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We hiked the Citadel today. It is a easy hike until you need to get down the sand stone slick rock. You need to look for the few cairns that point to the land bridge. And manage down the slick rock the best way you can. Then go across the land bridge to the fortress. It’s amazing, a little challenging but worth it!

Not a very good hike. unmarked trails lead you over and around as you try to find your way. if you are looking for indian ruins there are better ones, without all the hastle, near the Kane Gulch Ranger Station.

on Ballroom Ruins

1 month ago

Absolutely wonderful hike. There are actually at least 7 sets of ruins in this canyon, the most impressive of which (at least in my opinion) require taking a trail into a side canyon. There is a really excellent description of the canyon and how to find most of the ruins here: http://www.hikingwalking.com/index.php/destinations/ut/ut_se/blanding/upper_butler/upper_butler_detail.

There is no signage for the trailhead -- in fact, the parking is just before a big sign warning people speeding along Hwy 95 that the turnoff for the Butler Wash Ruins Viewpoint is coming up in 0.2 miles. Once you park, though, it will be obvious where the trail starts after passing through the fencing. The trail through the canyon is very easy to follow, but finding and following the side trails might be a little tricky. The canyon itself is very lush, full of trees and grass. Even without the amazing ruins, it would be a great hike. I went a little under 2 miles to the very end of the canyon, stopping to explore all of the ruins along the way. Some of them are not reachable, at least by me, and of course, you should be careful not to disturb anything when you are able to get close. I didn't see another person the entire time I was on the trail.

on Butler Wash Ruins

1 month ago

Surprising that there aren't more reviews for this short hike, as I am sure it is very heavily trafficked. The trailhead is very well marked off of Hwy 95 -- there are signs for the turnoff .2 miles in advance from either direction. The trailhead has lots of parking and a toilet. This is a brief hike without much elevation gain, which brings you to a fenced off viewpoint where you can see the impressive ruins across the canyon. There are some interpretive signs for the flora along the way that were reasonably interesting.

1 month ago

Easy walk to a great view.

off road driving
2 months ago

Easy scenic drive. 4WD not needed if road is dry.

This is a great easy hike to some amazing ruins. Beautiful hike through the canyon.

4 months ago

Nice ruins, to many trampling over it. Hold it sacred and stay back a little. It seemed further back from the road than I thought. Don't give up to soon. Its a good climb when you get there.

6 months ago

Spectacular. Be patient once you drop down to the first rim, work your way to second rim then continue around point. Cairns disappear.
The land bridge is fun.

You don’t need 4 wheel drive for this one. Lots of people doing the drive in rental cars. Very scenic throughout. Great campsites along the way. Remote.

This is a 9.6 mile hike. It was super fun. It took us 6 hours to complete with a small rest at every single bridge plus all 3 petroglyphs. This trail is extremely well marked for not being maintained. We had so much fun but I would not recommend doing this
In the middle of summer. We went in late April and I thought the weather was perfect, any hotter and I think it would be too much. There are 3 petroglyphs along the trail. The first is on the trail and super hard to miss, the second is slightly off the second bridge, and third is hidden away. If you are walking from Kachina Bridge/Second Bridget to Owachomo/Third Bridge you will see a big Rock to your right on top of the canyon and this will signal where the petroglyphs roughly are. When making a curve you’ll see a large dead tree and this is when you should look up or you’ll miss them. We would have missed them if not for some other helpful hikers that told us to be on the look out. Regardless it was a fantastic hike and if you are in well enough shape and have the time should give it a try.

6 months ago

You can do this loop starting and ending at any of the trailheads in Natural Bridges National Monument, but I chose to park at Owachomo (so I wouldn't have to drive the whole monument scenic loop at the end). I went clockwise, which meant that I did have to climb up the steep exit from the canyon at Sipapu and then walk the 2.2 miles across the mesa at the end. That was OK, but I suspect it might be easier to do it in the counterclockwise direction and come up at Owachomo. On the other hand, I think I would rather climb up the ladders at Sipapu than climb down them. In any case, this was a great hike, with spectacular scenery. I saw only two other people on the trail the whole loop. The trail is very well marked in some places, and in other places, not so much. It was especially confusing after going under Katchina bridge, where it was not immediately obvious which was the right canyon to go down, but all in all, I never felt lost for more than a couple of minutes.

on Citadel Ruins

7 months ago

Did this in April 2018. The park service discourage this hike and will only give info if you specifically ask for directions to the Citadel. There is no trailhead sign. Directions are sketchy. We took trail on rim overlooking Road Canyon. Relatively easy level hike with awesome vista / at one point a ruin visible in cliff of Road Canyon. Once you get to the peninsula where the Citadel is there is no easy access to the “bridge” to proceed. We backtracked some but eventually worked our way down over slick rock. There were a few cairns here. It is a challenge. Once we got to the bridge we were able to make good time. We eventually scrambled up slick rock to ruins. They are in great shape with fantastic vista. On way back we followed rim of Lime Canyon until we spotted more ruins. We again had to continue / then back track until we could scramble down going thro a tight crevice. Again lovely vista hiking back over slick rock canyon wall to ruins. All in all a great hike / a challenge combined.

This was chalk full of ruins and rock art! The hike itself wasn’t a lot of elevation gain but long. We Stayed overnight 2 nights. Water is scarce even in the spring so make sure you bring a good water filter. I could see this getting really hot in the summer. We got a little lost before Sheiks canyon and if I ever did this again I’d make sure I had a gps that I could run constantly. Seriously amazing to see all the ancient ruins. Also people were few and far between which was great. We only saw two other people on our second day.

An amazing place to experience, with limited people and ample water at the end of March. I detoured off course to spend the first night at the mouth of Green House Canyon, 2.5 miles west from the confluence of Bullet and Grand, before getting water at Green House Spring and then backtracking to complete the route.

Four days seemed about right for this trip, in which I logged a total of 38 miles in-canyon with my planned detour and numerous side trips to the Anasazi ruins along the way.

10 months ago

Hiked mid December. No rain, temps from the mid 20s to low 50s and dry. Frozen streams easily crossed. Due to shorter daylight hours, impending snow storm and time exploring exquisite Junctions Ruins, we hiked only as far as the junction. Beautiful canyon. We’ll return to hike and explore further.

Fun! We were able to find three ruins in 3 miles (one way) but I’m sure there are more! Just keep looking up.

off road driving
11 months ago

Spent Thanksgiving night camping under the stars. Stunning! Easy drive when dry although there are a few sections of bad washboarding (the road gets a lot of use). The better camping spots are along the eastern half of the road.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Park at Owachomo Bridge parking lot and take the loop trail north, across the top of the Mesa. Doing it in the opposite direction is going to make it "unpleasant", as the park ranger put it. She's right.

We hiked the loop trail in early November. Bring water. Took about 5 hours. We did lots of stopping and staring.

The trail is pretty well marked. Down in the canyon it's warmer and very sandy. You go through a lot of underbrush.

On the whole, very rewarding hike with some amazing scenery.

Great trail. Give yourself 4 days to do the trip. There are a ton of side hikes to different ruins that you won't want to miss. Also be sure to fill up water every opportunity you get. We were drinking out of scarcely found puddles the entire trip.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Off road and great scenery

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Beautiful area!

Spent 5 days backpacking with a group! Beautiful area and slow at this time of the season

Incredible primitive area in Utah. Spent 19 days out here backpacking 80 miles thru all of Slickhorn Canyon and Grand Gulch. Spectacular place for absolute solitude.

Amazing and according to my GPS closer to 28 miles from Kane Gulch trailhead to bullet Canyon trailhead.

Monday, July 28, 2014

beautiful area to spend many days in. There are a few easy top rope climbs at the mouth and a big petroglyph panel near the mouth. the canyon is awesome and has many great archeological sites.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wonderful red-rock hike. It's a bit of a scramble getting down into the canyon, but nothing too difficult or exposed. Some navigation is required to get around one of the pour-offs because the trail is not always apparent.

scenic driving
Thursday, August 29, 2013

We did this trail late in the evening, starting off US163- Mexican Hat-Bluff; and came out on SH261 just south of the Moki Dugway. Very Scenic!

scenic driving
Friday, March 08, 2013

A minature monument valley! Good graveled roads, and a pleasure to drive.

on Arch Canyon Trail

off road driving
Monday, December 24, 2012

Arch Canyon trail starts approximately 2.4 miles north of UT Hwy 95 off Comb Wash road. This is a sandy trail that crosses the wash numerious times as it winds between steep canyon walls. There's Cliff Dwellers ruins and Petroglyphs a few places along the way. Length is 8 miles from the begining to end of the canyon (the turnaround point) We went on the 12th of May and it was hot! This would be a nice winter hike. High clearance 4WD required if driving.

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