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1 day ago

This is one of my favourite hikes in Banff.
Rockbound Lake is a must see..

It was super steep all the way up to the top, most of the part were uphill, loose rocks, hard to find the trail and very dangerous because it was super slippery and i got slippered many times! I won’t ever ever come back here again!

2 days ago

This is my favourite hike in the Rockies. The hike to the lake is a well maintained path with a reasonable incline until you reach the alpine valley leading back behind castle mountain. Once you reach the valley, the trail flattens out and you'll meander your way back toward the lakes. The first lake is tiny, and not the real prize of the day. Snap some pics, and then continue to follow the trail up the headwall. This is the only "challenging" part of the hike, but in two switch backs you'll be above the headwall and basically at the foot of the lake. Views of the peaks on all sides are very impressive, and will make you feel tiny against the towering sheer cliff faces. It's worth making the lap around the lake, but you will need to be a bit careful to pick your way around the boulders on the south side. Also, bring a bathing suit and go for a dip! It's very rewarding and a great secluded beautiful spot in the park.

A few other tips:
- I've hiked to Rockbound a handful of times, and I appreciate it more toward the middle or end of August once the bugs have passed and the snow is melted. I've been once on Canada Day and the bugs were awful.
- There's a little stream in the woods on the east side of the parking lot. A great place to cool your feet at the end of the day.

2 days ago

The trailhead is located in the parking lot behind Olives market. The trail itself is poorly marked and we passed several people that were confused about which way to go. The shortest and most direct route is walking down an active railroad line, which is not that wide and you have to be really on the alert for incoming trains. There are several paths that wind through the trees in between the river and the railway line. There are some picturesque views of the glacier fed river on the way to the train wreck. The train wreck itself is several twisted and deformed boxcars hidden in the trees. Over the years the boxcars have become covered with graffiti. The quality of the graffiti artwork is nothing special. I would not repeat this hike again.

3 days ago

Incredible hike, we stayed at Garabaldi lake campground so we hiked the nine kilometres prior to the ridge hike. The ridge hike itself from the campground was 7km one way and it was rewarded with incredible views. the majority of the hike is pretty straight forward but the last part of the hike is a steep scramble. 100% worth it !!

5 days ago

Eagle Nest lookout is awesome. We parked at eagles nest, ascended on the logging road then took trail up to lookout. Descending we used the Pine Trail (something like that) which is a much nicer hiking trail along the ridge. This trail takes you back to the high way at Manitou Trail where you can walk the 400m back to the car. When I do it again I will use the Manitou Trail for sure!

6 days ago

I went for sunset and it was amazing. It took 3:25 from the rubble creek parking lot.
My only problem was that my bug spray only worked for the mosquitoes and not for the massive biting flies that were everywhere.

Parking for this hike is best near the Bow Falls. There is another lot slightly closer to the trailhead, however it is reserved for a rafting company.
The path is very clear and is marked with signs and ribbons.
The first three-quarters of this hike was nice and quick. It was all in the trees, not too inclined, a couple of switchbacks. This part took my friend and I about an hour and a half to complete... then the real hike began.
Towards the last 2km of the hike, it started to get quite steep. However, since we hadn’t broken the tree line yet, the roots of the trees provided nice footing.
Once we emerged from the trees, you can see the summit and the dragonback ridge. From there, you only have about 1-1.5km of the hike left. It is quite steep and the loose rock does not make it easier to climb, but persevere! Getting to the top feels amazing.
It took us about 3h to get to the top and 2h to get down. Getting down the dragonback was definitely a little scary. The rock is loose but not small enough to “ride” down, so you have to take your time and find your footing.
All in all, cool hike! If you’re looking for a challenge, here it is!

This is great hike and is worth the view. But the beginning has a lot of roots, so be careful. It is steep for most of the way. There are two major scrambles. It can be very hard for someone who is scared of heights. I would recommend good foot ware. The walk down can be a bit much for someone with bad knees. Plus this hike should be rated as hard.

8 days ago

The trail up to panorama ridge only has 2 small snow patches which can be traversed through in hiking shoes. There are also 2 small muddy patches along the way. No special equipment needed to get to summit.

Hiking sticks will help with stability as the final couple of hundred of meters are a little steeper. Went through taylor meadows to the ridge from rubble creek parking lot.

As most other reviewers mentioned this is a long hike but with a wonderful reward. My recommendation is to start in the morning to catch the hot sun once you are at the second lake. If you can, definitely worth making it past the first lake (a 1/2km trek over a ridge) and the offshoot to the falls near the start of the hike. The falls don't connect with the main hike so it is out and back but the three tiered falls are pretty cool.
When you get to the 2nd lake take time to explore by hiking around the lake for better views.
I found this place magical, its beauty is out of this world.

Great hike! Super easy and enjoyable. The only negative is the poor signage to the trailhead. I wish I could provide better directions to app users, but I am not even sure how we found it... very confusing. Quick, leisurely hike once we found it, though!

13 days ago

Amazing trail! An unforgettable experience.

An absolut must if you are in the area. You can just camp in the lake to make it easier and take a couple of miles out of your trail.

15 days ago

Beautiful trial, easy to follow and the views are amazing. Large amount of the hike has lots of trees, which makes it great for hot or rainy days!

on Rockbound Lake

16 days ago

The best hike I have done so far. It is long, but the view at the top is worth it. After the first lake thr path to the top is very steep, but it's worth the hike for the view. There is some great forest area, wild flowers and amazing views of the mountains. Bug spray is a necessity and hiking poles would be helpful on the descent.

16 days ago

Fun hike not great views but a lot of fun and the 2 lakes at the end are worth it. Not to busy also so that made it better.

So easy and so incredible. But how did they get so far away from the tracks?

The train wreck happened in 1956, just after the Valleau family settled into the area. The wreck happened in a rock cut after the boxcars, which were loaded with lumber, got jammed and blocked the line.

The train’s owner, Pacific Great Eastern Railway (PGE), which eventually became BC Rail before being sold to CN Rail, did not have the necessary equipment to move the wedged boxcars and turned to the Valleau family for help.

The Valleaus took their logging machinery to the site and managed to pry the boxcars out, dragging them up the track and into the forest, where they lie today. This explains why no trees were damaged around the wreck.

Full article:

So.... after reading lots of reviews. I think people just right about anything on here to look good.

I’m a 37yr old men. I play hockey all year long same as volleyball. I had trouble climbing it at my 5th hike this year.

The first half was my fav part of the trail. The second half was harder and the last 3rd was crazy, slippery, loose rocks, hard to find the trail. I was ready to give up 3 times and for motivation by a few other hikers.

My suggestions;
Bring more water then you need. 3-5L of water.
It’s ok to crawl up on the dangerous portion.
Never give up. If you finish it.... the view is worth it.
Start the hike between 6-8am. It took me 5 hrs to climb to the summit but I took 45min of breaks. You know because I didn’t train and I’m out of shape. Lol
Be nice to others. Ask them if the need more water, snacks or a little encouragement. It’s teamwork to climb this difficult trail.

Going down took 3.5hrs but I was taking baby steps because I buster my two toes. They looked purple when I removed my shoe.

Happy hike everyone.
July 27th 2018.

Oh... don’t do 16km of hiking the day before. Rest for a day before doing this trail. I didn’t. 30km hike in two days is too much for this guy.

Perfect, mellow hike to end out our day of climbing. Raging river, super interesting boxcars, easy-moderate trail. Good if you have a couple hours and want to spend some time in nature. Definitely read others’ reviews regarding parking.

The first 4-6km of the hike are the hardest (steepest and many switch backs). But once you are out of the forest, and reach Taylor Meadows, it becomes flatter the rest of the way and the scenic views are unreal from there and only get better. We hiked from Rubble Creek parking lot (started at 8am) all the way over the mountain ridge to the top of Panorama Ridge where you get a stunning 360 degrees view of all: Black Tusk and the mountains and Garibaldi lake. If you want to hike the Black Tusk as well, I would suggest camping and saving it for another day as we didn’t have time to do both. But the entire way up to Panorama Ridge, you are able to see the Black Tusk and it’s stunning from afar so I would personally choose the Panorama Ridge over Tusk if you attempting this hike in a day. We stopped (many times) once for lunch at the top and other times to take pictures and arrived back at the parking lot at 5:30pm. Try and do this on a sunny day, otherwise clouds or fog can restrict you from seeing anything, which it did to us the first time we did this hike and we couldn’t see a thing. Did the whole thing in 9.5 hours.

Hiked this trail 2 years ago in mid July. A nasty storm blew in some hail which made it a harder hike than it already is. I suggest turning around if you see a storm rolling in. This Dragons back section is very slick when wet and can make for a very treacherous decent if you get caught up there in a storm. Unfortunately we didn't get to enjoy the views it offers, but it was a helluva workout overall haha. Atleast I enjoyed a pilsner at the top

25 days ago

wow. just WOW. the viewpoint is amazing and worth every last switchback, scramble, and mosquito bite. the first 8km switchbacks are pretty brutal with a pack on, but from Taylor Meadows it was a piece of cake. we also slid down the snow patches on our butts for the descent. super fun sledding down!

bring bug spray! seriously, they're ruthless little blood suckers until you are on the ascent of the ridge.

if you're debating between black tusk or panorama, I think panorama is the way to go.

26 days ago

it was amazing awesome sights the few people we ran intro were pleasant wonderful sights. only downside was the mosquitos

26 days ago

Beautiful hike! Trail is well marked and the steepest section is in the first 45 minutes. Once my friends and I got to the scramble we were confused as to which side to climb up. My friends took the left side (small crack about a foot in size) and I found the trackers on the right side. You do need to be extremely careful when climbing both sides. Also take extra time going down as it is very steep. Took my friends and I 2 hours up and about 2.5 hrs down. Bring bug spray or else you’ll be swarmed by mosquitoes!

We did the hike yesterday. it was amazing. Still snow on the top, but nothing terrible. Dont forget plastic garbage bags ;) the slide down was wonderful experience (even we had no bags) ;) and it was faster.

28 days ago

Hiked this trail 2018 July 16 with my wife, our 12 year old and our Labrador. Sunny and hot day. The trail was in excellent shape and well maintained. It was a Monday and we saw a total of 8 other people the entire day. The trail is a long steady climb through the forest which some previous posters found "boring" but I certainly enjoyed the quiet solitude of the woods. There are a few glimpses of mountains along the way up. Be sure to take the extra 15 minutes or so to see Silverton Falls along the way. As you get closer to Tower Lake the forest opens up with lots of wildflowers and small Meadows and the views of Castle Mountain and Helena Peak are impressive. Take a break at Tower Lake because you'll probably need it. The final push up to Rockbound from Tower is quite steep, probably close to a 1 in 3 gain. It's not a very long section however and you are soon rewarded with a spectacular view of Rockbound Lake and its surrounding mountains. There is also a very interesting boulder field with some peculiar rock formations to explore. The boulder field seemed to attract a lot of mosquitos and horseflies so we ate lunch on a large flat rock a bit more to the east along the shoreline. It took us 3 hours up and 2 and a half back down at a moderate pace stopping a few times each way. Enjoy the hike!

1 month ago

Enjoyed this hike until we got to Flatiron junction. Didn’t like the scramble up and down, pretty sketchy. Views are great but much better from Flatiron because of the lake. If we would have gone to Flatiron first, I wouldn’t have bothered going to up this peak but we went here first. Dogs cannot go up the actual Needle Peak unless they are small and fit in your backpack, like mine. If you are going up the peak just stay in the center and find your way. Be careful!

Hiked July 13, 2018

This is an iconic mountain that should be a bucket list hike. The first 1/3 or the hike is groovy - a nice walk in the woods or a great warmup. Once you hit the gully, shit gets real. Real gains, real fast up the root staircase. When you get out of the tree line to the exposed scramble, the rocks get very loose, and it gets steep - 45* angle for 800m of gain over 2k push to the top. Extremely windy and cold at the top and not much shelter. The downhill over this exposed section is also challenging as the scree is very large and sharp. Took us about 6hr return.
*Local tip - go to Waldhaus for a Banff Springs Lager and nachos and enjoy looking up at the summit while you drink your celebratory beer

1 month ago

Amazing hike with moderate difficulty. It was absolutely beautiful and a great hike

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