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Easy well worth the walk for lighthouse lovers.

I take parts of this trail daily it’s easy & pretty. Ive spotted lots of deer, shore birds, whales and bald eagles depending on the season.

Beautiful trail I suggest adding the McKenzie trail to this for a workout.

The view is worth it! The trail is overgrown in many areas and a few downed trees to navigate but completely worth the view!

Snakes. Snakes and Snakes!
I encountered 4 HUGE snakes during my hike today and I'm literally never going back! I've never seen so many snakes on a trail! They love the cool, wet environment in that wooded area!!

Good trail gets progressively steeper as you go. a few nice views along the way but probably the best 4500 foot viewpoint in the state on top. may be best selection of berries too. a definite "must do" in spite of its low elevation.

This trail is by far an absolute favorite. You can start going the backside or the front depending on where the sun, tide, and wind are and what kind of experience you want. The back is fantastic and quiet and picturesque and is nicely protected from the noise is the surf and the wind. A wonderful way to exercise and find great rocks!

the views at the end were good, but half the hike was paved and it was a little upsetting

Easy not moderate. Pretty view

Great trail for all and the dogs were allowed. Well maintained and it’s an easy hike for all.

Perfect hike! Great views! Single file trail most of the way.

Amazingly rewarding yet ass-kicking hike to the peak but so beautiful when you wake up and hike up to the peak to catch the sunrise in the morning! lots of over growth in some areas and walked passed a bee hive just be careful going up moonshine flats

1 month ago

First things first, this is a 17 mile in and out hike, not 13. Multiple gps devices confirm this to be true. There is a shorter trail called Pete’s Creek Trail that will get you to the summit in half the time & effort. You do not need a pass for this hike.

This is a steep trail. I would classify it as hard, not moderate. It starts in a lush rainforest thicket with copious amounts of shade, moss and the occasional massive tree. The trail increasingly becomes rough around the edges. This means: fallen trees, rocky & loose gravel and occasionally overgrown with berry bushes, ferns & other plants. You descend to a dry creek bed and then scale the side of a mountain only to descend the other side into into a lovely meadow full of wildflowers.

After the meadow you begin your ascent to the summit. This is steep, often rocky and includes a stream with some campsites.

The summit is stellar. 360 view that includes Quinault Lake, Mt. Rainier, & Mt. Olympus.

The descent is a bit hard on the knees & feet.

Amazing views!!! Stayed the night in the meadows right next to a water source. If you plan on overnighting, there is a camp spot around 1.5 miles with a water source, we wished we would of camped here so that we dropped our packs before the real steep climb. Just wanted to add that in case anyone was looking! Overall an awesome, yet difficult hike. Make sure you cross the street to start the hike, there is a set of stairs that looks like the trail by the parking lot and it is not apart of this trail.

1 month ago

Small, quiet, old-growth-y. More walk than hike, it's something to do if hanging at/visting the lodge. Might be a bit tame, but Mee-Maw, Pop-Pops, and even faut Aunt Sharon can do this one with ease.

Perfect day to be on a mountain. This trail is overgrown in parts, but it’s still easy to follow. Wildflowers are really blooming right now, as well as salmon berry and huckleberry. Easily the best smelling trail I’ve been on! Mainly in Forrest most of the way with some spots you break out into beautiful meadows with steep slopes all around you. Moonshine Flats is a great spot to camp if that’s your plan. The first glimpse of the view you are in store for is when you hit the last big switchback getting to the summit ridge. Once you hit the summit, enjoy the incredible 360 views, along with lunch. I think this is more around 8 miles round trip however. But a beautiful hike. Highly recommend.

This is a decent walk with a lot of uphill & downhill, but it’s short enough that you won’t get too tired.

The hike goes past Deadmans Hollow, a beautiful narrow inlet with a small island and sandy beach. You may be tempted to go down there - and you certainly CAN - but there are a few prominent signs “US GOVERNMENT PRIVATE PROPERTY - NO TRESPASSING.”

We just took photos and selfies and lamented that - apparently - the “government” does not include American citizens.

I feel this should be rated higher than moderate. We loved the hike. Beautiful views. The brush is getting pretty thick in the higher parts.

Did 5.4 miles stitching together the different trails, with 1260 ft total gain. Nice rolling trails, good condition. I really liked the Coastal Forest Loop - old growth and beautiful views.

This is our new favorite beach! Very kid friendly with lots of beautiful agates and birds.

This is a challenging trail but all that uphill work is definitely worth it in the end as the views at the summit are simply amazing. We went on a clear day and you can see the ocean off to the east, Lake Quinault down below, and Mt. Olympus to the north. There are a couple areas in the beginning where the trail was washed out from giant mud slides/avalanches, but there are cairns that people have set up to direct you back to the trail. Would recommend wearing pants because the plants along the trail the entire way up are growing onto the trail.

cold n smelly

I’ve grown up here in WA my whole life and they took us out here on a field trip back when I was in 2nd grade. I’ve seen this place many times but it never gets old! Great for all ages, beautiful trail and well maintained! My daughter loves it!

1 month ago

This was an historical and a safe easy walk. We talked to a park ranger along the path and she gave us maps of nearby hikes that weren't on All Trails at all. I'll post to those as we do them. We took six year old and a12 year old and they made it just fine. At the end is a small bay where it's quiet and beautiful. A good place to have lunch. An enjoyable day. Remember... what you bring in, you bring out.

Great hike! Little much for a quick day trip I recommend you take Pete’s Creek if you want to save time. The campsites near the summit are awesome take advantage and make it a overnight. The Salmon Berries and nettles are thick right now but very little snow on the summit:).

1 month ago

A very beautiful trail through the forest and by the shore of the gorgeous Lake Quinault. Loop starts and ends very close to the Lake Quinault Lodge, and yet it feels like wilderness. There are many route options and directions to choose from while you are walking the trail, depending on whether you prefer a longer or shorter hike and what you'd like to see. The different trails intersect and there are arrows to direct you to the different sites and routes. It is quite a popular trail. You can see several waterfalls along the way, many enormous, tall trees, and you cross the river many times by crossing the many wooden bridges that have been constructed. The trail is very well maintained. Many good views of the lake.

Chill little beach walk with a bridge crossing the Copalis River

Easy walk trail is back next to picnic area in state park.

Why is this rated moderate? Less than a mile and 100feet climb!

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