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39 minutes ago

Lots of people, a lot to pay for parking. Hike itself was fun and scenery was good. Would have been better if there was sun.

Distances were a little wonky but because it was flat it was fairly easy.

Was a beautiful hike all the way up! Once I made it to the top I was able to explore the whole top of the mountain while the sun was setting. Just had a little trouble finding where to get back down. Once you find the entrance to get off the mountain then it’s not bad at all. Fantastic views!!

22 hours ago

Well marked trail right now as long as you follow the white paint signs. Good workout good views. Leave time for the way down - it’s a little slow with the rocks.

23 hours ago

The Jeeps are annoying, but the views are spectacular. Fairly easy hike, and like others I recommend climbing up via Twin Buttes and High on the Hog trails.

on Slide Rock Trail

1 day ago

Busy. November so water was low and cold. Easy walk suitable for all ages. Fat flowing river surrounded by beautiful canyons. Picnic tables with charcoal grills. Could have spent the whole day just roaming around. $10 ample parking.

One of our favorites. Never boring and the views are amazing no matter where you are on the hike. Tough scrambles in spots which is why it’s marked hard. Could be a challenging descent for kids less than ~10.

Beautiful fall color hike if going in mid Nov. The beginning of the hike is by the resort as numerous others said, so that does take a little away from it, but there are still some beautiful Red Rock views on this section and about a 1 mi + into it we got some amazing fall colors until the little climb at the end that opens to some more Desert/Red Rock types of views. Moderate level, it's a fairly easy hike for avid hikers, but the rock terrain in only some areas of the hike may make it harder for some with footing especially if they are just occasional hikers. A good family hike, good for tourists too. on our Garmins ran about 6.3-6.5 miles. we didn't go up to the vortex, we didn't know where exactly it was. Definitely didn't disappoint with the fall color!!!

A bit crowded with tourists, but semi-challenging at parts. Beautiful views.

The long, flat road gets a bit monotonous, but otherwise fun hike, especially the final third.

What a fun hike. Definitely difficult but the views were worth the effort. Short, steep, scramble toward the top.

1 day ago

If you enjoy hiking for peace and quiet, this is not the hike for you. Very crowded on a Saturday at late morning. The bridge itself is stunning but there’s a lineup of people waiting for photos. Tip: avoid walking the whole way on the dusty road to the trailhead by taking the short trail that leads from back of the parking lot by the bathrooms (just follow the signs) — you’ll end up on the road eventually but it’s a much nicer walk via the trail.

1 day ago

I agree with the previous review — 10/5. Stunning views for a short hike with moderate effort. We hiked the very crowded devils bridge trail the day before — few hikers on this trail at mid morning on a Sunday.

1 day ago

Fun easy hike, loved the scenery

So far the most scariest hikes I've done. My best friend and I are scared of heights, so to be able to accomplish this hike for the first time all the way to the top in an 1hr8mins.; was the best feeling ever!

Great views and a nice variety of terrain

Great views. Beginning is a little boring but well worth the trip.

Nice little trail. Saw deer and a fox. You were often in site of houses and the road, but it was generally peaceful and easy to navigate.

Smooth and relatively easy hike on a good sunny day in November. Hiked up with my 3 years old kid on the back - 3 hours loop with a few stops to eat and take pictures.
Very clear path with white marks on the ground.

Fun hike and great views, Devils Bridge is a must see

2 days ago

I'd give this trail 10/5 if I could. One of the most stunning trails I've ever taken anywhere in the world and with an off-the charts EA ratio (Effort to Awesomeness). Minutes from downtown Sedona the trail starts at the end of a short drive down a dirt road. The well-marked trail is level through beautiful mixed desert scenery that almost looks landscaped before climbing up to a broad mesa with massive views in every direction of incredible red rock cliffs and formations. Go another quarter mile after cresting to an easily visible and very climbable outcrop for 360 degree views. Take your time heading down too. There's a great spot for views down the valley into Sedona to the left of the trail at the top of the mesa before you head down.

One caution: we did this in optimal mid-60 degree weather in November. Might not be quite as pleasant at the height of summer.

Short but pretty. Nice scramble straight up off Thunder Mountain trail.

3 days ago

Did this a few years back. Nice views of the river.

Nice hike, and a pretty decent workout for how short it is. Some pretty views and some fun steep sections.
A bit crowded on a Saturday morning and the parking situation was a mess. $5 fee to park and too confusing to figure out if a National Park covers it based on the signs, so I just paid.

Beautiful little hike. Came across a few people but otherwise had the trail mostly to ourselves.

Get there before 8 to have a relaxing hike up. If you get there late you may be sharing the trail with a lot kids, screaming tourists, dogs, and many other inconsiderate people that come with popular hikes. Fun little morning scramble though and the views are well worth it.

4 days ago

Not too long and very do-able! It was quite steep and tested your nerves right near the top where the bridge is, lots of steep steps.

I went with a group of 20-32 yr olds The young adults were my children’s age so you can do the math . Thank goodness I have been training in yoga and Pilates . This hike was challenging . Uneven stepping along the entire trail with the last 30 min , a constant climb up . I feel this trail was more than just moderate . We had a blast ! My group expressed how scared they were at the end when we got back to the van . I thought everyone was cool while hiking so ,I was also . The less you know the better . . I did get a photo of me out on devils bridge . Some of our group did also but not all. But they finished the hike and were thrilled in the end . SUCCESS!!

4 days ago

Pleasant trail along the creek with many crossings. We enjoyed the shade and partial views of towering cliffs on either side, even though the trail was fairly heavily trafficked. We did not go all the way to the end where we were told the vistas open out a bit. This would probably be an even better trail earlier in Autumn when the cottonwoods were still in color.

5 days ago

for the younger folks: You will do fine if you are in good shape.

for older folks: bring a pole. it will come in handy on return trip when your legs are a little tired and you need to get over the high steps.

Not an easy hike unless you are used to this altitude and do this on a regular basis. also i recommend getting an early start (8am). for two reasons. one is for parking which gets full quick especially on weekends and two because the sun is on you the entire way up. its a bit chilly with early start so u will need a sweater.

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