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An absolutely beautiful day hike. Just be cautious because the trails need maintenance, there are a lot of fallen trees on the trails, which could prove an issue especially for kids. The white trail is pretty easy to navigate, but the section of the yellow trail after the ravine and deer lick falls gets sketchy because there is no actual trail because of debris. Hard to locate next marker due to circumventing fallen trees. My advice is bring a map and just stay alert for markers.

22 hours ago

Really well kept, easy, nature walk.

On a business trip with some time to spare. Ran the 5 mile loop. Lots of wildlife, beautiful trails, but still muddy now in mid April. one of my new favorites!

great place for kids

I spent a few hours today exploring this park and I enjoyed it. There's a cool suspension bridge to cross the creek and what looks like the ruins of an old mill by an amazing waterfall. The trail was muddy and still had snow/ice on sections so watch your footing.

I did this trail in the Spring. The key is to get there early, because it will be packed. If solitude is more what you prefer when hiking, this is not the trail for you. That being said, the beauty of the gorges and waterfalls on this trail is worth dealing with the crowds. Definitely worth the price to get in.

This was one of the most beautiful trails I've ever done. This was one of the stops on our road trip from Michigan to Maine. I'm so glad we did it!

Beautiful! Just watch out for the ice under the snow if you go in winter.

Great trail with some nice views and some decent hills. Blue markers randomly stop but if you follow the creek you’ll find other trail markers.

great hike along the creek. ground was fairly dry after the rainfall from the day before. easy hike low elevation.

great trail few of the trails criss-crossed, where we ended up on different trails but over all great hike.

Great trail just need better markers.

This is a very nice park! It’s extremely well maintained, there’s tons of garbage cans, and we found virtually no litter. The trails are in great shape and the suspension bridge is pretty cool. I️ would expect this trail to be a little muddy and slick in wet conditions, but I️ would think this would be a really good park to snowshoe during the winter months. There is a waterfall and looks like a fairly easy scale down to the creek bed that will take you to the base of the falls.

There are 5 different colored marked trails that vary in distance. They are all easy to navigate and no hunting is allowed , so no worries during hunting season.

it's awesome the water tho is freezing


Beautiful easy hike- couldn't finish because water was so high.

5 months ago

Nice hiking but trails need to be marked better.

Great for young and old and everyone in between.

6 months ago

This is my second time on this trail, and I enjoyed it even more than the first time. My concern originally was that I prefer narrow trails but that was when I was hiking alone. I went with a group this time and the wide trails were great. The whole park is very, very well maintained and that scenery is very enjoyable. It was pretty muddy in parts bu nothing you couldn't go around (mostly) or just get a little mud on the boots. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to hike - multiple trail options and plenty of nature. Just did a 5+ mile loop around the outside.

No dogs allowed on the Gorge Trail. Bummer.

Gorgeous trail, went there during the end of the season (October). This specific trail is beautiful in fall. The hike is EASY! There isn't much to hike. We started at the upper entrance from George Trail and returned with Indian trail.

Great walking trails and beautiful scenery.

It was a decent hike up until the blue and red trail randomly ended down by creek. I tried to find the blue/red markers and ended up coming across a purple trail leading to a tree stand. I had the impression the purple trail was private, and I did not want to risk walking on private land so I turned around and back tracked the blue/red trail.

Needs maintenance;trees down along some points of yellow trail and markings across creek not obvious. Others hiking said blue trail was full of "prickers"
BUT it's gorgeous shady terrain.

love this hike with awesome view.

This trail has a lot to offer to a lot of different people. It’s pretty easy, so it’s great for beginners but it also so rich in beauty and unique nature that it will entertain even the most experienced. It also happens to be located in a quaint little town with some really great dinner spots. Do yourself a favor and grab a glass of wine when you finish, after all, you are in the best wine region on the east coast, so why not?

Lot of people. Lovely trail but v busy

7 months ago

trails are not marked well. grounds are well maintained. a little wet the day we went.

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