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The first waterfall was ok, but the second waterfall was amazing. Keep climbing up to the left to see the second. There is nothing beyond the second waterfall besides more boulders and dry plants.

This is among my favorite hikes. The first 3.3 miles are great, but the real fun begins at the end of the maintained trail. Wear your hiking shoes and bring your hiking sandals along. The trail is sandy so if you wear your sandals the whole way, you will have sand in them. We hiked an additional mile through the stream in the slot canyon and stopped for lunch on a large flat slab. It’s an easy hike with a few slippery spots so use poles when you enter the water. Great way to spend a day in Sedona.

11 hours ago

Wonderful hike with lots of wildlife. We seen a lot of Mt Goats and long horn sheep. The flowers were just starting to bloom.

11 hours ago

Nice easy hike, a little crowded

A nice short walk.

The lake was low when we went in September, but it was still super beautiful. I've done this trail multiple times over the years and it's still one of my favorites. The top is windy, so bring a jacket!

16 hours ago

Beautiful hike! BRING BEAR SPRAY! We were growled at as we switchbacked down the lake. You can read more about it here: https://practicalvagabonds.com/caution-bears-in-the-area/

amazing hike :)

18 hours ago

went on this trail with some friends. it was an awesome trail with plenty to see. the sunset was wonderful and we could see the whales blowing out there air at the surface.

Beautiful scenery. Go early or late in the afternoon. There are a lot of crowds

The rocks and steps are worth the view at the top!! Stay to your right on the trail. Get to the trail early. On the weekends it gets busy. week days are best.

Busy trail for weekend warriors looking for a nice climb. Parking lot gets full by 7am so you will see cars parked on the road on the way up. Trail is easy to follow and the falls are underwhelming thanks to the dry So Cal summer.

Easy trail, moderate elevation gain, amazing views. Our kids (9/6/3) hiked this trail with very little whining. The wind can pick up pretty quickly so take a jacket. Do yourself a favor and pack a meal/snacks, grab your pencils and paper, and enjoy your time on top of the world!

Amazing views, easy hike! It’s on my favorites list now!

Really a perfect little hike to an amazing water feature.

Great hike! Sitting atop the dome offered great views for a much deserved lunch! I feel like the moderate eating cake from getting up the dome itself

Start right before sunrise for a spectacular view!

The views on this trail were absolutely breathtaking. Suggest you go early. Starts getting busy around 8am.

Super fun trail! Nice waterfall at the end.

Touristen Touristen Touristen... 30-45 min hin und rück
beste Zeit vormittags oder sunset

Loved this hike! We hiked late afternoon and there wasn’t too many people in the trail, most of them were coming down. When we got tot the top only saw one other person. It was peaceful, beautiful and just incredible looking over the valley. We didn’t stay for sunset but I would imagine it’s a great spot for the sunset.
A little more difficult trail as you have to climb up the sandstone rocks. If you don’t have hiking shoes it could be slippery and tricky. But otherwise just a steep climb.

Beautiful view...if you can get it all to yourself. It was absolutely PACKED when we got to the top. Way too touristy! There was an actual line of like 15 people waiting to get “their perfect photo” on the bridge.
The hike was short and I would say easy. I was disappointed as I thought it would be more difficult or longer. The end has steps up to the top but other than that It was an easy leisure hike.

Nice little walk with a very cool waterfall and rock formation.

We saw no wildlife, other than a grouse, but it was nice with lots of ups and downs, after the initial relatively steep climb. Mostly shaded forest, other than the last mile out on the open hillside, with the view of Gardiner, WY. The reflection of the trees and hills in the largest pond was beautiful.

One of my favorite spots to watch the sunset!

off road driving
2 days ago

Beautiful, trail is moderate. We made it in a jeep jk, our friends were in a stock Tacoma. I would go again, it did get really cold at night.

2 days ago

We ended up taking the long way by hiking the trail on the left and making a loop around. Definitely a good workout! The falls are a great place to take a break.

Got there just before sunrise this morning. Amazing views. Super easy walk up the stairs. Had the rock to myself for about 30 mins. Blissful

Such a beautiful trail!

good hike, lake was a bit low. lovely views throughout the hike.

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