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For first time hikers i definitely wouldn’t label this hike as “moderate” it might be fairly hard for some. My husband, my self & our 2 year old did this hike in 2.5 hours, no shade and really sunny bring lots of water & sunscreen (i got very burnt). I got light headed on the way up so bring a protein bar! Overall it’s a great workout,family fun activity and not to mention the breathtaking views from the top! Very steep on the way down with loose gravel so be very careful and have good shoes with support.

1 day ago

the slot trail was easy and down a dirt road so passing in a car is impossible, there is another dirt road path that starts on the other side of the slots. We encountered a few other groups in the slots but only 2 once out of them. the slots themselves are fun for the family and windcaves can be found about half a mile past that.

decent trail, well kept

Nice hike and most of it is fairly easy. It is pretty steep up and down during the loop portion. The hike is mostly sunny and the only shade is near the trail head. There are many trails out there and they are not labeled well, so check the app occasionally if you are recording. This area requires a land pass for usage that you can buy online for about $4. I would hike this again and bring the kids.

Was a great hike. It gets pretty step right in the beginning for about half the hike and then it smooths off some. Great view at the top and as of yesterday the flags were still there.

on Upper Otay Reservoir

trail running
4 days ago

Trail gets a bit dicey to follow on the north side of the lake, had to double back. Ran it on a rainy day too, the north side is pretty muddy. I also ran it in Merrill barefoot trail running shoes, would not recommend because of how rocky the back half of the trail is. Walked a few sections just because I was getting jabbed by rocks with every stride.

No judgments from me, but there were a few kids hanging out on the graffiti wall in the no trespass area. Hey I was in highschool once, but still I wouldn't leave anything valuable in your car.

could be a potential romantic walk


Good trail, went up without climbing shoes and that was my mistake. It says highly elevated at the end, which is true but basically the entire trail is uphill. Definitely not a beginners trail if you are just trying to get it done. Rocks here can be hard to get a grip with your shoes.

People keep saying it's a quick hike, but it didn't feel like that to me lol maybe because it's all a crazy incline. But an amazing hike- challenging, beautiful and a great hike with your pet dog. The last 0.8 of the hike is a really good challenge hiking up to the peak. If you take the east trail it's A LOT easier!

Quick hike with amazing view at the peak. Be sure to check out the dam after, its beautiful. Last bit of the hike is the toughest.

14 days ago

Been wanting to do this one for awhile now, finally got to it! Reviews below are very accurate: the washed out dirt road is a monotonous pain in the ass, albeit a good workout, all the way to the base of the summit. It does indeed get fun, scenic, and challenging as you make your way from the road junction up to the summit. The boulder climbs are rad, the summit is really cool and rewarding. The climb up to/down from the cave that leads to the summit is super sketchy. It actually kind of scared the shit out of me! Definitely be skilled in climbing and go with a friend. A slip and tumble in that particular spot could be catastrophic. I think there's an alternate route to the summit, I'll definitely be looking for it next time. Definitely still go do this hike though, it's a must.

Quick but steep trail with amazing views at the peak. Worth the climb!

Super Bonita caminata, la vista preciosa. Un poco resbaloso al regreso por que te resbalas con las piedritas.

15 days ago

Did this hike last minute by myself. Great hike! The directions on All Trails doesn’t tell you the exact address of the trailhead. Use Google Maps to get the exact address. Great mountain hike to train for bigger mountain hikes like Mt. Whitney and Mt. Elbert. Very scenic and never crowded which I loved! Be careful going down. A lot of loose rock. Loved seeing the American Flag at the top and sitting on the big rock on the summit admiring the view. Took me about 2.5 hours out and back. Highly recommend this hike!

nice easy Sunday hiking trail .

It's a great hike with amazing views.

People! If you bring dogs, don't leave the dog crap-bag next to the trail. Pick it up and don't be lazy. BETTER YET, leave your pet at home.
Trail was decent, not crowded, and had benches here and there.

16 days ago

I frequent this trail often. So much cleaner and quieter than the front side of the mountain. And TONS of parking. The trail is well maintained and marked well. A nice hike when you don't have time to go far from home. This time of year it is very green and lots of flowers in bloom. Unfortunately there was a fire there recently and we lost a big chunk of the vegetation. So please be respectful and stay out of this area while the plants are regenerating.

so much fun. i love this place. its local and more fun/ less crowded than cowles.

17 days ago

Wife and kids loved this place. Easy access

18 days ago

Easy little loop around the lake, quite shady and cool. Very appropriate for bringing young kiddos. Is also a nice running track, each lap is 8/10 of a mile.

What a great trail! I'm a beginner and found this to me beautiful, scenic and doable for children and adults. Good rocks for footing, and hardly any slipping areas. But in drier season could be more risk of slips. But that may be with any trail.

Can't wait to bring my 10 and 16 year old!

A very pleasant hike in early spring. We didn't start the hike until around 11 am. It was sunny but there was a nice cool breeze almost the whole time, so it was very comfortable. It's easy to see how it could be brutally hot in warmer weather though. You can choose to hike the steep trail straight up if you want the incline. We opted for the switchbacks to get a little more milage. The main reasons for not giving it more stars were the lack of trail markings, the heavily eroded trail with all its loose rocks, and the view which, while nice, was nothing spectacular. Overall, it was an enjoyable outing, but nothing to write home about.

P.S. The flag is still there

22 days ago

Awesome and easy. Kids loved it. Lots of shade for a hot day. I wish the trail that looped back over the butte was more clearly sign posted. We ended up just turning around and going back through the slot.

Fun trail..... a little short but wicked steep at the top!

Short hike but a really good climb! This was a really fun hike!

27 days ago

Loved hiking along the water rocks. Hiked it with the kids and they loved it!

Went on yesterday with a group of people and 2 dogs. My brother in law invited us because he regularly goes there. Awesome view throughout the hike and got better on the top.
Once you get to top there's no other way back but how you got up. Don't make the mistake I did trying to find another way down. It looks like there is but there isn't. A 3.5 mile hike turned into a 9 mile hike haha good times

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