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Fun hike. Great Views with some steep inclines!

Challenging first accent but the views from the top are worth it

We actually got on this trail because we missed the trail head for the Wave Cave hike. Glad we did. It is great hike with lots of terrific things to see. Went all the way to the top past the needle. Not for the novice but I would go again and recommend highly.

Love this hike. it provided a great workout and the view of Weaver's Needle is stunning. We branched off on Cave Trail to hit Geronimos Cave.

great hike took my nieces alot of climbing up large rocks we really enjoyed the challenge

Lots of gradual incline. Fun trail!

Difficult hike with steady climb. Lots of rocks and loose gravel/rocks. So worth the 1400 ft elevation change for the view!

Super simple and nice walk. I’m very large and working to get in shape and this was no problem. Beautiful out. Did the trail with 9 year old, 7 year old and Lab.

Amazing and beautiful!

My wife and I hiked to Fremont Saddle and beyond to Weaver's Needle. This is a moderate hike, gives a good workout and the views of the Canyon and Superstitious Mountains are amazing. It is a little rocky but solid. View of Weaver's Needle was also amazing. We are in our 60's and had no problem. I highly recommend this hike, will be back

My new favorite trail in the Phoenix area! It's popular, but for good reason. The climb is very gradual over the whole hike and the trail is well marked/easy to follow, so as long as you have decent shoes and are in ok shape this shouldn't be a challenge. We saw some 70 year olds on the trail that were handling it just fine. We hiked this right after a bunch of rain and there was a small creek flowing down the canyon. Head out early to beat the crowds, bring lots of water, and enjoy the beautiful views!

My first trail ever hiked in Arizona and I was not disappointed in the slightest. Every step was absolutely amazing l, you could turn around and there was a beautiful view. I do recommend hiking boots because there are strictly rocks on portions of the trail. Going up took 2 hours with frequent breaks to take in the view. 45 minutes down at a steady jog. The view is absolutely worth it.

Beautiful place to hike and a fun drive to get there! There was a lot of people on the trail and everyone is so courteous and nice and gives you your space. My friend and I went for our first time and only went about a mile since we were stopped by the beautiful landscape. Plan on coming back more and more and getting farther and farther.

Nov 3, 2018
HIKED to the TOP.. Awesome and challenging. Not for those who like inner city hikes.

Wear leather hiking boots with good ankle support. Avoid wearing sneakers there is Cholla cactus on trail.

HIKING POLES for balance especially when getting through the big rocks.

3 Liters of water minimum.

Good Snacks to keep up you energy.

4 wheel drive vehicle to get you to the trail head.

15 days ago

So nice. Sunset time was perfect

Awesome hike! Made it all the way to the saddle. Perfect temps 70 for this hike. One note we brought our dog and saw 3 others on the trail. The description says no dogs. And there were 2 rangers at trailhead answering questions, they seemed fine with us having a dog.

spectacular views of the area.

This was a great hike and enjoyed the views going up for sure. Tried to get to the trail this past winter and failed due to the sandy beach stopped me In my tracks. This time did a dry run to the trailhead with my jeep And made it there and back and had a good time in the jeep. Went back today with my hiking buddy and it was nice. Took about an hour to get to the trailhead and one other couple was on their way out. We hike about 3 miles out and never could find our way to the peak. Turned around due to making sure we had enough water for the trip back (took 3 liters with us and another bottle of pedialyte as well). There were a few shades spots we stopped at to drink and take in the views. Hoping next time we do make it to the top!

Getting there- You will be on a dirt road for maybe 20 minutes depending on how fast you drive. It is well maintained so a 2 WD car would be fine. There is a restroom at the trail head.

The hike- Nice, moderate hike. We took our time on the way up to enjoy all the views surrounding us. Hiking through the canyon allowed for incredible 360* views. We did come across 2 small snakes along the trail so keep your eyes open for the wild life. Fun trail overall but as others have said, wear appropriate shoes due to loose rocks.

Did this loop with my wife and friends who are not big hikers and they did great. The way we went was definitely best because you climb the steepest, roughest, loose parts close to the beginning (Goldmine) and then have a nice hike around the backside of the mountain back to the parking lot. It gets hot so we were glad we went early.

Easy and pretty trail. Great for kids and dogs.

A very long 5 mile round trip with some good elevation gain. Take plenty of water and rest often. Lots of good-size rocks, so wear good hiking shoes/boots. Periodically, stop and look behind you for some incredible views. Take a camera! Beautiful view at the top. A tough hike for a 69-year old like me but loved every minute and plan to do it again very soon. Has been one of my favorite hikes!!!!

horseback riding
1 month ago

We rode our Mules and it was a good short ride for us with a nice summit lunch break. We had a little water in a creek bed for the Mules to drink from and the hikers were polite and shared the trail. Those with dogs were also very polite. We enjoyed this ride but would not recommend it for anyone that’s not on a good mountain horse or a mule.

Easy run on a nice trail. My 6 year old hiked it with no problem as well.

This will always be my go to favorite trail. especially the day after a good rain.

1 month ago

The drive to the trail head was just as exciting as the trail. I took a couple of wrong turns but eventually found the way. The drive also gave me a scare when I began driving in pure sand. My Mazda CX-5 AWD actually handled the terrain far better than I expected. As for the hike it was a good challenge for my friends and myself. We may have complained the whole way up but the view was amazing with all of the Quartz. When you start to get close to the top just keep looking for the stacks of rocks to lead you the rest of the way. The last bit does involve a little rock climbing to get on top of the Quartz. As we were in the way down the sun was setting to we had a fantastic view of the sun behind the mountains in the distance. I would not recommend waiting that late to come off the mountain because we ended up having to finish the hike by flashlight and that also made the drive out far more complicated to follow.

Overall a good hike but I do not care to do it again.

Hiked on October 6, 2018.

Good trail and perfect weather make a great family trip.

Gorgeous hike through the Canyon! It is rocky, so wear appropriate hiking shoes. Saw lots of butterflies. You can hear the water flowing through the creeks, and there is a small waterfall. Hiked about halfway to the saddle because the trail seemed to go on forever and the only sign is at the parking lot. The trail isn't too difficult to follow. I put carins in a few places just to make sure I stayed on trail. There was a lot of shade in the morning and the temperature is very nice in October. I wouldn't recommend hiking this in summer! I look forward to going back and hiking all the way to the saddle now that I have an idea of the time frame it takes to get there.
Made it to the saddle a week later! Terrain is rocky and it was a bit wet towards the top because of the rains. The view is amazing of the mountains and valleys along with seeing the iconic Weaver's Needle! There are boulders you can sit and relax on. Well worth the hike!

READ BEFORE YOU GO! The road leading to the trail should only be done with 4 Wheel Drive

I took my AWD suv on the south side leading north to the trail. The road is not traversable with 2WD. Lots of places to get stuck in as happened to me. I had to call 911 to get someone out to rescue me and had get my car towed out.

The Google map leads you through very sketchy, sandy washes at least if you are coming through the Maricopa/Mobile airport way.

I’m a pretty adventurous person and I would have strongly loved it if someone wrote a review saying how sandy it was and is not suitable for AWD/2WD.

Another thing you must remember is that this is literally in the middle of nowhere and if you get stuck- be prepared to be waiting for help for a good hour.

Unfortunately, I was not able to hike the trail so this review is purely about the road leading to it.

Major lesson learned for me.

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