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7 hours ago

This is not an easy (overnight) hike, seemed like half of it was through dry (and generally rocky) riverbed. I read other reviews, and by God, it SEEMED like 9 miles, but my map showed 5 1/2 to 6. Jeff Park is just incredible (stayed Scout lake). Would like to do the easier climb from the East, but Forest Service said the road is impassable for most cars.

we took the whole family, all five kids and what a beautiful hike!

Great hike! Like your in a scene out of the movies..... very jungle and hidden. We loved it. Did upper and lower. Did see one single person just our group of four.

Moderate to Hard is fair. Total trip was 9.8 miles. Great views at the top but only a few lookout opportunities on the way up. Trail was not marked but its about a .3 miles down the road on the right side. For the first trail split (<1 mile) take the left trail (the up trail). About 4.5 miles (total) you will come to the dome rock trail that is marked

Did a backpacking assessment test this Saturday. Was a great hike to the top. Got an early start and no one else on the way up. still a few clouds on top, was clearing up. Had to head back down, and met (5) other hikers headed up. Did pretty good with a pack on for the conditioning assessment...was a blast and glad to see my vehicle when I got back down. A real nice workout for an old goat.

17 days ago

Not much water in early Sept but a pretty hike on a gorgeous day. Gonna have to do it again after we get some rain and the falls are running. Ran into 5 or 6 other groups hiking today.

18 days ago

Wow!!! This is an incredible hike! Waterfalls, a creek, the lake and stunning views along the way. I didn’t use trekking poles but saw many who did. Moderate hike. I will definitely hike this trail again. Bring plenty of water.

If you want to question all life choices you’ve ever made try this trail! Haha but seriously this trail is not 6 miles I clocked it at 9.5 miles to Russel lake and I checked on the way back got the same distance so I have no idea where 6 miles is coming from. This trail is relentless and difficult so if you want to cry for 6 miles try it out! Hahahaha the lake is pretty sweet though. Make sure you bring a pad to sleep on because the ground is reeeeeeeeally hard. At the end make sure you go left if you want to get to Russel lake because it’s not marked.

Ive never been on the PCT but was surprised how many people I came across. I only did about 3.5 miles out instead of the 5.5 but I ran into at least 30 people (all backpackers). Beautiful views and the trail is easy to follow. The road is ROUGH. The rocks don’t look bad as you approach them but you definitely get knocked around. Do not attempt in a sedan... at all. I have a Jeep and that was perfect.

Trail done 9/2 with my two dogs; did the loop counter clockwise (benson trailhead at Scott lake to hand lake, Scott summit, back down to benson etc). I believe it’s more like 9.3-9.4 miles. Trail is nicely shaded, brushy in some places. Didn’t see anyone for the first two hours, surprising for a holiday weekend. Great views at the top, 3 sisters, Mt. Washington, Jefferson and Hood. Quite a bit of smoke in the Mckenzie valley from Terwillager Fire. About 3.5 hrs hiking time, not including a lunch break at the top and a swim break at Benson lake.

The trail starts on a small gravel road, and be careful not to miss the trailhead about 2,000 feet from the entrance on the right. I have never been on a trail without seeing any other hikers—so if you’re looking for a private, wild, and true hike, this is it! The views are incredible at most points, and it never got too hot due to wind. The bugs are almost all gone, but try to wear pants to help combat plants from cutting and poking your legs. Most of the trail is single-file and quite rugged. Overall amazing, easy to get to, and only hard in distance. The ascent isn’t bad at all.

28 days ago

Had a great trip 8/24/18! Backpacked 2.5 miles to Tenas Lake. Gorgeous sites. Then completed the loop and camped at Scott Lake. Amazing views. Hand lake was our intended night 2, but it was essentially dried up. Wide variety of features and great huckleberries.

29 days ago

Great hike, lots of places to take breaks along the way. We weren't going fast but reached the lakes in 2.5 hours with one break about half way. Trail is in excellent shape and was lightly travelled on a Friday. Had an excellent lunch on the NE side of the lake. There is NOT a trail all the way around, it looks like there is one but it runs out shortly after it separates from the one that goes on. There is a small trail that is right along the lake on the SE/E side, it is not that easy because of the mud and the climb up to the trail above in gravel(25 feet, using a fallen tree). Overall, will definitely hike it again and throughly enjoyed it!!

Beautiful hike! There is now a log “bridge” that has been installed so you can cross the river without difficulty.

1 month ago

A hike that included a little bit of everything...a creek, waterfalls, mountain peaks, lava flow, flowers, and a beautiful lake. Not too strenuous in terms of steepness. I would consider a moderate hike only due to length of trail. It took me about 3-4 hours including a 1/2 hour break at the lake. Easy trail to follow. There are a few foot bridges to cross and a couple areas to cross over streams by stepping on rocks.

Great hike! 7.4 miles round trip. Many viewpoints along the way. This trail is not recommended for small children or small pets...it is way too steep for them in my opinion. Views at the summit were subdued due to smoke from British Columbia. You could still make our Mt. Jefferson in the distance. Recommend for those not faint of heart or with those healthy enough for a 3.7 mile UPHILL walk.

Did the loop on 8/18/18. This is a good loop trail. It really is not that hard, it's more just long than anything else. The view from the top is excellent. If you can go on a clear day you will be rewarded -- you can see the Sisters, Mt Washington, Broken Top, Three Fingered Jack, Mt Jefferson, Mt Hood....maybe more. It was a little hazy when we went but the views were still great. I'd do it again. Bring some water and some food. I think total it was about 9.6 mi and about 25k steps. Took about 4.5 hours.

1 month ago

Hiked up on the evening of July 3 to stay through the holiday and only a handful of campsites were occupied. Mosquitoes were pretty bad - we were thankful for our head nets.

Incredible views, plenty of water the whole way. Trail is a superhighway and very well maintained.

We got to the trailhead at 6pm and there was plenty of parking - just us and a few trailrunners taking advantage of the long days to go up & back before dark. Hiking out on Friday morning we easily passed 100 people coming in; this is one of the busiest trails I've been on in Oregon. Definitely one for weekdays & evenings if possible.

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful! Steep, but so worth the burning in your legs!

Long but rewarding hike. Lots of little water falls on the way. Great views of South Sister and Broken Top.

This is more an easy moderate hike. Yeah there is an incline for the first half, but with all the waterfalls, and a nice gradual climb there’s not much effort. After you make the turn left to finish the loop, it isn’t the best, but you are rewarded with a few falls that most don’t see and no crowds. Worth it and enjoyable.

Great trail and perfect 360 degree view of cascade. It’s about 10 miles though not 8.

Steady uphill hike with a beautiful view from the top.

great trail! worth the hike is suggest wearing hiking boots or sneakers. I wore chacos and my feet were fine just SUPER dirty at the end.
carry lots of water with you!
if you go on a warm /hot day wear swim gear so you go in the lake.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike and wonderful camp spots! Definitely going again! Bring your bug spray.

1 month ago

amazing but if you want solitude don'g go between Friday-Sunday.

This was an amazing hike! So many different waterfalls to look at. The only reason I docked it a star is because DOGS cannot complete this loop. You can go three miles to the turn off but dogs are not welcome in the Bend Watershed Area. Your options are to turn back and do it as an out or back, or take a right at the turn off, and continue to the valley. If you choose that route you can complete the loop but it adds 5.6 miles to your hike. It’s also on a ridge line so make sure you have water for you AND YOUR PUP!! enjoy! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists!

steep but great views at the top. well marked trail.

1 month ago

First 5 miles is a continuous uphill trudge with lots of loose rocks on the trail. This made for a less enjoyable hike getting to Russell lake and even on the way back a bit tricky as it is easy to roll an ankle, despite being downhill.

If looking to get to Russell Lake using this trail, just know it is NOT 6mi, more like 8.5mi.

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