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6 hours ago

I absolutely loved hiking this trail, ended up hiking almost 13 miles to see the entire thing! So many beautiful waterfalls and you get to walk behind 4 of them which was incredible!! I highly recommend!!!

15 hours ago

Good hike. I’d say it’s on the easy side.

Hiked the trail yesterday on a clear, sunny day...beautiful! Saw a Red breasted Sapsucker and busy little Ruby Crowned and Golden Crowned Kinglets. Excellent view south from the summit. Hike is Moderate difficulty. The brief scramble at the top is obvious and easy, no worries. There’s also an easy little alternate trail at the top that approaches the “summit” from the south. No worries! Do the hike and get some great exercise and views.

Such a beautiful hike on a crisp winter morning I recommend this hike to anyone! So many beautiful waterfalls

5 days ago

Phenomenal hike!!! It was warm and sunny in January!!! Lots to see in the first and gorgeous views of the cape and ocean! There some slight up and down. There were some muddy spots but kind of fun to try and get over. At least that’s what my 12 year old step son said. Bring good hiking boots. Great for the family!_

great family hike. can be muddy at times and slippery in some spots. still a great and beautiful hike.

Arrived at 8am on a Sunday to only a few cars in the parking lot. Did the full loop with my dog and was back at my car by 10:45am. Passed a few people on my way up but otherwise only came across one other person the entire hike, until I got back to the junction and went the last mile ish back down the main trail, at which point there were lots more people and a full parking lot.

Towards the top parts of the trail were quite wet, some patches of snow all over the top but not much. It was extremely windy - actually quite dangerous considering some of the ridges. My 30lb dog was blown about five feet sideways and I thankfully had her on the leash. The guts would’ve knocked me over if I weren’t braced against them. I recommend avoiding this hike if the Gorge is windy on arrival.

The upper half of the hike has a lot of rocky / semi-scrambling parts. Hard on the knees but nothing like Munra Point or some other areas of the Gorge. I imagine these areas would be tricky if the ground were at all icy.

Overall great hike, good views at the top. Just get there early to avoid crowds.

Fairly dry trail for the middle of January. I only rated it a four star because the amazing view point at the top is kind of hard to find because there are two ways to get to the summit and it is easy to bypass the tiny path to the viewing are. Amazing views on the way up and down.

The full loop is a TOUGH 8 mile hike with elevation of 2200 incline and decline. Amazing views and worth every minute. Dog friendly.

Beautiful forestry and an amazing waterfall.

fun trail with a beautiful over look over the river.

Nice and easy walk. Nice and clean trail with a few falls. It's cool to be able to go behind the last one and just listen.

Great for some easy to moderate wandering. Didn’t see any wildlife or people, a few little mushrooms and picked up some garbage on the unfit settlement loop. The viewpoint was clouded over when I went but it was still a nice little walk.

7 days ago

Awesome trail, hiked in the snow but as of right now it's well packed and easy walking. The creek crossing has a kind of sketchy looking ice bridge but it felt pretty solid walking across. Definitely more like 11 miles out and back, not 9.3. The hot springs themselves are amazing, with one shallow but big, clean and hot pool to soak in and a few others that might be good sometimes but were pretty slimy when we were there. It's also relatively flat and open so I'm sure it would make for great camping in the summer. These are our new favorite natural hot springs for sure.

Got there later in the afternoon so thankfully we missed all the tourist hikers.
Great for my 2 year old but again just too popular of a site to go more than once every few years.

pretty falls

Hiked June 15, 2018 for the first time. Trail is muddy and slippery in quite a few spots. The trail surface is very irregular- lots of tree knobs and roots so that you had to watch your feet at all times. It might be an easy hike by elevation gain, but the condition of the trail, and attention needed, definitely makes this trail a moderate. The view is beautiful at Cape Falcon.

Such a pretty hike, and the falls are amazing!

The trail is nicely paved and wide enough for the bikers to pass us comfortably. lovely views of the Columbia River. highly recommend going to the Mosier Tunnels. Total cost for parking is $5. Good trail to walk/hike/bike!

13 days ago

Beautiful beautiful hike!

Dog review: This trail was the perfect length for a moderate outing. Took my four dogs and I about four hours. The way up can be a little sketchy with dogs because it’s steep and slippery this time of year. My guys have great leash skills so getting everyone up steep switchbacks and walking on narrow areas wasn’t a problem, but could be for a dog in training or inexperienced pup. Though the trail up has a couple steep switchbacks, the way down is wide and even suitable for horses, VERY easy if you have dogs. Way up is alright as long as you have good control. Only a few rocky areas, no booties needed for my guys. Lots of puddles and streams so you can pack less water than normal for the pups.

No joke, the incline made me reconsider some life choices (especially the pizza and beer I ate the night before). The views of Jefferson once you clear the tree line are breathtaking. The real money maker is the mountain meadows and lakes at the end. Well worth the kick in the crotch. Big downer is just how crowded it is, camping spots are limited and taken real quick. This whole area will require permits starting in 2020.

Fun hike on New Years Day. Not at all crowded early but quite a few people later in the day making their way up.

Beautiful trail along the scenic Columbia Gorge. It was a bit cold in January...but a beautiful crisp clear day.

Not worth so much mud. The trail is in poor shape because it sees heavy use and is naturally muddy. The end viewpoint is nice, but no better than the many nearby roadside pullouts on 101. Not bad, but very, very average.

would agree with some folks that this leans well toward the hard side of "moderate", but the view is totally worth while. We encountered three downed trees across the trail, so be prepared to crawl over those. Was really muddy in a few places, even on a dry day.

Great winter hike !!

I'd been to this trail several times during the summer, but never during the winter, and wow... go during the winter months! The trails aren't as packed, and the waterfalls are flowing with so much more water! Bring a waterproof jacket though because when you go under the falls the mists are so strong that you may get soaked. Excellent hike that I will keep going back to.

Awesome hike and great workout! The views are worth the hike!

20 days ago

Fantastic hike with great views! I would do this hike over and over again

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