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on Gray Whale Cove Trail

1 day ago

Good views, even through the fog. Nice elevation gain from the parking lot followed by a flat trail. My only complaint is that the trail was pretty overgrown or narrow in some places and LOTS of poison oak. Keep an eye out for it!

this is pretty similar to Mission Peak but with way better views and less people. definitely go before noon because it'll get hot. at a moderate pace finished in about 2 hours.

My local trail! I have been walking this trail since I was 4 (now 25) and it never gets old. It can be hard to find parking during peak hours (weekday evenings and weekends) but always worth it. The woodsy environment is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. The uphills/downhills are manageable for any level. I frequently come here for walks with my mom. Runners love this trail (I personally don't run but my mom and cousin do). This is a very popular trail, so if you have headphones in please be courteous of runners or those moving faster than you!

Beautiful place, so quite. We took foldable chairs and sat next to the lake. We went there with our dog as well. We’ll definitely return!

This trail was super fun. Was able to run for a good half of it. There is a lot of poison oak though, so long pants and caution is advised. gorgeous views even with fog. Once you get to the top, go to the cave. Much more satisfying than the electric plant on north peak.

There is a couple of benches towards the end of the trail that overlook the beach. Very beautiful coastal scenery! Visited 8/5/2018

challenging and worth the effort. we went up the paved way and my 7 year old made it up with me. once you get up to the top the old Nike missle post and buildings are great to look at and take pictures of. the view of course is a awesome.

Challenging but manageable- just the right amount of steeps

Love Montara Mountain

This is a fantastic bike trail. There were some rough roads before the airport hotel area but other than that it was perfect. I started at around 3 pm and it was a little too windy then, but on the way down south it became much better.
Watching airplanes ascending/descending is a bonus. Definitely will do it again.

Nice views while hiking, however trail was not so great. Ending was terrible as it was just telephone lines and machines. Very foggy and humid throughout hike. I wouldn’t make this place a priority hike

Great views. Tip: $8 parking fee and opened seasonally

I really like this trail. View is beautiful

This trail is pretty busy and there are are power lines everywhere. Looking for something more naturey.

nature trips
1 month ago

loved this trail. It's moderately hard, although I didn't end up going all the way up. it's shaded most of the places which makes it more enjoyable and easier to hike uphill..

Great family hike. Very beautiful views.

Great for hiking with kids and grandparents

My daughter loved the animals. We would definitely do this hike again just to visit with them.

my boyfriend and I did this trail today...very scenic, but when we got to the top I was expecting an awww moment...just a bushel of rocks, however we did hike over to the right and sat in a little rock cave that fit two people ate lunch, not what I thought when you get to the top, i would go back around 1pm or so. The hike up was definitely good exercise glad I had my hiking poles for on the way down. You have to go experience it yourself.

good all around trail but the view can get foggy

Fantastic hike! The first incline to the tree at the top of the hill (you'll know what I'm talking about) is rough but it will get you geared for the rest of it. Kind of a steady incline to the peak with a few flat runs scattered. Beautiful views. I agree with the poison oak overgrowth at this time of year in the lower/starting areas so definately wear something that covers your arms and legs unless you're lucky enough to not have a poison oak allergy? A highly recommended hike, enjoy!

2 months ago

The Tarwater Loop is a great outing, if you don’t mind hikes that end with a long uphill walk. The best way to do it, especially on a hot day, is to start on the right side of the loop - take the Tarwater trail DOWN and come back UP via the shaded Shingle Mill Trail. Along the way you’ll see some interesting remnants of the past – the old garage (not a cabin) was just one of the outbuildings on this former cattle ranch that long ago was a big producer of local cheese. A section of old steam engine remains on the Shingle Mill Trail – evidence of the logging operations that continued up into the 1960s here - and a great place to stop for lunch or snack. There is NO RIVER as claimed in the All Trails description; only Tarwater Creek and you will only encounter it by taking a slight detour off the loop from the Old Haul Road towards the Canyon Trail. I’ve done this hike many times over the years and love it all seasons but the trail can be terrible muddy in winter & sometimes trail sections get closed so check the website before driving out. I've taken older kids on this hike but don't recommend for under 6 years. This is a more primitive piece of the park with no restrooms, water, or picnic facilities.

Went on Saturday with my dog. Parking lot was crowded. It was around 11:30am. Still, we had a great time. Got a little confused as the main entrance had a sign for no dogs but then the trail entrance had a sign for dogs allowed on leash. The beginning of the trail is narrow with lots of vegetation on each side. Didn’t see poison oak on that portion but there was definitely some in the first 1.5 - 2 miles. The first 1.5 miles is all steep uphill but there is a stop where most of the people sat down to rest and take in the beautiful scenery of the ocean. The next 2-3 miles is not bad at all, some uphill but not too inclined. Some hikers wearing shorts were turned away by the poison oak. It was a sunny day, not a lot of shadow until you reach the paved trail then you can find some shelter under the trees. The weather was nice, at 69 degrees. At the top of Mt Montara I only saw one tree to find shelter from the sun. Wear your sunscreen! And then prepare those knees for going down. I was kind of in a rush so I cut through the mountain downhill. Had to use my hiking poles to support my knees. But you can try to find some alternative trail that gives you a much decent descent. Great place with awesome views! If you don’t enjoy the crowd or the sunshine on your face I recommend you go early.

Really beautiful trail. Lots of wild flowers but LOTS of poison oak at bottom of trail. Very sunny.

2 months ago

Somewhat crowded. Started out as a fishing trip, ended up walking the loop.

Great trail! I would highly recommend sunscreen as there is little to no shade. Also, currently as of today, 6/1/2018 there is a lot of poison oak on the trail beginning at the trailhead to about 1/4 mile up the trail. It took me 2.5 hrs up and down, would do it again!

Great trail and amazing views. Only complaint is that it is so overgrown and with so much poison oak spilling onto the trail. Suggest long pants and long sleeve shirt. Oak in some areas 5 + feet tall.

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