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2 days ago

Check the weather before you go or be prepared for rain, wind, and snow. Track itself is a very smooth dirt walkway with some occasional grass. Beautiful views the entire way up, but the view at the peak makes every step to the top worth it. Don’t turn back after the first overcrowded viewpoint, go the last 1.5km to get to the peak. Oh and there’s sheep all over, super cute!

a gift that keeps on giving

Nice stair workout going uphill, beautiful views from the waterfall.

18 days ago

I don’t think this should be considered a hard walk. Yes it’s really steep but come on... it’s a highway up to the top! No complicated steps, no changes of surface, nothing to climb. Just a really steep mountain to walk up to. You can easily reach the viewpoint after two, two and half hours and give an extra 30mn for the top (I did it in the snow weather simple tennis shoes). Going downhill is also pretty easy, you could easily walk fast or run if you wanted to. Definitely worth the view!!

Short and steep but worth it

It’s a nice little stroll I guess, and worth an hour or two if you’re stopping in Franz Josef, however the glacier is underwhelming to say the least. I know it has shrunk a good deal in the last few decades which is a shame, but it basically just looks like a dirty snowdrift and it’s about a kilometre from the lookout point. This track is hella easy so I have no doubt it is crowded in peak season.

I would rate this 8/10 difficulty. It’s a pretty smooth path, no climbing or steps, but it is seriously steep! We are reasonably fit and got to the lookout in just over two hours. If you’re not in decent shape though you are going to struggle big time. I saw someone on TripAdvisor ask if they could push a pram up there... it’s 1250m uphill for fucks sake! Be warned this is a proper mountain, so it can be warm at the bottom but it was hella cold at the top!
The view is sensational. Absolutely worth it. I don’t agree with those who say that it’s a boring hike. There’s lovely scenery and when you crest the ridge you can see down the other side too.

Stunning Sean. Great if you like boulder jumping, we where with to boys 10 and 12 who loved it. You hear and see Avalanches this time of year.

To easy to busy

Way to busy. It snowed in the night before we did the walk and even then it feld like a trafficjam. Seenery is great.

on Roy's Peak Track

1 month ago

Awesome views,

1 month ago

Hiked this a few years back and it was one of the highlights of our trip so now that I am using All Trails I thought I would review it. It wasn’t highly trafficked but can be a pain to get to if rainy due to muddy roads. We had to help push the car in front of us through a muddy area. The views and hike are worth it. While this is rated easy. It is all relative as to what you are used to. This at times is moderate but easy because the trail is well maintained and easy to walk. Weather also plays a role. Look at the map for the incline. I’ve had much easier trails makes as moderate vs this in IL and TN in the US. Nonetheless if you can walk and are in ok shape you can do this. Again...the views are worth venturing here for a few hr hike.

good day hike for fam & kids

Great views of all the water falls, glacier and sky line

Although the rating says it is hard it is really just how steep it is. It is quite consistent throughout. Make sure you wear well fitted good quality shoes. When I did the track my shoes weren't broken into. The last stretch of the track was painful. As long as you are somewhat fit you will be able to complete it in the time guideline.

Lot of stairs to climb but worth to do it.

to see beautiful clear water after a short walk.

trail running
2 months ago

it is pretty good trail but have lots of stairs, however very well maintained and view is perfect.

2 months ago

Amazing views

Amazing scenery especially on a clear day. Easy track as most of the ground is flat.

Stunning scenery.

Easy walk to (near) the base of the glacier. The track is really well maintained and great to walk on. If you're only stopping by in Franz Josef thus is a good little out and back walk to do.

3 months ago

Walked the track in July (mid winter) starting in the darkness at 7am. The first 4ks up were fine, then the track became snow/ice covered which made progress slow going. Amazing views at the top, but the lookout point was very slippery (be careful if going up when icy).

6hours return.

3 months ago

As the other reviews mentioned, the track itself is pretty bland but the views are spectacular! Worth going all the way to the top past the view point. About 1/3 of the track was very muddy and slippery and the summit push is pretty snowy, but manageable (we were hiking in running shoes). Definitely steep. We made it to the summit in just under 3 hours with the above conditions.

3 months ago

Physically I found this hard (I wouldn’t consider myself unfit but I don’t train or anything), but the trail is very straightforward and well maintained. All worth it for the views, and options to climb right up to the peak for the added panoramic view ❤️

easy track with nice views !

4 months ago

The walk is boring, but the view is fantastic !

i camped there and i saw almost a perfect milky way and a beautiful sun raise.

Easy track with awesome views

amazing view and exciting to cross 3 swing bridges

Great walk. It was covered in snow and the track wasn't easily visible at the top.

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