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love this place, pretty good with a weight vest too.

1 day ago

The lake is pretty!

Great trail. Easy enough to take kids and dogs. Some great views of the lake. Not a lot of parking though.

Used to hike here all the time when I was in high school.. I should go back and hike it again!!

Very nice!

Love this hike!
Good exercise. Great View. Close to home.

I hike Cowles my often. This is more intense b/c of steep slopes. 23mins up and 18 down. It is very light on ppl. Quiet and good views

Very pleasant easy hike with patches of shade, a bit of water, and birds.

trail running
10 days ago

If you’re a sucker for views, love a challenge but don’t have all day to hike or trail run, I highly suggest Kwaay Paay. I went at about 430pm on a Wednesday and passed two people on the way up, three at the summit and three on the way down. So I don’t know what you consider heavily trafficked but in my book, seven people in span of an hour / hour and a half is light... (However can be a much shorter hike if you don’t spend 30 minutes at the Summit taking pics and staring into the sunset.)
And again... the VIEWS!!! I must emphasize how insanely gorgeous and inspiring they are THE ENTIRE TIME. BUT— Whatever you do— don’t turn around before you get to the summit. You can see downtown and the Pacific Ocean!!!

11 days ago

Great hike to burn those calories! I started on the main trail from Discovery Lake through the neighborhood above. Steep to start, but there is a paved road to make it easier. Once past the residential area, the trail gets more rough. I took a few off-the-main-trail paths that got very steep and loose towards the top. There are a few cut-through paths that are challenging and feel like you're getting lost, but you always end up at the top. Great 360 view. You can see the ocean on q clear day. Took less than 2 hours round trip at a brisk pace.

Definitely needed GPS to follow this trail. Enjoyed it but would like to explore other options. Looked like there were other more interesting, demanding options than what is mapped here.

14 days ago

14 days ago

Definitely a challenging hike. Especially in 105 degree weather. Really good workout

horseback riding
15 days ago

Fun trail, I did the Ridgeline trail to double peak. Will definitely be back to explore other routes. Trailer parking is limited, would not suggest a large gooseneck trailer, Trailer parking may be difficult on a popular day. Also, a busy road is nearby and would be scary if a horse got loose. I recommend not taking a green or new horse. I went during the week, in the middle of the day. Footing was decent, a few rocky areas, I was able to trot and canter a little. There are mountain bikers doing single tracks and pop up out of no where, my horse did spook a couple times but the mountain biker did stop and was very respectful of my horse. Overall nice views, nice trails will be back 鸞

16 days ago

Stars only for easy hike with good payoff with a nice view of San Diego, otherwise very crowded with people with horrible trail etiquette. Speakers blasting music, trash not packed out, people not staying on trail and ruining surrounding brush.

on Cougar Crest Trail

17 days ago

Great trail!

The back side is more preferred. Not nearly as crowded and is more demanding.

great trip! 40 mins up 30 mins down!

It is HARD the first part is somewhat easy but that last part is so steep watch your step coming down always worth it at the end good luck !

We hiked this yesterday for the second time. We reached the trail at about 1:30 pm on Labor Day and the parking lot was full. We ended up parking at the Discovery Center and walked a short paved path to Cougar Crest Trail. The trail is challenging in that it’s very rocky. Wear hiking boots if you can. The views of the lake and the forest are amazing. I will keep coming. Great day hike!

First time here. Really good trail!

19 days ago

Enjoyed it, wasn’t much to explore..lots of hills!

Busy on weekends but still a nice walk

mountain biking
19 days ago

Excellent for mountain biking. It has some really good but few air drops. Good for any level

This was a great hike some shade and nice incline. Beautiful view of the lake.

Smashed this hike wearing 60lbs of body armor....it gets very crowded, get there early. It is an easy hike that would be great for a beginner who is unsure about their skill level. The views are nice from the summit and you’ll feel
Like you’ve accomplished something.

It was a decent hike up, but definitely super crowded. I was there by 8 & there were still a bunch of people already on the trail.

21 days ago

good trail for beginners

trail running
21 days ago

Good for a day run

Awesome trail! Full of happy helpful folks!

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