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Beautiful finish. Lots of roots! Be careful.

The 360 degree view at the top is nothing short of AMAZING! Starts out with some steeps, and there is a little scrambling at the top, but all in all well worth the time spent. Recommend this hike.

Great hike with kids ages
5,6 and 9

6 days ago

I loved this hike short on miles but don’t let that fool you it definitely packs a punch with its steep elevation. If was super fun, the lake is beautiful and don’t forget to pack something to swim in believe me it’s so beautiful you’ll definitely want to. Also the Hut is amazing 

Ascent starts right away

Don’t forget to enjoy the wild blueberries at the top !

Hiked yesterday morning with my wife and 9 year old son who are both experienced hikers. Trail is fairly flat and was a little muddy during the first mile , but there are plenty of stepping stones and bridges to help cross. Last part of trail is steep to the top but it also had stones set in place that form a natural stair way to help climb. Once at the top views are simply amazing!! 360 degrees all around. Highly recomen. Took us 1hr 40 mins up , 1hr 20 mins down.

Awesome hike highly recommend

Has everything you could wish for on a hike, a gentle start, a good climb — rarely steep, mostly in forest, beautiful almost alpine views

8 days ago

This hike has it all, including class IV scrambling near the top to finish off the hike before the spectacular views of Crawford Notch, Mt. Pierce and Mt. Washington at the top. Did this hike with my wife, 3 kids (11, 8, 6) and dog.

Close to perfection: steep, challenging climb from SR 160. Fabulous views in almost every direction from the bald North Peak. Trunk trail to Stone Mt. and it’s great southern views soft and little-used. You’re not going to see many people in this quiet part of western Maine.

This was my first time up & as a fairly out of shape new hiker, it was a great workout. I took the star/yellow trail up and the orange/red trail down. The star/yellow trail is not as well maintained as the orange/red, but well worth the bushwhacking for the scenic overlooks along the way. Didn’t see anyone else at all, but did see cars at the trailhead. The views were incredible & the summit is big and open allowing lots of exploration up top. I will definitely be coming back for a fall hike :)

Hard trail, but the views are worth it. Well marked and easy to find!

10 days ago

The lake on the top is so beautiful! don't forger your swimming suit.

a good workout, was very busy but the view was beautiful!

Moderate hike.Great for families or beginner hiker's.The views are amazing.

Steep incline for nearly the entire trail. Beautiful scenic summit but not such a leisurely hike because of the steady elevation change.

Includes peaks of Bald Mountain and Saddleback Mountain. Bald Mountain is about a 1.75 mile round trip with wonderful views, at which point you can turn back or continue on to Saddleback Mountain. The Bald Mountain portion is still moderate - as other mentioned, the trail gets fairly steep fairly fast.

loved this hike, really pushed us to our limits. The top is worth it!!! I would go again.

Loved the hike!

Nice intermediate level trail with some of the best 360 degree views I’ve seen. There is a small fee, which I do not recall reading about before I got there so just a heads up.

So many rocks. If you’re wondering whether or not to take a detour up Stone Mountain, the answer is yes.

15 days ago

Grading this hike is kind of difficult. I wouldn't consider this hike as moderate. While hiking 1.5 miles to the top doesn't sound like much, the average slope of over 20 percent is intense.

I do agree that the view from the observation deck is pretty special. Note that there are no views until you get almost to the top.

I hiked yesterday in extreme heat. Bring more water than you think you will need.

I gave this hike 3 stars because it was a one and done for me.

Really fantastic hike. You start out with a good amount of incline at the beginning if you take the base trail up.

Once you start the summit trail it gets tough, pretty much all at an incline. The last part is a bit deceiving. The boulder climbing doesn't initially look too high, but it goes on longer than it looks like from below.

The 360 degree views at the top are absolutely worth it. Incredible views towards the 100 Mile Wilderness.

18 days ago

Fairly easy hike but great to hike to the lake and the lodge! You can even take a swim when you get to the top!
I also recommend trying this hike in the winter!! It’s so much fun to walk across the frozen lake!! Don’t forget your micro spikes

We enjoyed this hike. There were not many people on the trail, it was great for our dog cause there were streams for him to cool off in. The trail is totally shaded the entire way, great views of Moosehead from the top.

It took us 1h 17min to Summit from the trailhead off North Rd. 2h 35min round trip. We are a couple in their 30s, with a 10year old Labrador. We are average hikers, and we’d classify this as moderate. Bring bug spray.

VERY difficult to follow. Once we FINALLY found where the trail head was, we went clockwise as some suggested. we weren't even sure we were on the right track. the trail is called the Shell Pond Loop. No mention/signs of Blueberry Mt or Rattlesnake Pool. thankfully we ran into a couple who tried to give us directions. once we made it up Blueberry Mt, (it was steep near the top but my 60 # dog did just fine) we kept going over the top and ran into a Summit Overlook loop. Then started down, much easier trail on that side! Passed Rattlesnake Pool...No sign at all, just a trail leading left of the main trail. At the bottom of the trail there was a sign, so we turned around and went back up to the trail and went to the pool. Very beautiful and Cold! Took a quick stop at the bottom to view the gorge. once off the mountain, you come to a house on the left. to continue the loop, you must take the "two track runway"to the left. We lost 30 minutes going back and forth trying to find the trail. Take the runway, through a meadow and orchard. Hopefully it's mowed! Eventually you end up back in the woods on the trail. If it were not for this app and the people we saw on the trail, we would probably still be out there! Very, very buggy. Beautiful views and really liked the pool, but I won't be doing this one again.

There was a steady incline but the vista views were worth it. There are a few bridges to help to cross a small river. Trail was still wet from rains earlier in the week.

Our loop didn’t include the pond. We went from the gravel road turned left at the trail sign and back down around rattlesnake pond to the road again. Stop for a swim it’s great.

Beautiful trail up till you hit the tree line.. veryyyyy rocky for the last push to the top. Nice views

22 days ago

Not bad if a hike. Short, but some rocky and steep areas. The lake was so relaxing and calm, and the hut was cool too! Kinda buggy near the lake, but worth the hike.

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