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Good moderate hike. Nothing fancy, just a good, steady climb. Great views from the top. Was a little slick in spots, with some ice. The top had lots of ice, so wear appropriate footwear in late fall and on.

Great bang for your buck with the view/work ratio. Relatively short loop but you get amazing views of the surrounding area and get to see the peaks of Sunday River in all its glory without any people around. Great for all ages and families and highly recommend this hike!

What a beautiful trail! Hiked it Columbus Day 2018. The weather was PERFECT! Could not have asked for a more perfect day. The foliage was in FULL bloom! Trail is moderate to difficult with a lot of ledge at the top. New trails since the last time I was there and a lot of history as well! 360 views at the top! Simply amazing!

Well marked trail. Very rocky and filled of roots. Definitely suggest spikes. Nice views and plenty of Gray Jay's on the trail! Would definitely do this trail again in nicer weather!

I have a deep personal connection to this mountain. Climbed it many times, when it would permit me to. I attempted it solo in January a few years back, but no luck. Got my truck stuck on the side of the road right by the trailhead (big drop on the shoulder of the road! Bring chains and a friend with a winch!), and then lost the trail in 6 feet of snow. Trail is unmarked except for the wear pattern on the ground itself, so don't attempt unless you or someone you're with knows the way. The site of the former cabin is about halfway, and is now a campsite for tents. From there the steepness about doubles. One of the most underrated hikes in Maine, and a personal favorite for sure.

One more point - the true summit of Big Spencer lies about 1/4 mile farther down the ridge from the communications station. Getting there requires some serious bushwhacking. I attempted it but realized it was futile after struggling to get only 20 feet off the trail. Wear long sleeves and bring an axe or machete! I hear at the summit there is some flagger's tape and a PVC pipe with a notebook inside, to serve as a register. Good luck!

Went with a group of 11 people. It wasn't an easy hike for some of us, but we all made it to the top regardless. Very steep in the beginning, but flat at the lake. Beautiful trails, especially with the foliage. The cabin at the top really made for an awesome experience. Bring cash so you can enjoy a hot coco or tea! Not to mention the fresh baked cookies!! Using a pole or stick is highly recommended, especially on the way down. It rained, hailed, and snowed on us, but it was still a great time.

This was a great fall hike. I took the yellow trail up and wasn’t sure which trail I’d take down. The yellow trail is VERY hard to follow in quite a few places. This seemed to be the consensus as I said hello to other hikers as well. It’s gorgeous in the woods on this trail, so if you take your time and pay attention I would still recommend it. Because of this, I took the blue trail down, and was glad I did because this offered some variety and was a fun challenging way back down. Overall would highly recommend it. Beautiful, challenging, and great way to spend the day.

14 days ago

Just finished before lunch beautiful lake , trail was slippery definitely use your poles makes it easier especially on the way down

A review that I should have posted 3 yrs ago. A 1st hike in the Whites for myself and son in law. We weren't in the best of shape, and without poles. At the top although soaked with sweat( Climbed in summer) we were rewarded with amazing views.

Climbed this last Fri. The climb up was moderate to hard for about a mile. I'm not in the best shape at 63, but felt o.k. at the top. Full sunshine but probably a bit below freezing when we arrived at the partially frozen lake. The views were stunning, as there was 4-5 inches of snow on the ground. Mt Lafayette covered in snow. All I could say was praise God for His creation. The hut was really nice. Coming down was tricky, some snow and ice on trail. Poles a must.

Great hike up to enjoy the fall colors. Went up eye brow and down the AT, eyebrow wasn’t a must do and wouldn’t be a good trail to descend. Clear day up top on the fire tower, views were stellar- snow on top made it even better. Took longer than expected due to icy conditions but beautiful hike, another great 4ker.

Enjoyed this trail October 27th, 2018 with my dog Sonny, my daughter Brianna and her pup Piper...it had snowed during the week so the further we climbed the more snow we found...about 3 inches...made some rocks on the steep incline a little challenging..pretty hike with the trees covered in snow..marked out spot at the cabin...made it to the scenic overlook, beautiful!! It was windy and cold, a storm was brewing so we turned back. A bit of a challenge but worth it!!

Went up blue trail and down the yellow. As others have said yellow is a little harder to follow especially in October with the leaves down HOWEVER I would 100% recommend coming down yellow for the views of snow capped white mountains.

20 days ago

Great day, slow hike but totally enjoyed it. Only 2nd hike in 30 years!

21 days ago

Well maintained and a fun moderate trail to do!

Solid moderate hike. Enough to get a little sweat and the heart rate going. Definitely worth it for the view. First time seeing needle ice (identified after googling)

Beautiful hike. Moderate hike, not too difficult. View at top was worth it.

WE FOUND A FITBIT AT THE TRAILHEAD on Saturday October 20th. It was right around 1pm when we began. If this is yours, please email me at marlanaujoks@gmail.com and I will mail it back to you.
The blue trail was well marked, steep at times, and overall a 5 star hike up, with outstanding views on the way up and at the summit. There is not a sign when you reach the summit, but it will be pretty obvious. The yellow trail, though lovely, was terrifying to head back down on due to the yellow paint marks being inconsistent in brightness and not being marked in areas where it should have been to keep folks from straying off the path. I would recommend giving yourself plenty of time to go down this train in case you get lost. I would give this particular trail 5 stars if it were clearly marked, and in a color other than yellow, so I'd give it 3 stars at this point. I hope it is changed in the future.

went up stone cairn trail very steep but the views from the top were spectacular. came down stone hut trail, not well marked but easy to follow great hike

Enjoyed this hike. Steep going up but ladders & cable was anchored very well.

Up for a wedding, decided to do some hiking since the trail backs up right against our hotel. Definitely a steep hike, lost the trail at some point but just kept walking up and eventually got to the peak. Great overlooks and views along the way. Overall a strenuous hike but not too technical. Would recommend to anyone up in the area.

We hiked up the yellow and down the red. A very nice half day hike, moderate climbs and beautiful views along the way and top. The many blueberry bushes were a brilliant red and so pretty. It was also a good distance and climb for our older dog. Only concern is the yellow trail is not marked very well.

My boyfriend now finance asked me to marry him at the top of Indian Head. It was nothing short of surprise and filled with a beautiful view! Amazing hike, easy for frequent hikers, definitely moderate for the random hikers such as ourselves. Totally worth the trip especially when the Flume gorge is filled with people!

27 days ago

The only annoying part was the long dirt road to get to the trail head ! I was the only one hiking, and it was very peaceful. Although I started it later than most would recommend (4:15pm) in mid October I was back down at the car by 5:30pm. However, I did run most of the way down because I wanted to catch the sunset on my drive by Mount Blue State Park on the way out. Great hike overall. Stunning views at the top and very windy.

The high elevation is moderate to climb for sure but the lake at the center of the mountain is breathtaking and the loop around the lake is a nice break with level ground walking across wooden boards. At a fork parkway around the loop we took a right instead of a left around the lake, do not do that! It turns into a hard hike with high elevations. We turned around when the air got thin. Just keep left following the signs to the hut. Our little dog was with us and he loved every minute of this hike just as much as my boyfriend and I did.

Some heavy breathing going up rocks but moderately easy and well maintained, we even ended up coming down an off path water runoff and landed back on one of the cannon trails

See my review for the loop that includes Little Jackson Mountain, Tumbledown Mountain, and the Pond. Jackson Mountain itself has no views at the top, I was told by a hiker we met at the top of Little Jackson (which has spectacular views).

1 month ago

The reviews about this trail are pretty fair. Sharing my different experience: The weather forecast for our hike showed rain. It started raining as soon as we got to the lake, so we spent lunchtime in the hut. The lake was completely covered in clouds about half an hour later. We were happy to have seen the lake before the clouds rolled in, because we couldn’t see anything by the time we left!

This is definitely more of a moderate trail and not an easy beginner hike. It is about 1.8 miles each way but the view at the top is very worth it. It is a pretty steady incline up hill for extended periods. Worth it to wear hiking boots and a hiking pole.

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