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Absolutely awesome 5 miles with a first teaser view at Jones Knob, where you can see the cliffs of Whiterock Mtn. Then back down and onward, the trail is pretty level most of the way, then you come to a fork with the Bartram Trail and only .3 miles left to the top and cliffs of Whiterock Mtn. Make sure you go down to the end of the trail for the payoff. Take a picnic lunch. It's a great place for admiring the views. The trailhead has been corrected. Start at Jones Gap at the end of the gravel road at the small parking area and start uphill to the right. Highly recommended.

Fantastic views! It was very hard to find the trail. We went up the opposite way as recommended to us due to recent rain. It was really tough to climb up in spots. There are ropes to use most of the way. More like climbing than hiking in places. Really fun!

Breath taking!

I thought I was gonna pass out but beautiful

Fun trail with great panoramic views! I do feel you can get similar, awesome views simply driving along Blue Ridge and utilizing the overlooks, however this trail offers up to experience both sides of the ridge at once. BE CAREFUL when it's windy out!

10 days ago

Lover's Leap Loop trail is a relatively short loop hike that follows the French Broad River out of downtown Hot Springs, NC. The trail goes quickly from a flat stroll along the river to a somewhat rigorous hike up the mountain, but your effort is rewarded with amazing views of the river and valley through which it passes. A number of rock outcroppings including "Lover's Leap" allow you to take in the beauty of the valley and the mountains beyond or just take a breather and rehydrate. Due to it's relatively short loop, this hike provides plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the sights if sections become rigorous.

Hiked in early November just after two days of rain. Amazing views. Will return in spring.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike but VERY strenuous unless you are an athlete. The cascades itself were gorgeous and cold this time of year (November). Steady incline and until you reach the first log bridge and then it gets steeper. Careful on the way down as it could be difficult for people with bad knees so hiking sticks are a good idea. Bathrooms are in the picnic area about ten minutes prior to reaching the trail parking area.

Scrabble up the rock side on the stepped rock path to the left as you come in. Ropes are there and you’ll need them. Continue on trail for easier climb.

One of my favorite trails. It is a bald, so you have beautiful unobstructed views. It is easy and short enough to bring a great picnic and set up on a rock outcrop. There are two other balds a short hike from the first of you want some extra adventure.

I had to yell “OH S***!” when I finally saw the waterfall.

Well worth the steep hike.

I brought 3L’s of water, drank all of it, and saw no bears.

2 hours up. 1.5 down. I pushed it... going up.

Was a beautiful morning no one on the trip till we headed back out still plenty of water on the falls

This hike was a challenge and I loved it! In spite of a rainy day which made for slippery rocks/boulders there was still beautiful scenery the entire hike.

It was difficult due to having to climb over and wiggle through boulders. Not due to elevation change. The boulders increased in number and size for the last 2.5 miles. The last 1/2 mile was the toughest for me. And lots of tree roots to navigate.
The end result of seeing the falls is well worth the boulder scramble.
3 hours there...2 hours back.
I felt for those (kiddos too) who were hiking in tennis shoes and jeans when it was raining.

Take the wider trail for a quicker walk to the tower. O.84 miles. Beautiful views from the top of the tower!

One of the best trails in the area. Spectacular view from Whiterock Mountain. Note that AllTrails has an error on where this trail starts - you need to follow the signs and park at the end of the gravel US Forest Service Rd where there is trailhead parking. The app shows the trail as part of this road and then has the trail bushwhacking up through the woods until it intersects the Bartram.

19 days ago

Parking was easy but signage was a bit lacking. We passed some others who were confused about which way to go. It was a nice hike. We love Hot Springs and will be back when we have more rime to explore other trails.

Walked the Lovers Leap Trail in late October 2018 on a cool, windy and overcast day. Parked in downtown Hot Springs and walked over the bridge to the Appalachian Trail entrance to the trail. Easy to locate just over the bridge.

I would agree with several reviewers not to use the printed map you can get in the visitors center. This map does not accurately depict the trail, it is very diagrammatic and actually hard to understand.

I studied the map on All Trails, read reviews and comments and downloaded the map to my phone. There was no cell service for me in the area so I could not use the map but actually did not need it as the trail is easy to follow. As stated, I started at the Appalachian Trail end so I think this would be backwards from the map but I think it is easier to find, especially if you park downtown. The Appalachian Trail location and markers are very easy to find. The Trail starts out following along the French Broad River which is really nice and then turns up the hill. Just follow the white blazers, the trail is fairly steep and very well marked. There are several nice viewing spots of the river and town on the uphill slog. Lovers Leap itself is close to the top, great views and there are signs for Lovers Leap Trails and separate for App Trail. Take the Y left fork following the Orange markers which are very easy to follow. This down hill trail is all under cover and not exceptional in any way, there is a split in the trail so be sure to stay left and follow the orange markers. The trail brings you down to parking area of the Silver Mine Trailhead. Walk through the small settlement (someone called it the deliverance which is actually pretty accurate) and back to the main bridge, cross back over the river into town.

This walk is not very long but good exercise with the steep uphill section. Not particularly difficult but I would not recommend for small children. The trail is narrow, steep and rocky with some steep drop offs in places. Excellent views in spots.

Added benefit is you can go take a mineral hot tub soak at the nearby resort and spa. Not that expensive and well recommended.

Hiked this on 10/21 with my husband. It was definitely a challenge for both of us, but the views at the top made it absolutely worth it. There was a lot of temperature change on the way up and down so packing layers is a must. Give yourself at least 6 hours for this hike. The trail itself is straightforward and easy to follow on the way up, but on the way down it is easy to take the wrong trail when passing by campsites as there are sometimes multiple trails leading off. I’m surprised this trail isn’t more popular because it was definitely one of my favorites, but no complaints because we had the summit to ourselves for over a half hour!

22 days ago

Lodestar has this hike well reviewed. I just got back, my partner and I lost the trail several times due to lack of blazes. no one on here mentioned that all the trails in the area are terribly marked with blue blazes so you can only trust the blazes to an extent. you need some serious navigation or time to complete this trail now compared to reviews done two years ago. seriously wish I listened to Lodestars review I probably wouldn't be in pain now. would hike again for the view.

Enjoyable hike to the fire tower with awesome views

Great views not a terrible hike good camping areas!

Fairly easy, you can use the road if you have a group or peeps that have trouble maneuvering. It’s a quick beautiful hike and a great view at the top.

We hiked this trail during while it was drizzling, so it was more “moderate to me” than “Easy”... but the Fire-tower allowed us to see for miles and it was well worth it! Beautiful views at the top!

We attempted this loop last winter. After reading how much work, and not a lot of payoff the Old butt knob portion was, we decided to take the Shining Creek Path up to the Art Loeb trail, and finish the loop back from there. First off, either way you cut it, that trail was absolutely NO JOKE. As a pretty seasoned hiker and recent Army vet with tons of rugged terrain and rucking under my belt, that first stretch to the Art Loeb absolutely destroyed us. We had every intention of taking 2 1/2 days and doing the full loop, after the 1st day of getting my butt handed to me from almost sun-up to sun-down, we decided to turn around and call the trip early and hiked back down and out the next day. Will not be attempting this one again without better conditioning.

Nice and diverse trail. No complaints. Wasn’t difficult, but it was longer than it is listed here. I tracked the hike to be 3.07 miles each way, beginning from the tree line at the road. Great view, will definitely go again.

This trail kicked our butts. it was 3 hours of strenuous uphill climbing, then 2 hours of going back down. However, the falls were gorgeous!! It was actually cold up there and we cooled off quickly. Take LOTS of water if you do this trail.

Great spots to let kids play and loved the waterfall!

1 month ago

Great views, some signage was missing when we hiked

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