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This is one of my many favorite trails. I have walked it in all seasons and there is always something breathtaking about the scenery, even in the winter. When the leaves have fallen, I see more of the bluffs. I walked it today and things are budding and there are no flying bugs or spider webs in my face because it's so early in the year. I look forward to seeing it again all blossomed out.

4 days ago

A very nice hike after the first 1.5 . It was pretty muddy on the trail back but still liked the hike and the features.

We spent the weekend in the Shawnee and this was one of the most beautiful trails we hiked. Beware that if you are hiking the full loop, you will have to go up and down a crevasse that could has some steep steps and could be wet. We enjoyed the fact that this trail was not just a half paved path through the woods. You were really rewarded by going the extra mile to get into the woods. We started at the left trail head, hiked up to the lookout point, then ventured down into the bottoms. The decent down was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. We got lucky and went after a very wet week, including rain the night before. The forest was alive with trickling water from every direction. The path up and down the bluff follows a small stream that caused no issue. We took our time, taking pictures and a few breaks, and it ended up taking us about 2 hours to complete the trail.

Hiked the trail Wednesday(2days ago) and the weather was perfect, with sunshine and a breeze. The trail was muddy in places in the lowland so you had to pick and choose a path to get around, but not too bad. The trail on the creek bed was not bad at all. It was pretty easy to step around the water. I was pleased to find there was very little litter along the trail. If a few of us that care would pick up after those don’t and use the large trash containers in the parking lot it would look even better. Remember to leave the area a little cleaner than you found it

8 days ago

The Panther Den Loop was a great hike and the weather was perfect. The markings are not easily found. I only got turned around 4 of 5 times. The only negative was the trail markings but the scenery and walk was spectacular. If its been raining the days before you go there are several water crossing you'll have to traverse .

8 days ago

This little trail is a hidden gem. Growing up in the area i had never took the time to walk this trail until here mid-March. I was happily surprised by its small water falls and bluff views.

This is a really great trail. However listen to other reviewers and take the trail counter clockwise. I chose to take trail clockwise and spent excess time going up hills. I completed trail In 6 hours. I did stop at red cedar trail campground there are picnic tables, fire pits, and bathrooms. Brought quick snack to refuel for energy.

And completed the entire trail in 1 day (6 hours). If time was available I would have loved to spent the night at the campground. I will be back to try this trail again.

I saw several turkeys, squirrels, and birds. No snakes thank goodness.

Some trail tips take bug spray tick repellant. Bring extra water. Watch where you step on the rocks they are slippery. The trail for most part is well marked, there were a few points I had to look @ the map. The trail is marked with white diamond w a red circle. The trail does interloop with river to river trail and horse trail, just make sure to look for those white diamonds because they can be easy to miss if your looking at the beauty of the hike.

10 days ago

Best trail I've hiked! It's hard to describe all of the amazing surroundings. We were just going to go to one of the lookouts but I was a little let down because there wasn't much to see. We decided to keep going and I'm so glad we did, some parts of the trail are definitely rugged so be prepared to walk through a few creeks. My 14 year old and 8 year old thought it was so cool, though my 8 year old was tiring out that last half mile! We took our time to take pictures and let the kids play around in the water and it took us a little over 3 hours. A little difficult but worth it!

Great day hike. Wild flowers were in bloom. Some technical aspects to the trail as you descend/climb out of the canyon, but nothing too much. Trail was being enjoyed by all ages.

18 days ago

fun trail. had to look at the map once or twice, but besides that had a good hike.

Great easy hike! Well maintained trail with gravel, stairs, wooden decking, and lots of trail signs. It's a perfect hike for kids with great variety and rock formations!

19 days ago

Overall, it was great exploring, but recommend GPS and dry conditions. The creek was up from recent rain, making crossing a bit difficult. You needed to find alternate crossings or be ready to go through some water. The rock formations were great, and tons of fun to explore -- slot canyons, waterfall, huge stone rooms, a tunnel - bring a flashlight and spend some time wandering!
Trail markers were mediocre, there need to be more at the mid-section of the loop when it crosses the creek close to the lake. The trail begins to turn near the lake, up a small rocky ravine - it's not well marked.
The west half of the loop is deeply rutted from horse traffic and has fewer rock formations - in rainy conditions, the east half as an out-and-back may a good option. The path back to the trailhead on the west side has a quick switchback that can be easy to miss, as a "trail" seems to continue forward with some maintenance flags. Our GPS was approx 4 miles from the parking area. The road to the trailhead was a little rough and rutted and could be a little difficult for some cars.

Well-maintained path. Perfect for an easy walk. The waterfall was beautiful today.

20 days ago

A little wet after the recent rain but a great afternoon hike. Our GPS had 4.6 miles total with just a little bit of exploring the rock formations.

21 days ago

Easy trail. Very pretty walk thru valley with rock walls. Waterfall was very pretty and running strong when we saw it. Worth the walk.

Don't attempt this trail if it has been raining a lot. The creek was not crossable. You will only be able to hike in about a mile. Also the trail is a lot longer than the 3.2 miles listed. I want to try again in dryer conditions.

This is a great little hike. Short trail with a beautiful waterfall. Good year-round! I love climbing up the waterfall at the end.

25 days ago

I went here at camp ondessonk for an overnight camp. We swam in the lake-it can get very deep but watch out for fallen logs! Great jumping rocks too! Several places to swim here

25 days ago

This hike is great! It is absolutely beautiful in the fall with all the leaves. You will probably see some wildlife. Lots of people do come here though.

Great short hike. Rained on Saturday, hiked on Sunday. Took aground 3 hrs.
Water running in canyons so ware water proof boots. Awesome rock formations, able to see everything because no leave cover or bugs.

short, easy hike with tons of fun climbing opportunities make this perfect for a group with mixed abilities.

1 month ago

Pretty trail with some awesome rock formations. But as other reviews say marking was horrendous.

Very short hike. Cool rock formations that are easy to get to. I'd probably give this trail an easy rating vs. moderate. All trails are gravel so kind of hard on your feet.

Amazing trail. It is difficult, but definitely worth it.

Trail was really great, but it was really hard to find in the beginning. We went in the wrong direction and hit "no trespassing" signs after about half a mile. The trails are also not very well marked. It can also get pretty muddy in places.

1 month ago

Don't underestimate it. Starts off easy, then gets much more difficult. We picked a good day for this trail, but it would have been a lot harder if it was rainy or icy.

trail running
1 month ago

Great challenge!! It was a little difficult to follow the white diamonds to reach the other side once you got down into the canyon, but other than that it was a wonderful workout and a lovely hike.

1 month ago

Nice hike up a drainage following a small creek.

1 month ago

Nice Loop. Fun rock formations, couple creek crossings, good variety. The trail marking are poor. The first part is fine follow it across the creek and up the next hill, you will come to a marker telling you to turn left to the rock formations, take it left as indicated. (the trail straight forward is the river to river trail). I in a short distance down the hill you will come across the rock formation, take time to explore, then continue north, down the hill on the established trail, you will come to the creek again, cross it and stay on the established trail, (you may see a sign that says panther den with an arrow telling you to turn right, ignore it) following the creek, crossing it again, the trail heads up the hill to the left, which shortly heads back south towards the trail head, you will come to another intersection that says trail head left, take it left and will join the trail you came in on, turn right, and your about 1/4 mile from the parking lot.

The rock formations are worth the hike.

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