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Great hills for a flatlander from Houston. I combined the JC and RL with an out and back section of the Mormon trail to get in a 6.5 mile run. I did get turned around a little because I’m new to using the app and the trail markings are weathered in some locations but it’s not like it’s so remote it was a problem. Great views of Phoenix at dawn. The elevation training was good, just enough climb to challenge me but not overwhelm. I don’t get many opportunities to run hills on the gulf coast so this was a welcomed change. I would definitely run the South Mt. Preserve again on future visits.

Great trails in the park! Typical desert hike- bring plenty of water. There are lots of splits in the trail, and it's easy to end up hiking further than intended, and risking running out. Carry extra for your pups, too!!

5 days ago

I normally love this trail but I had aggressive flies swarming me (face and body) the entire time. Even when I was running, they followed. Not sure if it’s the season or what. The mountain bikers didn’t seem to have issues

Beware of fast moving bikers

10 days ago

Good hike. Steep at the beginning but a nice break about halfway through. Ended the hike a little early so didn’t get to the top. I’d bring visitors to this trail. We didn’t see one person the entire hike. Very quiet

13 days ago

Yesterday I went only up. A lot of incline great work out. Was gonna do loop but decide to come back down. On warm morning and 1.3 mile incline is too much for me. Concern this as easy to moderate great sturdy rocks. Great view of Phoenix. Did total of 2.7 Miles

30 minutes flat, 40 minutes up to top

Beautiful views of the city. Stunning rock formations. Great trail but be ready to hike with lots of people! Very little shade.

Great workout and views! Loved it!

Didn’t see any dog poop that a few reviews mentioned. Bikers were courteous and I thought the trail was well- marked. Even without the All Trails app, I felt it the trail was very easy to follow and there were markers with M on them at places where the trail split.

It was hotter than we expected and I would definitely go earlier next time.

Good hike!

Awesome hike! If you are afraid of heights, I wouldn't advise Ridgeline. Took my husband, daughter, and I about 2 1/2 hours to complete but we took a few short breaks. Great views!

Pretty desert hike!

27 days ago

Although the area is nice, it is very poorly marked. We were out to do this trail with our and ended up getting lost and having to retrace our steps multiple times to get back on the trail. There are many trails that intercept and is easy to end up on the wrong one since there are few trail markers past the first mile. Luckily we were using this app and were able to get back on the trail. When all was said and done, we hiked well over 10 miles on what was supposed to be a 4.7 mile hike. Make sure you bring plenty of water and a charged phone

Great hike with some good elevation gain and views.

28 days ago

Nice trail, will be amazing when the saguaros bloom! The trail was longer than 15.2 miles. I hiked right at 16 out and back going almost but not all the way out.

29 days ago

Long and exhausting hike. Trail is wide and well kept. Not a ton of traffic (hikers) but since this is a dual trail there’s lots of mountain bikers, which sometimes tend to be rude. Aside from this the trail is challenging but not too technical. The views of city are spectacular, the rock formations, caves on trail are cool to see. One distinct difference between other trials in valley is the fact that there’s very little vegetation which means limited shade. Therefore bring plenty of water and sunscreen. I also recommend bug spray, there was a ton of mosquitoes which is unusual this time of year. Also, please pick up your trash, I was surprised how much garbage I saw along the trail.

on Corona Loop

1 month ago

The hike was easy and didn’t take a long time to complete

Nice hike. Good views on the valley. A lot! Of dog poop on trail. But would hike again.

Not too strenuous, well marked and easy to run.

Did this one at night and it was pretty cool!

1 month ago

Several sections are pretty steep, but one of my favorites on South Mountain. Great views from the top!

1 month ago

Awesome awesome awesome trail. Absolutely beautiful terrain. Word of warning-about three minutes after you get to fat mans pass you will come to a big block in the trail, just know that you are going to have to squeeze through a pretty tight gap in the boulder and then slide down a big rock to get to the next part of the trail.

I would definitely write this Trail as moderate not hard. I'm a pretty experienced hiker, but even so I found this trail to be pretty easy. It took me 1 hour to get up in 45 minutes to get back down. I didn't have any of this bushwhacking problem. However I did find there was a bit of poop on the trail, but not nearly as much as it sounded like there would be. I was also a little bit disappointed when I got to the top and realized that I could have drove up there and people were walking in and out and couldn't believe that I had hiked up. Just kind of took some of the excitement out of reaching the top

Great easy trail. It was marked as moderate but I would classify as easy. Good for running and very little change in elevation

I enjoyed my hike immensely. Not only was I surrounded by the beauty of the desert, I was able to challenge myself physically. I scrambled, jumped, ran, and climbed with a grin. It’s an active trail with lots of bikers so it’s best to keep your wits about you. Most people I passed were polite and the bikers were appreciative when I let them pass.

1 month ago

1 month ago

Took this from the trailhead to Buena Vista and it ended up being a decently long hike. Saw few people, mostly mountain bikers. Not my favorite hike in the city, scenery wise.

mediocre hiking but lools great for biking and alot of bikers

Fun short hike. Easy once you get up top. Can be crowded on the weekend. Lotsa different trails to choose from once you get to the top.

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