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53 minutes ago

Great trail. Well marked and very scenic trail. You circle the mountain so a good portion of the trail is sloping to the side. the view from the top is fantastic. You don't have to be an expert hiker to do this trail.

Took me 4.5 hours total in snowy conditions. Excellent views on top + you can climb the tower for even better views. Trail is well-traveled and very well marked. Parking is plowed. There was 12-18 in of snow today. Spikes were not required, but snowshoes yes (to not damage the trail).

5 days ago

Nice walk in the woods. Great conditions. Amazing views around the Lake Placid shore.

Awesome views!!! Really bummed about the communication tower. However, it did sound like a passing helicopter, HA! It was a very nice hike, other than that. The stream is just beautiful. It was very wet today, maybe it’s not always like that, but we didn’t mind at all. We just changed socks at the top and we were all just fine. Trail was easy to follow and will be back in the summer.

8 days ago

Very nice trail. If you're on your way to the high peaks this is definitely worth a couple hour detour. Lots of parking at the trailhead.

Hiked on November 3rd. Absolutely beautiful trail. A couple tricky mini scrambles, that would've been less tricky if they we're as wet and slippery. Views are amazing, as expected. A bit of snow closer to the top.

Did this as part of a loop with Armstrong and coming down Beaver Meadow trail. Took me 9.75 hours, including short stops. Toughest part was coming up UWJ, LWJ is not difficult. Crampons needed above 3600'. Only 1/2'' of snow.

An exceptionally beautiful area and stunning views. The tower and summit were frozen and with ice along the upper parts of the trail on the rock scrambles, microspikes are a necessity. A great hike all around.

A great hike that would’ve been a lot easier had it not been for the frequent mud jumping. The views from the tower were stunning and I even saw a guy hiking in sandals

14 days ago

Follow long trail south to the gulch, and for that matter, the gulch lies beyond the graphic trail shown here. We did an out and back on the Long Trail because we could not find the loop (Babcock) shown on the eastern side. Nice trail, impressive Gulch.

Great intro trail! A little wet after a rain since it follows creek beds for a while.

This is my hunting area. Go further to an old foot bridge and follow the bank down stream you’ll find some cool spots to hang for a day or camp out if you want. Prob 30 min walk but worth it-Get off beaten path. Don’t do from Oct-Dec... Enjoy. Yea also if y’all like to kayak go past Lampson Falls and there’s a canoe launch on the right about a mile past. Paddle that all the way down takes about 2 hours all sand but get out before you hear the falls. Big rocks on the right you’ll know when it’s time. Bare right whole time don’t take the branch to the left when you see it....Well worth it ✌️

19 days ago

Snowy, muddy and slippery today but still a great hike. Gradual climb with lots of bridges and stairs.

Went today. Total mixed bag. At the bottom muddy. Then snow. Then came some ice and icicles which could be deadly. Not the largest I have seen there. But enough to mess you up. Total up and sown 2 hours 10 minutes. I used my yaxtrax at very top ONE MAN GATHERS WHAT ANOTHER MAN SPILLS.

Awesome hike today on this trail! As a beginner it was a bit challenging but my buddy and I got through it. It was well worth it at the summit very nice views!

21 days ago

A great hike with decent views despite the clouds. We even saw a frog in the snow. I would say that micro-spikes are essential here now as the open rock scrambles are treacherous, especially if you’re going down to Little Crow. I’d love to try this again in the summer.

Baxter Mountain is a great hike for anybody. I would suggest however wearing micro-spikes as it was dicey in spots. The views, although cloudy were good. I’m not sure most people, at least since the snow has fallen, have gone to the “true summit” as there were no footprints down the col and up the summit. It’s wooded with not much to see, but for the purists, lol.

My honey and I hiked this trail and enjoyed it. Very well maintained trail with a few fun rock scrambles. We will definitely hike it again in spring.

Great during snow/freezing rain with a toddler on my back and also with him walking close to a mile. Beautiful lake views with a waterfall and minimal elevation change.

A nice short hike to a beautiful open overlook of Eagle Bay, and surrounding mountains and lakes. A nice hike for the whole family.

Did goodnow today. Very nice hike. Fire tower was in good shape. Nice view :)

I loved this hike! Did on 10./18, already snow covered. We were the only ones at the summit. Did the shorter way up and longer way down. Absolutely amazing views of the snow capped high peaks.

Started very early (with headlamp) and witnessed daybreak on top of Marble Mountain. Needed to put on crampons about 1 hour in. Herd path to Esther is fun and easy to follow even if there is no view once there. No mud today as everything is frozen. I found the last portion up Whiteface is not as steep or strenuous as others like Algonquin or Marcy. Since the road was closed to traffic, I decided to use it to get back to my car and enjoyed many more views than those on the trail. Total time including short breaks: 6.5 hours, milleage 12.3

Beautiful hike to the top, light traffic

Great views of Lake George but the fact the fire tower has been transformed into a communication tower and the wind turbine sounds like a helicopter landing spoils the experience.

I love the challenge. going up was a challenge but going down was rough. the hardest part was the rock climbing. be prepared to climb up that mountain with all your limbs, otherwise you'll have to turn back and not able to make the loop. be sure to have good shoes or hiking boots on during the autumn season because the leaves may be a bit slippery.

We took the short hike up which was quite steep and mostly jumping over the big rocks. Don’t recommend if it is icy or snowing, could be dangerous. View at the top was very nice.

Actually icy spots on the trail today. Time to start getting the winter gear in the pack. Very enjoyable hike. Some steeps but not too long. Great views from the tower. The communication towers nearby detract from the natural beauty although it is nice to have a signal.

29 days ago

Well marked, great views, peaceful and little traveled. A little scrambly at the end but otherwise good footing. Definitely uphill, but nothing too steep. We made the same mistake many others did and thought we were at the top,but were just at a false summit. Trailhead is just a short way down an unmarked road just across from the Boy Scout camp at the end of lake eden

Views for days! This took us about 6 hours because we kept stopping to appreciate where we were - a new favorite!

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