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4 hours ago

Great easy hike with very little elevation change. The best part is the Rock scramble at the end, where there are beautiful views as you climb. Very easy for children and a lot of shade as you make your way to the scramble.

Great hike. If you do the entire loop you'll get to see the 7 Sacred Pools and the Sinkhole. Once on Jordan Trail keep an eye out for bikes.

Great views from the Roost!! DO NOT follow the directions on the app to the trailhead. The directions lead you to an ATV trail. Stay on Sycamore Pass Road when you arrive to a sign that reads end of maintained road. Sycamore Pass road is maintained. The trailhead is not clearly marked which is not the apps fault. Once on the trail the beginning of the hike is up a rocky road. The end of the hike is not marked correctly. Make sure to stay to the left and go around the rocks to see and enter the roost. Again great views just not well marked.

1 day ago

a favorite as a local.

on Cathedral Rock Trail

2 days ago


Loved! Very scenic, a little crowded in am. Parking is pretty good if you get there early.

3 days ago

Easy trail with good views.

Stuff hike but great views.. if hot takes lots of water. Hardest part is going. Back down!

30 minutes to the top with my 9 year old daughter. Spent 30-40 minutes at the top taking in the views.

Takes your breath away early on and keeps you excited. There are a few scrambles so I wouldn't recommend doing it while holding a toddler.. but we saw someone doing just that and they seemed OK.

Great hike.

4 days ago

Extremely hard but worth it for the views. When you feel like quitting just keep going and you’ll be so happy when you see the end of trail sign!

We planned on just soldiers pass but by 8:25 the tiny lot was full. So we went to this trail head instead. For $5 parking there is a restroom and great views to add to the total hike. I suggest reserching the arches and know where the unmarked trail is so you can see all that this trail has to offer.

4 days ago

Toddler friendly hike. End has a nice rock scramble that is a must do...just not with the toddler. Beautiful views both ways from the top.

Nice trail. Nice views at end

The only reason I would rate this as moderate would be because it’s long and the hike up to cathedral. The loop is all flat with lots of mountain bikers but super pretty. Bring water not too much shade!

5 days ago

Walked in from Aerie and enjoyed the switchback trail to the top of Doe Mountain. Walked the perimeter, enjoying the great views from the top. Would recommend this trail to most people who enjoy a great hike with just a bit of a challenge. My wife's Fitbit clocked it at just over 5.5 miles.

Did not go all the way but it was extremely beautiful. Lots of climbing midway thru first part.

Had the end of the trail all to ourselves on a Saturday morning- started around 8. Saw wildlife and wildflowers, the red rocks are breath taking. The first little bit along the resort is a little annoying with truck noise, but the rest was tranquil and peaceful.

Unbelievable at sunset- we were up there with only three others and were treat to an incredible experience. Windy at the top!

Very beautiful, fun trail through canyon with scrambling at the end. Fantastic with kids

8 days ago

Great, great trail. We hiked with three small kids and our dog, everyone had a blast. If you can do the rock scramble at the end, you definitely should. Dad and the oldest child (9) went up and the view was spectacular!

Great short hike with moderate to difficult vertical climb mid way up to the summit. Spectacular views. One of my favorite hikes.

Awesome quick trail with lots of fun climbing

12 days ago

Very beautiful hike! Lots of shade and trees. Plus you're surrounded by the beautiful red rocks above the trees. Pretty easy so kids and people of all abilities should be able to complete.

12 days ago

Fun hike for the family with a great view. Our 6 year old said this was her favorite hike of our trip to Sedona.

Dope ,smoked weed and camped out at this place

13 days ago

Amazing and popular hike. Short distance but steep and narrow at times and very crowded so can take a good coupe hours but place is full of good energy and people were gracious and polite even when having to wait for people on narrow ledges and 2 way traffic. We did the hike with a 7&10 year old and it tested their abilities but they were able to manage and felt great about completing it. Would recommend getting there early to get parking in the small lot there and to get going before trail get overcrowded. Views at different plateaus along the way are amazing and at the top is just beautiful.

13 days ago

Very different from other hikes in the area as it is shaded and quite green. Easy nature walk good for people of all ages and abilities but enough rock climbing on the side paths to keep people occupied. When the trail ends you can hike up the steep hill in front of you for a gorgeous view of the whole canyon. That little climb at the end can be a good test prior to the Cathedral Rock climb.

14 days ago

Phenomenal height to view the sunset with a delightful setting to have an evening picnic. A wonderful moon glare upon the rocks to illuminate the pathway to descend at night fall. Moderate quick hike with a little agility required towards the top with foot holes:!)

Easy hike enjoyed the views the Bridge is great

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