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8 hours ago

Not really a hike but not really a walk either. Great training location with lots of options in side trails and such. My normal route covers about 6 miles.

We did an 6am morning hike and it was perfect not too many people going up or coming down.

Beautiful place

This trail is closed 11/12-11/15 for filming

3 days ago

4 days ago

Trail is EXTREMELY crowded on the weekend (even at 7 AM).
Overlooks urban sprawl.
Peak is dominated by an ugly transmission tower.
I think one star is generous.

Great hike to chat with friends while getting some nature time on :)

Beautiful trail with some good shade.

This is a pretty quick hike but it can be steep in spots which is great for me since I'm an experienced hiker. The view from the top is amazing.

6 days ago

Amazing views.

Great view!

Been hiking Cowles since 1986

Great hike! Some hills that were a great workout and otherwise a pleasant walk!

first time hiking this trail. its relatively a short hike but has steep inclines towards the summit. easy to find parking and the trail is dog friendly. not a lot of shade and the summit can get a little crowded but overall great views at the top! not very crowded either. i ran into maybe 30 people the whole time on a saturday morning.

Beautiful scenes with an element of adventure and climbing. we loved this quick and easy to get to trail.

Went at night, the hike had awesome views of San Diego, including downtown. The trail was wide, in most parts with lots of switchbacks and fun, rocky terrain. Great hike overall!

This was one of the best hikes! Highly recommend it

What a special “canyon niche” this is, in Solana Beach, of all places! Must enter thru North Rios Street - San Elijo Lagoon. Definitely, a “one way” short “climb, with a few unexpected photo ops along the way.

Great Hike! Lots of other hikers! Some parts are a little tough and steep, but rewarding view at top make it worth the pain. Not a lot shade, cover up or have sun screen.

If you are new to San Diego, it's a great way to get the lay of the land. Expect crowds and in our case, some unusual people hiking with Bluetooth speakers playing rap music for all to hear. Other than that, great views ranging from the ocean, downtown, East County, Mexico, San Jacinto Mountain near Palm Springs and even the San Bernardino mountains way off in the distance. Enjoy!

13 days ago

My favorite part about this hike is at the top it has a map telling you what landmarks are in each direction and you can see Mexico!

14 days ago

Started my hike first thing in the morning with my two dogs. The parking lot at the trailhead was empty, by the time I returned it was full (make sure you have your wilderness adventure pass). There are gradual elevation gains and switchbacks. Great views, especially at several benches along the trail (that's where you'll have the best photo opportunities). At the top end of the trail is the PCT or continue on to Bertha Peak.

Beautiful hike and breath taking views at the top! Plus, a great workout.

16 days ago

I take the shortcut trail going up on the right (west) side, after the housing area and the large water tank. This hike is only about three miles, but is great for getting the legs, heart and lungs pumping because of steep incline.

Amazing hiking. All the trail was very quiet so you could hear the sound of nature.

on Lake Calavera

18 days ago

Good workout

I love this trail, especially in the Fall. I bring my labrador and we have a great time.

19 days ago

A flat and easy trail. Good for quick hike to enjoy the outdoors. Saw different types of birds. A descent outing.

Pick up you dog s**t and trash you filthy animals. Don’t bring your aggressive dogs on trail; otherwise it is a nice stroll.

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