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Went 09/22/18-09/23/18. Had such an amazing time and loved hiking in the lean-to. Definitely a little challenging for the novice biker but worth the challenge

Awesome trail! Make sure to wear the proper shoes though!

Gorgeous. 9 hours for 14 miles including breaks, photos, crampon strapping, knee injury.
I saw a lot of idiots attempting hikes to MT. Marcy wearing only converses, Easy Sporits, jeans, paper print out maps, basically not being able to survive the night alone.

A great hike that would’ve been a lot easier had it not been for the frequent mud jumping. The views from the tower were stunning and I even saw a guy hiking in sandals

18 days ago

Snowy, muddy and slippery today but still a great hike. Gradual climb with lots of bridges and stairs.

Did goodnow today. Very nice hike. Fire tower was in good shape. Nice view :)

Great pics along the way


Hiked sleeping beauty today. Trail was a little wet in spots as is typical. Views were beautiful. The trail is moderate by comparison with its neighbors Black and Buck especially if you can park at Dacey clearing. That shortens the hike by about 3 miles. Although the road fromHoggs Town parking to the trail head is very nice in winter when closed. Great views, beautiful scenery just challenging enough.

Not to difficult of a hike and the view is breath taking.

Fantastic view from overlook. Relatively rocky trail. Definitely moderate or harder.

Great view. Worth the trip. Fall is spectacular

Muddy but worth it! Glad I was wearing boots. Drove to Dacy trailhead to avoid hiking the road...so now I have another reason to get my Jeep. Take it slow and you'll be fine, though.

This was my first actual summit. Ever. I was absolutely ready to turn around and go right back up when I saw the registration box. I really didnt want to leave...I'm officially hooked.

1 month ago

10/13/18 Trail was covered in the changing leafs but pretty easy to follow. The top of the tower was so beautiful. Saw a rainbow on the top! Must go for sure!

1 month ago

This was the 1st Fire Tower of the Fire Tower Challenge for my boy and I. He had just turned 5 when we did it, and he had no trouble.

Fairly short and has a fantastic view. I think i was lucky that this was the first mountain that we did, because he loved it, and it made him want to come back for more.


This was the 4th fire tower challenge for my 5 year old an I (brought the wife along on this one).

Day was wet, so that along with the leafs covered rocks and ankle breaker roots made for slow going. Took us 2h up and 1.5h down.

There is one section near the top where you enter an evergreen grove that is covered with hanging moss. The day we did it the mountain top was fogged in. When we entered this section my boy stopped us and said "it looks like we are on another planet". He was right.

The fire tower is super tall, unfortunately for us, we did it on peak color change, but had no view.

We will probably do this one again on our way to completing the fire tower challenge, just so we get to see the view.

Did this hike Oct 07. Very challenging. Very wet. Running water on rock climb to summit. Rewarding to reach the summit, but unfortunately clouded in, so no views.
Hike back to LOJ via Lake Arnold trail is looooong! 11 hrs total.

Other than the rather anticlimactic summit due to cloud cover, it was the perfect day to get out there! Foliage was beautiful, and the hike was a nice rewarding challenge with the wet and mud!

1 month ago

Short, easy hike to a fire tower. Goes uphill the entire way but it's not that far anyway so shouldn't be too much trouble for most people/animals (no scrambling).

We went on a Saturday around dusk hoping to catch the sunset, and expected it to be very crowded since it's only a short distance from Tupper Lake. Instead we had the place completely to ourselves, and got a stunning view of the sunset from the tower. I don't know if we just got lucky or if earlier rain had scared people off, but it was lovely. At the summit you won't get much of a view if you're not in the fire tower; there's one other small opening with a view close by, but otherwise the summit is surrounded by trees. So if it's super crowded in the parking lot, it might be rough going at the summit.

There was a cabin at the top that was locked, I don't know if that is open to public during the day.

Overall good effort-to-view hike assuming you're close by and it's not crowded.

I am not an avid hiker and agree with the moderate rating for a novice, mostly due to the terrain of rocks and roots. Lots of dogs and kids on this well traveled trail. It was quite wet and muddy so boots are a must. Too cloudy for a view today, but still was an awesome experience being in a cloud with the wind and mist swirling around you. Will be back on a sunny day

I would call this an easy hike. It was very muddy with a lot of standing water. Didn’t see any views due to the cloud cover. Will definitely hike this again in better weather.

Tougher and steeper than I expected...much of the trail is a rocky stream bed. But I’d do it again as soon as my thighs and my gluteals recover! Gorgeous view makes it all worth it!

So glad we did this one! The only con is the parking area is poorly marked and just a dirt road pull off. Otherwise cant think of anything bad. The trail was so well marked and easy to follow. Steep at times and challenging- will get your heat pumping! Took a little over 30 mins to get to the top. Trail was also very muddy and wet at points- wear good shoes! Otherwise amazing beautiful breathe taking view at the top. Would give it more then 5 stars if I could!

A little overgrown, but very passable. Nice views at the top...fall color change underway. The change from deciduous to conifer on the way up is so sudden it's amazing.

Easy hike if you hike to and from Sleeping Beauty from inner parking lot. If you want to add some interest, go via Bump’s Pond which is pretty Trail. We have had a bit of rain so there was a lot of standing water and mud on upper parts of Trail (I wouldn’t wear sneakers)

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes ever. View at the top is so beautiful, trail is very nice the whole way up, not a very difficult hike but you really get up there feeling the Adirondack vibes.

Fairly easy hike, clearly visible trail with a very rewarding view of Lake George.

The views at the top are beautiful. The tree close to the top with the roots overtaking the rocks is a great part of the experience. Quick little hike that was easy even for my hike-loving old pup to finish.

We hiked Mount Colden on Sept 22 via Avalanche Pass and returned via Lake Arnold. Indications are clear so no worries about missing a cutoff. It was a Saturday and the parking at the LOJ was already full by 8am. This hike is one of the best I've done - many different challenges and variety on this trail. The last 1.5 miles is torture though. All in all, it took us 9 hours for the complete loop, which include a 30 minute break on the summit and a number of quick breaks along the trail. It is highly recommended that the loop be done counter-clockwise (starting via Avalanche Pass). I couldn't imagine coming down this way. Also recommended is wearing thin gloves as there is a lot of scrambling, especially if the weather is on the cool side. Also wear waterproof shoes - there was an instance where you actually had to step in water to reach the bottom rung of a ladder. Overall a long but very rewarding hike.

It was incredible!!!

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