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This waterfall is breathtaking! We couldn’t find the trailhead so we went down the gravel road about .3 mile to where the campground is... then the trail will be on the left a little passed the map sign...It is a awesome hike under trees from that point..Some places on trail are slick and narrow so be careful with children . We came only to hike to waterfall but ended up camping at their walk in campsites. They are first come first serve and free! They have fire pits and bear hangs for food so bears cannot get your food! There is a pit restroom which is very gross.. but everyone has to go sometime. Loved this Falls and the free campsite!

1 day ago

STAY RIGHT!! The trail wasn't marked very well and the roadside parking was a little sketchy. However, the falls were very pretty and worth the hike! There is an upper and lower section of the falls, so I would encourage you to check out both! The last little bit is pretty step, so be ready.

This hike can fool you. It is relatively easy on the way down to the falls. As other reviewer‘s have mentioned, there is a sharp left at the “end”of the trail (at the river) to get to the falls. The falls are spectacular. The tricky part is on the way back, it is mostly uphill. The hike it’s not difficult but the return trip will exert some energy. Well worth the time.

Great hike with well marked trail. Waterfall is beautiful.

4 days ago

I love this trail but it is not for everyone .. first fall you must walk across tree to get there and the. Rest climb along tree roots and mountainsides .. I saw a lot of disappointed people that couldn’t get to the falls :(

10/15/2018 The hike is medium/hard in my opinion. Definitely worth the hike. The falls are fantastic. We hiked with two adults and 4 kids(7,5,3,2). 2 year old was in a kelty kid carrier. For us it was a 2 hour hike to the falls and the trip back was 1 hr 15 minutes back. We took a few breaks. A lot of uphill on the way that flattens out just for a short break then uphill with a little downhill.

Good hike but the view from observation deck was not very exciting. If your looking to get closer to a waterfall choose a different trail.

Just to be clear in case someone else gets confused LoL.... when you park in the pull off gravel road you came up on, you will see a trail marker not far. on the trail marker you will see "74 yards" written in marker with an arrow pointing to the left. Walk back down the road you drove up on about that distance to find the actually trail beginning. Do not think it's the opening right next to the trail marker.

Cool trail as always!! Wish the leaves we're turning, but AWESOME anyway!!

14 days ago

Exhausting, but so worth the hike! strenuous, flat, rocky, waterfalls and mist

Short walk to an absolutely beautiful fall! My Jeep Compass performed perfectly on the dirt drive to the location. Lots of mushrooms and pretty ferns to view along the walk. Overnight camping is permitted in select areas surrounding the waterfall if you wish. I cannot wait to walk this one again in the winter!

Fantastic hike to a beautiful waterfall! Not too difficult 1.5 mile one way. Creek crossings, wild flowers. Will be gorgeous in peak fall color season with all the hardwoods!

15 days ago

Easy to moderate hike. Well worth the time an energy. Waterfall was nice but you see it across the gorge. Nice half day hike.

on Sulphur Springs Trail

15 days ago

Had a great time! First half was very tough for me, but after the halfway point it was mostly a gradual downhill. Completely tree covered. Nice small waterfalls. I will definitely come back!

Gorgeous waterfall at the end but a long and a bit strenuous of a hike. Round trip 3 miles. Well traveled and wide path.

The scenery on this hike is quite attractive and the hike going to the falls is easy. Moderate on the way back since there is a lot uphill walking. Very good hike it want to have plenty of time left in your day afterwards.

20 days ago

Hard to believe every new trail seems even more beautiful than the last one. Trail was easy to follow (even I couldn’t get lost). Runs along the stream most of the way. Crosses under a sheer rock cliff and takes you to the base of the falls. Great today and would be great once the leaves are off in order to get a whole different perspective. Only about six others on the trail. Had the falls to myself.

21 days ago

The falls are beautiful, the fields of deer food plots you have to go through not so much. They've just been planted, and heavy rain on our way back turned them into rice paddies.
The way is confusing. The entrance to the woods is currently marked with a vertical stick with blue surveyors' tape. If you're hiking with dogs, just follow them.
We did not get stung by stinging nettle this time, but did see some -- watch out.
We were told by an Oconee native that the old rock structures visible along the trail are gold smelting pits.
I hiked in Tevas and got my feet wet four times going in and the whole way back (fields became seas of mud).

The waterfall is worth it!!

Great hike a couple weeks ago, not too crowded due to the potential hurricane, trail was well maintained. One group of hikers on the trail did report seeing a mother bear and two cubs though, bring your bear spray with you.

Great, short hike down to the bottom of the beautiful falls. A lovely place to contemplate and unwind.

we started clockwise and it was smooth going, with few mountain bikes. coming down from this direction (on the part where bikes are not allowed) was pretty technical. once we got to the dam and the waterfall the rest of the walk out was easy.

29 days ago

This trail is in the middle of nowhere but it is absolutely worth it. As for the trail, once you walk through the fields it gets a bit difficult to follow due to poor trail markings(follow the map in the app and you will be fine). Once you start getting closer to the falls the trail gets substantially worse and you have to climb up quite a ways over fallen trees and large rocks. All this being said, the falls are definitely worth the strenuous hike. I will definitely do this one again.

on Carrick Creek Loop

29 days ago

We went to the end of the dirt road to park my car then loaded up into the truck and went down the “primitive road” The trail was great! The last little bit is a little difficult but my 3 year old son did most of this hike.

Beautiful hike and easy trail.

Nice short hike with a great payoff at the falls.

1 month ago

Great hike with awesome falls at the end. As stated in other reviews, easy 0.6 mi beginning then 1.6 mi climb to the falls but well worth it. Took our dog and we had no difficulties. Went on a weekday afternoon and found ourselves alone at the falls.

great trail. 4x4 access road gets you a little closer. also has spots for camping

1 month ago

Loved this trail! Lots of rocks and roots on the path, so you have to watch your footing, but overall it was a great hike to some awesome falls.

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