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18 days ago

Completely echo everything Lisa mentions below. Very slick at points on the way down and have to hike through thick brush. Fun hike but took longer than expected because the trail was fairly unmarked and unmaintained.

off road driving
1 month ago

Trail is not closed, we did it today... Was amazing, a tiny bit of snow, but trail was in good condition. Cant wait for summer... They made it easier, there is no more crap that will smash your truck :)

Great trail. Decently challenging, but the destination is rewarding. We spent our first night at Aloha, and the next 4 at Susie

Great trail to enter Kings canyon and the JMT. Very well maintained. The views at the pass are amazing. I’ve done a few over nighters and trips to Whitney from here.

Only saw one other car at the trailhead. Great day hike up to the pass and kings canyon boundary. This trail is really well maintained and the switchbacks are well graded.

We went down to Bullfrog Lake, and back up. I was slow coming back up but it was worth the pain, paid off pushing it. Would recommended, so amazingly beautiful. It will work you, but like I said it pays off.

Stunning views from Kearsarge Pass, will repeat to go down to lakes next time.

Love the beautiful views and exhilarating hike!

Tough, beautiful, well kept trail . Very scenic. Ran into several parties that were mid - PCT or beginning a portion of the PCT with interesting tales to tell. Can't wait to return with my family.

An spectacular trail with beautiful views of lakes, forest, cascades and moderately trafficked.

Really nice trail.

We did this trail last week to resupply some people hiking JMT. It was awesome. The trail is very well maintained, lots of resting areas to catch breath if need to. It's def a challenging hike but the three of us were all at different levels as far as experience and were able to do it just fine. We hiked over pass to the lakes on the other side, incredible experience! Views amazing!


7 months ago

Did this trail to get to Clyde lake. There was an ice cave right before heather. Lake Susie and aloha and absolutely beautiful

This was a fairly difficult trail, our group started at Fallen leaf lake and went up Tallac. This was a long trek up Tallac that left our group feeling exhausted at the top. After that section the rest of the hike was very enjoyable with great lakes and sights along the way. The difficult elevation gain going up Tallac to start the hike made this hike a very difficult overnight-er, I would not recommend doing the loop this way if trying to complete in 2 days 1 night.

I did Barker Pass to Richardson Lake and back. 12+ miles total with about 1360' elevation changes. Compared to previous years there are more live streams and the wildflowers are vibrant and diverse. I'm a fast hiker and completed the round trip in 4 hours. I posted a few pics. Go now and enjoy the flowers. You may need bug spray.

I did this hike this past Saturday. Absolutely breathtaking views, since there was still snow on the mountains behind the lakes. I'd highly advise you bring trekking poles, otherwise it might be difficult to cross the snow patches you'll see on the hike. They're no big deal, even in trail runners, but just to be safe I'd have the poles.

This is a difficult hike. The hardest part for me was coming back up over the pass from the other side, so pace yourself for that.

There Hamilton Lakes Basin along the High Sierra Trail is super beautiful! I did a section of this trail as part of a 40 mile backpacking loop. Here is the trip report: https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/sequoia-mineral-king/

This trail is rated correctly as hard, One starts at Lone Pine to obtain the proper permits titled "Kearsarg Trail" then head to Independence, then all the way up Onion Valley. This is a very popular exit point for the PCT and the JMT so pay it forward and pick up some hiker trash.

I modified the route to end at Lake Charlotte which is an additional 3.5 miles past Kearsarg peak. Which goes along the PCT and JMT for a short period. Once at the lake the views are stunning. There is also a ranger station at the lake. Camping is limited to two days only.

Water: from the trail head water can be obtained at the first lake easily. If only going to the pass then three liters will be fine, if continuing water can then be obtained at the Kearsarg lakes I recommend two liters to make Lake Charlotte.

Round trip is roughly 15.5 miles with a start elevation gain of 2369 from Onion Valley then on the return an elevation gain of 1390.

To Each Hiker Is Their Own!

Difficult as a first hike of the season. Only made it to First Lake because the Pups were worn out. Beautiful views, plenty of water, stream crossings, snow in July.

Just enough up Hill to challenge you.
but not too much.
Water at Susie lake was nice to swim in for a nice reward.

Worth the hard work. What an amazing place on this planet!

June 25th - June 27th 2017

Amazing trail. Never been on anything like it. The trail is straightforward and clear the whole way to Hamilton Lakes. Tree cover is on and off. There is no snow up to Hamilton lakes. You can try go further but there is a lot of snow starting 0.5 mile before precipice lakes. Probably having an ice axe is a good idea. The Kaweah Gap will take a good 5 hours from Hamilton lakes.

A couple of things are very important to do on this trail.

1. Shoes to cross the creeks. The creek crossings are pretty dangerous and super cold - there are 5 main crossings on this trail. First one is Mehrten creek. Probably the hardest of them all. There are two options to cross this creek a) go straight across (very exposed) b) go upstream 50 feet and cross a log. I choose the log because I thought it was safer. Second one is 8 mile creek (there are logs to cross). Third is 9 mile creek - use the log available and perhaps a stick / hiking poles. Fourth is bucks creek - bridge. Fifth is hamilton falls - there is a massive log upstream, get on it and walk to the end and then jump onto the trail. Also, if you leave early the creeks are significantly calmer. I brought trail runners and just took off my socks and soles before going into the water. They dried in less than an hour.

2. Don't bring too much water. I brought 1L and filled up along the way. There is so much water due to the big rain season. Plus it is ice cold!

3. Don't bring too much food. Most people I met along the way including myself packed in heaps of food. In reality, dense food like oats and nuts goes a long way.

4. Enjoy the trail! The wildflowers, butterflies and spectacular views :)

This hike is full of breath taking views the entire way through. After a very wet year for California in late May the trail was still partially covered in snow on and off starting at about 10 miles in. I would have gone to precipice lake if I had brought crampons with me but the trail became unwalkable right at Hamilton Lake. At this time of year there were a few rivers that were tough to get across but are doable if you are in good physical condition (be okay with getting wet and jumping). There were 2 bears on this trail on the way up so make sure you take the necessary precautions. Overall it was definitely worth the hike. I have never seen a more beautiful part of the world and will be absolutely be coming back when I can.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Excellent with plenty of climbing!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Amazing views. You can see everything from the lakes, to the surrounding mountains and peaks in the distance, a couple falls here and there, and the altitude. Can't miss the altitude. We went off trail a bit and went to the peak of one of the mountains, climbing over landslides just to get to it, but it was well worth it.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Beautiful lakes and a great hike in from the Glen Alpine Trailhead. We walked the trail all the way to Aloha, hoping to get to Jack's Peak. The Peak was too steep from this approach, but the hike to Aloha and back was beautiful. Here's the full recap.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hiked this Trail September 8th thru 11th 2016 hiked to the end of the Kearsarge basin explored JMT Camped our third night Kearsarge Lakes hiked out on 11th perfect weather great experience fantastic doorway to Kings Canyon.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

There is not a moment where the views aren't amazing on this trail. Couple of things to note - the distance is actually 15.3 miles each way, at least according to the signs on the trail. The turnoff road to go to the Crescent Meadow parking lot had a ‘road closed to traffic’ sign, but the park staff let you drive through when you show them your Wilderness Permit (this way you don’t have to take the shuttle to the trail). The first mile or two was pretty bad in terms of bugs (gnats / mosquitoes?), but got much better later on. A head net came in very handy.
The trail after Bearpaw Meadow descends about 1.5 miles and then has a 2.4 mile climb up to Hamilton Lakes. This part is exposed a good amount, and if you have a fear of heights (like I do), things stay pretty spicy.
I have to say, the pit toilet at Hamilton Lakes has the best views in the world a toilet can offer. You’ll see. The creeks along the way still had a decent amount of water, so finding a source of water was not much of a problem. Overall, the trip took 7 hrs 10 mins going to the lakes, and about 7 hrs 30 coming back. Highly recommend this trail.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Desolation is the highlight (5 stars from echo to the Velma's), north of the Velma's it is a nice forest hike with some lakes and streams

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