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Agree with other reviews that it is overall easy and flat. The moderate rating probably comes from the distance and the unrelenting sun in the summer. The views are nice, but like another said, it mostly looks the same. It is VERY crowded, so beware of bus tourists clogging up the trail.

Amazing views all along the way! There was snow on the top of the mountains even in the summer with very hot and sunny weather. One of the best hikes I have ever done!

Wow! The views along the trail are incredible from start to finish. You wind through azure alpine streams and glacier lakes while walking through Hooker Valley. The towering snow capped mountains are nothing short of magnificent. Walk a little past the trail end to get an up close view of the floating icecaps. Would disagree with the moderate rating - tail is about as easy as they come. Hardly any elevation change, wide, and well marked. Great for all ages and experience levels.

This place is crawling with oblivious tour bus tourists whose only concern is taking an Instagram selfie and not enjoying the views around them.

trail running
5 days ago

did it in 1 day. 62km in 10h45 ... counterclockwise of course ... water is clean at the 3 huts along the way so pack light on water if you want to enjoy your run ... started at 6h15am ... covered and rainy for half the run ... nice views at the top and nice tropical forest for the second half! if i would to do it again i would run it half way counterclockwise and come back the same way. start at the parking lot directly!!

Pretty boring and brutal walk but the views are great

6 days ago

i did it with a bad weather but the challenge was very nice

9 days ago

Check status fox glacier currently closed

Was going to slay this peak today but the trail is closed right now. No public access from Nov 20 to Dec 20 due to fawning (deer)

An absolute can’t miss hike. By far the most beautiful hike I’ve ever done. The trail starts at a steep incline and doesn’t you flatten out ever. If the views don’t take your breath away, the incline certainly will.

great hike for day of arrival or with kids - great views, easy to get to.

We got lucky with the weather and had great views. Really chill trek - lovely thing to do on the way back from Milford sound and lovely guided nature walk at the top.

11 days ago

Super worth the climb! Hiked in Dec 2018 and there was still snow toward the top. We used an ice axe and hiking poles but crampons would have been a nice luxury - you can rent them in Mt Cook Village. Do-able as a day hike but definitely stay in the hut if you can - sunrise and sunset are so beautiful

11 days ago

It’s a beast of a hike but the views can’t be beat!

Nice walk. Beautiful views.

14 days ago

I did it in one day, if you enjoy the view for a bit and want a challenge then do it. Total: 11 hours, 45km, finished at rainbow reach

Amazing Track ,one of the most stunning hikes I’ve done.

Awesome hike - beautiful hiking trail - well maintained

22 days ago

Tough trek, but worth the struggle. The landscape is outstanding. Be mindful of the weather, mountain conditions change all the time. Wouldn't reccomend attempting if you're inexperienced.

Unreal! perfect short hike that doesn't consume your whole day! The scenery is beautiful.

26 days ago

Quick walk with good views at the top

Super hard. Gorgeous views. Can’t wait to do it again.

1 month ago

Check the weather before you go or be prepared for rain, wind, and snow. Track itself is a very smooth dirt walkway with some occasional grass. Beautiful views the entire way up, but the view at the peak makes every step to the top worth it. Don’t turn back after the first overcrowded viewpoint, go the last 1.5km to get to the peak. Oh and there’s sheep all over, super cute!

1 month ago

Easy short trail to lookout. Lots of landslides in the area have closed most other trails. Good bet to see the glacier on foot.

1 month ago

The peaceful views of the lake at the end make everything worth it! Fairly steep uphill trek on slippery wet rocks until you get to the lake, then back down those same slippery wet rocks. Take your time and watch your footing and you’ll be fine! There are a lot of side trails that weave in and out of the main one, they all lead to the same place and offer more scenery than sticking to the same trail each way.

1 month ago

Great track.
BUT it is no where near Glenorchy.
You drive 1 hour from Te Anau to the lower Hollyford Road where you find the start of this trail. The first 10 mins are gentle under foot and easy for most folks to enjoy. The remainder of the track is rough, steep and tricky in a few places. It makes for a good walk though. Beautiful scenery along the way.

1 month ago

Did this hike as the other famous one was closed for lambing. I'm so glad I did as there was some variation to the walk itself and not just plain uphill. I found the first 4km uphill the hardest. Rewarded with stunning panoramic views! Came down at 4pm and only walked past 2 other walkers.

1 month ago

We went left from the car park which gave views of Wanaka and the lake while going up. Then the way down had views of the other side which was less exciting and also had a .5 mile walk around the base to get back to our car. Fun quick hike with good views. Lots of runners and dogs.

Great hike, worth everything once you get to the serenity and beauty of the lake.

1 month ago

I don’t think this should be considered a hard walk. Yes it’s really steep but come on... it’s a highway up to the top! No complicated steps, no changes of surface, nothing to climb. Just a really steep mountain to walk up to. You can easily reach the viewpoint after two, two and half hours and give an extra 30mn for the top (I did it in the snow weather simple tennis shoes). Going downhill is also pretty easy, you could easily walk fast or run if you wanted to. Definitely worth the view!!

I would rate this 8/10 difficulty. It’s a pretty smooth path, no climbing or steps, but it is seriously steep! We are reasonably fit and got to the lookout in just over two hours. If you’re not in decent shape though you are going to struggle big time. I saw someone on TripAdvisor ask if they could push a pram up there... it’s 1250m uphill for fucks sake! Be warned this is a proper mountain, so it can be warm at the bottom but it was hella cold at the top!
The view is sensational. Absolutely worth it. I don’t agree with those who say that it’s a boring hike. There’s lovely scenery and when you crest the ridge you can see down the other side too.

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