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Great hike! Lots of choices and not too strenuous. Bikers on the trails so have to share. Went off trail a bit to get close to Lake Hodges and rest a bit and enjoy the tranquility. Spotted a coyote 30 ft from us taking a drink by the shore. We spooked him and he ran off.

great hike.. all charged up for MLK Day..

Not too difficult until the last half mile. It's a nice hike and doable with a dog. Pretty crowded though, but we didnt start as early as I would like.

We had some difficulty figuring out exactly where the canyon began, so it could be more clearly marked, but overall very cool. We went when it was pretty hot out still. I don't recommend it but we managed! Not a difficult hot but definitely gets hot out there.

1 day ago

Such a fun easy hike and a close little drive in you live in Oceanside/San Diego Drive! Narrow rocks are quite beautiful and a nice getaway from the city!

I love this trail, but man, was it packed with people and dogs this morning! There was some sort of wilderness course taking place as well. Few puddles from the recent rain, but nothing to derail you.

It took us around 3 hours but we had a slower dog in tow, so we moved somewhat slowly and stopped frequently.

3 days ago

Take a left at the fork. There is bit of a scramble going down. Beautiful out! The falls was streaming but not as much as we hoped even after 4 days of rain. Still worth it!

7 days ago

Hit this hike Sunday 1/13, with a group of 6, right between storms with absolutely PERFECT weather. 28 degrees at 7am when I arrived, still at or below freezing when we started at 8. Had to stop once or twice early to dial in the proper amount of layers, settled with regular wind/water resistant pants, quick dry T shirt and light weight pullover. Obligatory wool socks/water proof(ish)boots. Beanie for good measure on the way down.

What can I say, as soon as you get done taking in the spectacular views in one spot, just hike for about 20 more minutes to be blown away again. This continues all the way to Suicide Rock which does not disappoint! We started early and everything was covered in a fresh powder that packed nicely and just amplified the experience. On the way back(passed a few groups headed up) it was warming up and melting so it was almost a different hike coming down. All in all 7.5 miles, 1956ft gain 3hr 45 min and a kick ass time.

I underestimated how cold it was going to be. I would bring crampons if you have them.

8 days ago

We did this before sunset & it was really enjoyable from the top. It definitely can be busy, especially during the weekends, but it’s do-able. It was pretty easy. The incline wasn’t bad at all. Just watch footing for slippery rocks.

Great hike. The beginning had the most elevation gain and then flattened out a bit so if you can get through the first half hour, you will be fine. It started snowing hard on our way up but but we finished the hike. The snow made the hike just that much more spectacular. It felt like a winter wonderland. No views from the peak though due to the snow and clouds. Thankfully we brought a ton of layers because it got very very cold near the top with the heavy snow.

Good hike through peaceful countryside, there was a good amount of traffic though. We had the pleasure of getting chased off the trail by a cow who was grazing near by. Lots of various wildlife to see but mostly cows.

12 days ago

My first San Diego area hike. It was tough on my legs, but the views were fabulous. Folks on the trail were friendly. It wasn’t crowded, but we went on a Wednesday late morning. Puddles towards the top in the shade were frozen, but there was plenty of sunshine most of the hike.

15 days ago

Great trail to prepare yourself for some of the more difficult hikes throughout the east county.

Beautiful trail and not many people on it. It’s challenging and it’s close to 4 miles up with a 2,000ft elevation gain (according to my Apple Watch). There was snow/ice is many places so make sure to wear hiking shoes and not tennis shoes. Dress in layers. It’s chilly, especially if you go early in the morning like I did.

Great view and awesome hiking. We had some snow what made our hiking even better. Be prepared with gloves, beanie and a warm jacket because it was very windy and cold.

16 days ago

By far the neatest hike I've done. loved walking through the narrow canyon. you can even climb up to the top. soo soo much to see. so many different directions you can go. once u make ur way out u will hit this HUGE hill u have to climb/walk up to get up and out of the canyon and back to the parking lot. once up that hill u will be the whole canyon wide up from the top. I will def be back, hopefully to backpack..

but it's hard when you go up the hills and it gives you a leg work out and makes it a muscle

it was so fun we are good hikers cause of hiking

17 days ago

Great work out if you keep the pace up. We made it up and down in 3 hours. Great views at the top!

off road driving
17 days ago

Breathtaking views. We actually set up camp here for a night. It was definitely not the best spot due to the sand flies, but it was perfectly silent, except for a heli patroling here and there. Such a beautiful sight to wake up to.

A bit uneven with it's trail in some parts but a good leg workout you'll definitely be sore. Can get crowded but manageable.

Absolutely stunning. A wonderful hike filled with beauty and spectacular views.

One of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done. Temperatures were cool...48 at the bottom and about 34 with the wind chill at the top. Lots of snow at this time which makes for a magical, serene experience. Breathtaking views at the top. Uphill trek for approx 1.5 miles then some flat land. Five oak trail on the way back- slippery and muddy be careful. Poles would h w been helpful! Great for dogs and there is a local friendly mountain dog named Alice who went up the mountain with us. Don’t be alarmed and enjoy!!!

19 days ago

Beautiful hike that’s the perfect mix just-strenuous-enough, sweeping vistas, beautiful trees, and hiker-friendly boulders (not slippery). Can take more slowly if you want less difficult.

20 days ago

Beautiful hike, very steep! Well marked trail

20 days ago

Hiked this trail on 1/1/19 - so beautiful with fresh snow on the ground! I Did not need micro spikes but hiking stick may help some on the way down! It was a little bit windy at the end, dress warmly! Trail is well marked.

December 31, New Year’s Eve Hike to end the year! 7.7 miles of uphill and downhill with snow, mud, and rocky road. We didn’t get a chance to see the view on Cuyamaca Peak due to fog and windy weather, but it was definitely the toughest hiking trail when it is snowy and muddy!

31Dec2018, this is an awesome trail, it's actually a hard trail if your dealing with snow and sometimes a strong wind....challenging but doable... we didnt get any good views at the top due to foggy weather... i did get a picture of a frozen plants

22 days ago

Beautiful hike! Was one of my first adventures back from Washington and it wasn't a dissapointment! Idyllwild is beautiful this time of the year and the scenery is gorgeous! I'm going again and I am hoping the Gov. is still shut down this week so I won't need a permit!!

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