of parking. keep to the left once you see the first fork that seems to go towards the power line towers.. then its mostly walking on the side of the golfcourse fence.
i went further towards genesse ave snd there is a nice shaded wooded area... there are few places to loop back and hike back to the nature park entrance

on the way back i decided to take the total straight line "trail".. its not part of the hiking trail but i went for it anyway.
this is where the steep inclines and declines are but the view at the top of the 4 tower mountains is great and good workout, some scrambling required.

I love this hike for the following reasons:
1. It close to home - anywhere in south LA County or Orange County.
2. It is near the beach, so great views and bonus of spending part of the day on the beach after the hike.
3. Trails offer a variety so you can get the work-out you desire: short, long or difficult.
4. Choice of 4 campsites if you want to stay overnight.

Get up early and go! easy trail! It gets crowded fast! Very beautiful but there is a line to take a picture with the General Sherman Tree!

Out of all of the hikes I have done in socal thus far, this has been my absolute favorite! It's definitely a hidden gem. Took about 6 hours with a nice nap in the middle of the river atop a rock near the falls. I saw maybe 8 people the entire hike. There is quite a bit of shade which is nice for those hot days and the falls at the end is a nice rewarding treat! It's so hard to go back to the park and not do this day hike.

Came early in the middle of the week and was able to find parking pretty easily on Ferndell. Beginning of the hike was nicely shaded, but the majority of the trail up to Griffith Observatory was not. Pretty much a steady incline up to the top, but great views from the observatory and bathrooms at the top! Was a breeze to go back down the hill. Able to see the Hollywood sign and on nice days able to see downtown LA.

26 days ago

was nice hike run into to bee hives but didnt get stun till the way back. water was cold but refreshing. Deer came up close as well as a bear cub that wanted to follow.

27 days ago

Be aware that there are large nests of angry and very territorial bees after approx 1.5 and then 2.5 miles. The first was about half a metre of the trail so not too much of an issue, but the second was right on the trail and completely unavoidable. Both my wife and I were sting multiple times - take anti histamines if you're going to do this till and be prepared to run past the nests.

This was a fairly easy trail. Gradual incline. It’s really open so hats, sun screens, and at least a liter of water or more if you start late as it will get hotter in the afternoon. We spent about three hours total because we stopped at the Hollywood viewpoint ( front view of the sign) and Mt Lee ( back of the sign) to take in the breathtaking views and for lots of pictures.
There is no trail that will bring you right to the sign as it’s gated and in a protected area, however if you get onto Mt. Lee trail it’ll get you to Mt. Lee just behind the Hollywood sign and it’s as close to it as you could get to the sign. Hope this help, have fun!!!

lovely trail we did it in December

I haven't been hiking in a while, I joined my friend Yvette today and we had such a great time on this trail. Seeing the house ruins and waterfall and the view of the ocean made our day.

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