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We tried to hike this trail during the New Year Eve snowstorm. Went clockwise and made it to the Hangover trail before turning back. Came back on Jan 11th and completed the loop. I’m glad we turned around the previous hike. I’d consider this hike easy if not for the scrambling needed with a few places on Hangover. Favorite Sedona hike.

great trail! didn’t see another soul on it which was nice! the trail is difficult to find at some points and you need to cross a river which adds to the difficulty but also the adventure!

5 days ago

Quite possibly the most beautiful hike I have ever done. The water is cold, but under the June sun your clothes dry in no time.

I did this hike last June with a few different hikers, all with different levels of experience. We started hiking at 8 am and traveled down the first mile. This mile is quite difficult, as you need to be sure not to break your knees on the downhill.

After the downhill, the hike is an easy trail through beautiful canyons. The only problem you will most likely have with this hike is the heat. Get started early and get to Supai before it kicks off.

I had the most trouble on this hike getting from the Village to the campgrounds. My group reached the Village at around noon, and stopped for about an hour. We got underway again, but the heat was horrible. After passing Havasu Falls 2 of my fellow hikers and I sat down and took a long break, not knowing where the campground was (It was literally about 50 yards ahead of us). The heat was horrible, so be sure you have plenty of water and drink LOTS of it. I managed to get through the entire hike with only a small, running-backpack sized water skin, but I wish I had a lot more than I did.

We spent a week in the campground playing games and swimming. After, it came time to hike out. If you really want to beat the heat, I highly recommend you leave at around 10 in the evening and hike out at night, especially if the moon is full. One of the most surreal experiences I had on this trip was seeing how beautiful the cliffs were in the moonlight. Eventually, once they are low enough, turn out your headlamp and hike by the moon.

This is an incredibly fun hike, but not without its challenges. The most essential thing you need on this trip is a bear can. Not for bears, but for squirrels. The squirrels in the campground will do anything to get ahold of food, including chewing through backpacks, tents, and packaging. Keep your food safe and don't harm the animals.

Another essential that I feel is necessary is a hammock. I passed on the option of bringing a full sleeping bag, and brought a hammock instead and a small sleeping bag liner in case I needed some warmth in the 100 degree weather (I didn't). I was glad I did. All the campgrounds are hammock heaven, with plenty of trees to hang a hammock on. It's incredibly fun.

Just hydrate, start early, and have a wonderful time swimming in Havasupai!

When I hike i prefer to be completely out in the wilderness. The only reason this hike didn’t score a 5 for me was because a decent amount was spent close to a dirt road where I heard several trucks coming and going, as well as on the back side of the hike the steady hum of the highway down below. This typically would be a deal breaker for me, however I would absolutely go back and do this hike again. Magnificent views, very clearly marked, and as others have said, you really get to see a little bit of everything that Sedona has to offer. 2 days ago there was still a few spots with 4ish inches of snow, however it’s totally doable in standard footwear (I encountered one hiker with poles, winter coat and shoe spikes. He looked me up and down goes “Well. I won’t comment on your footwear, but we are really glad to have this gear”. 10 minutes later I was passed by a trail runner in a T-shirt and Nike’s

One of the best places in the US to visit

This is an absolutely gorgeous hike with breathtaking views!! I’m so glad we did it, but that being said, I’m not going to lie...for a 40-
something Midwest mom with an overactive adrenaline response, I was terrified a few times! I had no idea we would be scrambling up a mountain on a hike listed as moderate, but I would definitely do it again, and if my husband and I can do it, you probably can too. We went clockwise and noticed the sign for Hangover at the end indicates it is for expert level hikers and bikers. Glad we didn’t have our kids, and ready for a Bloody Mary afterwards!! Perfect in early January. Took us about 4 1/2 hours.

This is a superb trail. It is always scenic and frequently spectacular. There is a wide variety of terrain and enough challenge to make it interesting. On January 3 when we did this hike there was still 3-6 inches of snow in some shaded and/or north facing sections but it was manageable with low hikers. There are some narrow sections with somewhat steep drops and a couple of spots where scrambling is required. This may unsettle some people but I think most experienced and reasonably fit hikers will enjoy the variety presented by this trail. Highly recommended.

I loved this hike. It was treacherous with a bit of everything. Parked n the peters kill lot went followed the trail there to the Awosting falls lot. Then took that trail bk to Peters Kill. Nice loop. So I basically started at the foot of the falls and hiked up. Some elevation, nice bridge, gorgeous views.

This could very well be the most beautiful trail in Sedona. The views at cowpies are amazing. Not many people on the trail. The hangover trail can be scary at times. Def need proper shoes and not doable when icy

Once in a lifetime, must see and do hike!!!! There’s nothing more to say about this place.

One of the most beautiful places on earth.

If you’re only going to do one hike this is the one to do. 360° views as you traverse around the mountain. you will see/experience a little bit of all that Sedona has to offer. Not heavily trafficked.
The directions from AllTrails app will take you to the “Huckaby and Margs draw trail” parking lot. I wouldn’t drive any further unless you don’t care about or have a rugged vehicle. It becomes a rough dirt road from there on. What nobody else seemed to mention was that you then have to start from “Munds Wagontrail #78” which you can locate at the north east side of the parking lot. The entire route is very well marked. Follow the wired in stone carins and once you get on hangover/cow pies trails you’ll see white spray-painted double arrows on the rock. I’m pretty geographically challenged and I didn’t get lost at all.
Next, you’ll come to a spot where Munds Wagontrail (which pretty much follows the dirt road and crisscrosses it a couple times) goes to the left for “hangover” or the right for “cow pies”. I agree with the chap who said it makes more sense to take the trail clockwise, meaning “hangover” (to the left) first. Counter clockwise is a better choice for mountain bikers. I am 65 years old, in pretty good shape and found it to be very easy, in fact I couldn’t figure out where the difficult part was that other reviews had spoken of. 60° at noon today, it was a perfect day. I started at 10:30 AM and finished at 3:30 PM. It took me that long because I took heaps of pics, stopped for lunch and to watch some awesome rock climbers at the top. Coming out in the “cow pies” direction is very easy.

Fantastic hike with incredible scenery! The trail was not too busy on a Tuesday in December despite the glorious weather. The trail does follow the 4WD road closely for much of the first half, but it was not too intrusive. We did the loop counterclockwise which is less strenuous on the uphill and a bit tricky on a few slickrock sections on the descent. There’s no shame in shimmying down a few spots on your bum.

The scenery is straight out of National Geographic and the trail makes for good footing for the most part, highly recommended!

By far the best hike I made on my second week long visit to Sedona. Park at Munds Wagon and head along the trail taking a clockwise loop to do cow pies first and hangover last. This direction offers the best views. Not sure what steep climbing everyone is trying to avoid by doing it the opposite way - there was only one steep section to walk up and it took about 30 seconds. I cant imagine trying to do that in reverse without sliding. I thought the trail was moderate in spots and realy easy for the most part. Definately wont be out of breath here. Only passed 2 small groups on the way round, and passed by one group and a trail runner coming the opposit way. Apart from the few struggling mtn bikers i passed that the trail was perfectly peaceful and amazingly beautiful. Definately dont pass on this one.

This is the most beautiful hike we’ve ever done. As others suggested we followed the loop counterclockwise which means that you’re descending the hangover trail which makes it easier. The views were amazing the entire hike. It was challenging especially in spots where there is no ‘trail’ and you’re walking across rock at a 45 degree angle. We’re in good shape and experienced hikers and would consider this to be ‘hard’. I would not attempt this in the summer heat. Parking was adequate compared to several other trails in Sedona.

This is my favorite trail in Sedona and a must for anyone hiking the area. We hiked this trail in early December and the weather was perfect; started with jackets and slowly removed layers as we went on. We started the hike at 10:30am and went counter-clockwise. The changing topography and the views makes the hike fun and keeps your interest. The only down-side is the noise from the jeeps, 4-wheelers, and dirt bikes that drive on the dirt road that runs alongside Munds Wagon, which you barely hear once you’re on Cows Pie.

For those with hiking experience this is a fairly easy trail with some elevation gain where the incline is steady but not strenuous. A pair of shoes with good grip is highly recommended, especially as you round the mountain on Hangover; you need to go down very steep portions and at times shimmying down on your bum is your best option. Don’t always follow the white markers, which are for mountain bikers, because there are better lines just to the left or right of them better suited for hikers.

I read some reviews that say this is not a good trail for children. We brought our 9 year old and he had no issues. He has only hiked a couple times and moved quickly through the trail. He is a little scared of heights and was nervous on a few occasions, where we held his hand to help him out. He loved scrambling down the steep side and enjoyed the break at the saddle. I would suggest this hike for children.

Great hike with amazingly beautiful scenery. Definitely NOT moderate - this is hard. But it is worth it.
The entire trail is somewhat rugged - you really need to pay attention. Lots of opportunities to twist an ankle.

Once again a great hike with absolutely beautiful destinations! Sadly there seem to be more people not taking their trash and other items out with them. Some people left behind an air mattress, shoes, dirty clothes, bottles, cans and other trash. if you hike it in, hike it out or don’t bother going. It is a disgrace that some humans ruin things for others. I would agree that if you were going to have your belongings packed into the canyon for you that you should use the helicopter. There are still several horses and mules along the route that had bleeding saddle sores and other injuries. That stuff aside, it’s a place worth checking out if you are lucky enough to get a permit.

This was the most fun I have ever had. climbing down a cave then realizing I have to climb down using chains and then there's a huge ladder thats wet from the mist of the most beautiful waterfall. I faced my fear of heights. then we take the trail and get to take off our shoes and socks and make our way across the water not once but 3 times on this hike (and 3 times on the way back) when it seemed to never end we got to those final ladders to get up top above Beaver Falls and that feeling you get is just so worth the hike. Amazing view. Amazing feels.
Not ok for kids, adults only

SPECTACULAR views! Went counter clockwise based on reviews.-starting from parking lot with Munds Wagon Trail. Then followed Cow Pie trail up and over the rocks until it ended at the beginning of Hangover which took us back down the other side. One of my most favorite hikes. If you don’t like climbing down rock- I suggest going clockwise up trail and going up Hangover trail at junction and taking Cow Pie down.

1 month ago

This is a great adventurous beautiful walk with multiple river crossings along the way, with the water coming to about your knees so dress/pack appropriately for this. The most challenging back of the walk is climbing down the cliff face to Mooney falls. There are craved out foot holes and chains to help you down but definitely not for those scared of heights. Apart from that it is a pretty easy walk and a lovely oasis. Took us about 5 hours from the lodge and back. There are no toilets after the campground though.

1 month ago

Great walk down the canyon to supai. You must book well in advance to get a reservation with supai lodge (not sure about camping). It was pretty quite though as mid November and temperature was perfect for walking. Easy walk to the village as it is downhill but the way back to the hilltop is a lot harder as the last 2 miles are constant uphill, so is practically tough if your carrying all your gear from the staying over a night in the village. Just before you get in the village you meet havasui creek which is a beautiful turquoise colour. There are toliets at the hilltop car park but nothing along the trail.

Amazingly beautiful! Life changing experience!
Too dangerous for kids!

Amazingly Beautiful! Life changing experience! Too dangerous for kids

Life changing experience!

1 month ago

Did the full hike with my then 4 year old. No helicopter or mules. The only real way to do it in my opinion. My son descended Mooney falls ladder on his own, however, would recommend against it for other parents as it can be slippery and would be a fatal fall. Not much more to say that hasn't already been said. One of the most epic backpacking trips out there!

Awesome place to be and hike it’s beautiful

See my daughter's (Tara Oster's) review. I did want to add that I don't recommend taking small children due to the remoteness of Supai and scrambling over rocks and ladders to some of the falls. We saw one dad heading toward Mooney Falls (which entails slithering through a couple of short tunnels) with a young child in one of those backpack carriers. We cautioned him that the contraption probably wouldn't fit through the tunnels. in any case, the descent to Mooney is just too risky for a child, so please leave kids at home until they're older - I'd say about age 12, as long as they are fairly sturdy and not whiners. Also, about the helicopter - one young man said he waited in line an hour and a half just to put his name in a list to fly out the following day. Supai residents have priority, so who knows if you really are going to be able to get a lift out. Plan on hiking in and out to get the full experience. A memorable trip in a place few people get to experience! We are planning to return again one day!

Incredible the whole way, amazing views, beautiful day. Coming back we did get confused and we where lost for some time until a biker should us how to get back on track. I am no expert and could do it, but took me many hours to do the complete loop. Would definitely recommend it!

This map shows all the wait from the trailhead to Beaver Falls! Beautiful hike if you are lucky to get permits!!!

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