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Awesome hike, I really enjoyed seeing the 7 or so various mushroom types growing in the mossy dank initial ascent of the hike. My girlfriend, pups & I really enjoyed the hike, beautiful panoramic views of a large portion the Banff N.P.

Aaron B.

8 hours ago

Lost the sun at the lake in the mid-afternoon, so earlier the better if you want to hang out there for a while. Bring cleats cause of the recent snow near the top (which also made for muddy swampy conditions towards the end in some sections).

Beautiful ridge hike! Would recommend going clockwise so you don't have to scramble down.

2 days ago

Great trail, easy hike beautiful suspension bridge. Did this hike with husband and friends at 26 weeks pregnant. Would be a great family hike. We carried on pass the park boundary; well worth it! The trail does get harder past the waterfalls and can be a little hard to navigate.

This hike is worth all the tourists at Lake Louise! Once you get passed all the people and make your way to the actual trail it’s a beautiful hike. My friend, my dog and I walked to the end of Lake Louise and headed up to Big Beehive that way, finishing the hike with Lake Agnes on the way back down. It was nice because we hiked the opposite direction of everyone else. Amazing views from the top of Devil’s Thumb. There are no signs or mention of Devil’s Thumb around. So many people just finish their hike with Big Beehive. The last trek up to the Thumb is quiet and a bit of a hidden gem. Highly recommended!

A group of 7 of us just did this hike on Tuesday September 11th 2018 and it’s now my favourite! Even my 9 1/2 year old dog, Jada did it with us. Incredible views the entire time. Highly recommended! We completed the hike clockwise as suggested. You want to do this hike on a clear day to admire the amazing views. With 7 of us and a dog, lots of picture breaks and snack breaks it took us 6 hours. But we were slow! We saw three grizzlies!! They were grazing on the mountain side so they were far away from the group! Amazing to watch them through the binoculars.

on Cory Pass

3 days ago

Got lost several times between mile 2 & 4; as has bern said, it is difficult to differentiate between the trail & runoff paths. Around mile 3.9, after a scramble up some rocks, the trail appears to end at a 15’ rockface. You must go up this rockface (not as scary as it first seems). Then once on top, walk slightly right and you will see a hiker sign post. It appears to point right off the cliff. You must then scramble down the other side of the rocks. This is scary & I crabwalked partly down; there are small trees along the way to help you get down - treacherous. A large amount of the next part of the trail is traveling over scree on a path along the edge of the mountain. After a while you are used to it and just a couple of tense parts. You reach a high overlook and then must go down the backside of the mountain on a soft scree path which can be somewhat slippery; we found it best to lean backwards & dig in with your heals. Then the views ARE OUTSTANDING. You continue on thru larger scree with no issues & then thru bolders with the path marked by criains. The last treacherous part is up a muddy, rocky, root filled runoff path with bushes to stabilize you. Then a long, boring walk back thru the forest with a couple of good views. Even tho I was freaked out at certain points, this was by far our best hike as it had the most outstanding views. Took us 7.5 hours with breaks and getting lost in the beginning.

Incredible! We were lucky enough to have an inversion today. Could not have asked for a better way to experience this hike. Wouldn’t want to attempt this in snow or wet, but if the weather is dry enough, this is a superb day out. We took 5 hours with lots of breaks just chilling along the Ridge soaking it in. Would recommend starting from the South and going clockwise. Add it to your must do list. Well worth the drive from Calgary.

Pretty walk through the woods. A tough scramble at the end to get close to the lake. The lake itself was nothing special. Especially after just seeing Moraine Lake!

8 days ago

Gradual elevation gain pretty much the whole way but not too steep or strenuous - good cardio training. A lot of the forest floor is changing colour which was beautiful to see. Definitely worth the final push up to the second lake. It was a little chilly and started to snow so we didn’t hang around long. Whilst have a snack though we did hear a wolf / coyote howl that echoed around the bowl, that was incredible. Well trodden trail that was a little slippy when wet. On a hot sunny day it would be easy to spend an hour or two at the lakes

3h 46min return which was a fast pace. 18.23km


on Cory Pass

9 days ago

Incredible hike well worth the effort! Be prepared for rapid weather changes, as it was clear at the base, raining/sleeting on the way to Cory Pass, snowing as we made the turn, and raining again on the way down. The trail was muddy in sections, but manageable. Also, there’s a small bit of climbing down rocks required on your way up to Cory Pass, but it’s doable if done slowly (would also have been helpful if it was dry). We measured about 20km total. The landscapes are absolutely amazing!

9 days ago

Date : 8th of September
Time: 8.30am at the Moraine gate, gate opens 8.45am.
Group of 5 amateur hikers

At this time of the year I would recommend using poles, helmet and cleats. We did it without any of those and it was rather risky. My boyfriend and his team did it earlier without any equipment around July and it was much easier.

Bring dry socks and good company!

on Tent Ridge Horseshoe

9 days ago

Awesome hike, would say it's moderately hard but not super difficult if you go at your own pace! Definitely start clockwise as everyone suggests. This hike took us 4 hours and 20 minutes with a snack break and LOTS of picture breaks to capture the non-stop amazing views. It gets quite windy up top because you're on top of a mountain and there is nothing to stop the wind, so wear layers - I'd even recommend gloves and maybe even a toque! I'm not a very accomplished hiker, and I didn't find this hike to be intimidating at all. Don't let some of the other reviews and mention of scrambling scare you! Would definitely recommend this to anyone look for a challenging but rewarding hike!

9 days ago

Cool hike. Tough in the beginning, but rewards you near the top. Liked the fact it was not heavily traveled.

Moraine Lake parking lot was full by 6am so this was our backup hike. We started by 8am and avoided most of the tourists. The views of the lakes are outstanding! The reward/difficulty ratio is very high for this one. Only downside is how busy it can be; the trail was a gong show on the way down. Get there early and you will not be disappointed!

10 days ago

This hike is incredible! It is also no joke - lots of elevation gain. As said in previous reviews, go clockwise to Cory Pass first so the second half of the loop is easier. Views are amazing!

10 days ago

What an incredible hike, the views once you round the corner into the pass are absolutely stunning and otherworldly. We measured that it was in fact 17 km total, not 13. When starting out, go clockwise around the loop to have the easier part of the hike for the end of your journey :) Would 100% recommend this amazing hike and I would love to do it again!

Amazing hike!! Well worth the effort and steep climb near the finish

11 days ago

Great hike but long. Get early start, no later than 10am imho.

This hike took us 2hr up and 1.5 down at a fairly moderate pace. The last portion after the boulders was a bit of grind but you can't NOT go to the top, the views are amazing and make the trip fully worth it. NOTE: the boulders are not the ones when you first come out of the trees, you must continue up the small trail along the scree field and then climb over the boulders to get to the final portion, it took us 20 min from the boulders to the top. Enjoy :)

The whole way you can here thehighway, view of construction..

The spectacular views from the top makes all the effort worthwhile. The very last section is steep as you scramble up.

I have hikied a few mountains and I think here has one of the best views on the summit. The last 300 meters was quite steep like Mt. Rundle but not as loose. Totally worth it.

Great hike if you’re up for a good climb for the first half! Don’t be fooled by the 5.7 miles marked on the summary - this hike is a minimum of 3.3 miles to the top, so roughly 6.6 round trip. Majority of the hike is in the woods, so no major vistas until you reach the top, with the last 30-40 mins being a pretty steep climb. However, if you hang in there, the view of the valley and surrounding mountains as well as Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake are well worth it!

Great hike that isn't the most difficult but you get superb views. When we hiked it was very smokey but still the views were amazing. You can do the hike in either direction and i think either way is just as challenging. Will do this great hike again when the air is crisp and there is no smoke.

This is incredible and easily one of the best hikes in Banff. If you are afraid of heights, may want to rethink. This is difficult because the trail is hard to follow at parts and has a mild scramble. However, there are many trails that are more physically difficult compared to this one. Must do - best near Lake Louise.

awesome hike! challenging but the views are insane! you can spot Yamnuska and Ha ling from the ridge so watch the horizon! on a Wednesday we were the only ones of the trail and it was amazingly quiet at the top. Went all the way until the drop. 2h up, 1.5h down.

14 days ago

Scenic, easy trail. I think next time I'll continue on the trail after the first falls.

Very pleasant and easy walk. Would definitely visit again. Oh, there was snow on the top the day I visit. (Sep 3rd) just so you know.

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