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SoCal Jan 2018 Map

this place is so beautiful from January to april best time to.do.this hike

one of my favorite hike
i love this place from January to april thats the best season to do this hike 4 big water falls at the end of the trail

1 day ago

very beautiful place just from February to april cuz the creek has water at the time

very easy good hike for cardio and good one for beginners too

2 days ago

This is a fun hike - pretty easy and mellow for the most part. The parking made it seem like it was going to be crowded, but we didn't really run into anyone here. We brought out pup and she had a blast!

3 days ago

This is an amazing hike...probably my favorite that I’ve taken! Portions of it are flat and easy while other sections provide some challenge (nothing too intense). The majority of the hike is under canopy which adds to the lushness and cool temperature....all around ideal setting. If you’re looking for an active way to enjoy Santa Barbara for a couple hours I highly recommend hitting this trail.

3 days ago

Burned our.

Beautiful views, very well maintained trail, easy street parking. IG: yvonne_rebecca

This is the holy grail for me of trails in Santa Barbara. Rock scrambling up a ridge with beautiful views of Santa Barbara and Mission Canyon. I recommend continuing on up to La Cumbre Peak and circling back down via tunnel trail. Beautiful hiking.

Phone read 4.00 miles in 1:00:40 with 596 ft elevation gain, and I hung out at the falls for 10-15 minutes. Extremely mild hike other than a couple water crossings and a “steep” section near the falls. Falls were great a couple days after a hard rain.

Amazing view along the way

6 days ago

Definitely do this one counter clockwise, I got my elevation gain done early in the hike and the descent was much more beautiful than if I had done it in reverse. Pretty heavily exposed hike though I didn't have amazing views due to some late spring fog/clouds. It's worth it definitely to detour to the beach which only adds a short amount to this steadily moderate hike. Be prepared to do at least one water crossing very early in the hike and to bring a lot of water. There was one place I could have refilled but I suspect in the warmer months that source dries up.

Great short, high yield hike with beautiful view at top.

on Bluff Trail Loop

10 days ago

Gorgeous views on a clear day, but equally worth the trek in the fog. Definitely take the clockwise route (uphill first) to get the best views on the way down. The hidden beach with purple sand is also worth a stop!

on Manuel Peak Trail

10 days ago

Long, steep climb, but the views are worth it at the top! Parts of the trail have been washed out recently - passable, but you have to pick your away across some tricky bits. The top third of the trail is also not very well cleared. I recommend long pants and sleeves.

10 days ago

I just did this yesterday. The trail was hard to follow. I went up the creek, clambering over rocks. You do have to rock climb at some point to continue on this trail. Then I went up the rope, which is off to the left of the creek. You can then go left at the top to return a different way, or right to continue on the trail. There's more rock climbing. Despite the difficulty of knowing where to go, it was a great adventure. And there's a bit of water!

My favorite local trail! Beautiful view and mostly shaded.

This is a nice, moderate hike with decent views and a well maintained trail.
Pros: free street parking, well maintained trail, well marked trail, good workout with the steady incline but also switchbacks, pieces of shade can be found, picnic benches near summit and good views.
Cons: crowded!
-This trail is as Alltrails describes, heavily trafficked. In general, hikers and doggos are friendly and people had good trail etiquette (passing, no trash in sight, no hogging of trail or summit views for tons of photos).
Also, this is a narrow trail. As long as everyone is comfortable with their footing, it's good, but passing can be difficult if you choose a bad spot.

Overall, good, solid hike. Shade is sparse but can be found, trail meanders nicely and you feel accomplished when you finish!

11 days ago

BEAUTIFUL views! Limited parking space if you go in the morning.

My phone showed 7.1 miles with 1870 feet of elevation gain in 2 hours 5 minutes. Extra distance came from having to park 1/4 mile from the trailhead and doubling back on myself near Dawn Mine. Chatted with a couple near the mine who was also turned around. Noticed another review mentioning signs where you don’t need them and no signs where you do. I’ll second that. Dawn Mine Trail side crisscrosses the creek a number of times. Sunset Trail side simply switchbacks in a hillside.

This is a good hike for those who enjoy a little bit of a challenge as a lot of the trail is steep and narrow. The dawn mine itself was quite disappointing as you can’t see anything but steel bars with a small canon out front. The trail is NOT obvious and you need to pay attention if you don’t want to get lost. Signs were available when you didn’t need it and absent when you did. The lot at the trail head is super small, but there is a bigger lot a mile down at Millard Canyon.

It took me 4hrs including snack time. Being a fast hiker, I am wondering other hikers took them only 2 or 3 hrs. Beautiful scenery from the top area, but sad to see too many majestic trees fell down because of drought. And wonderous to see the stream still survive to flow. Recommend though it is not a easy course. Alltrails app is a lot of help to find right trail direction. Thank Alltrails.

My favorite trail. Find the 9 openings to the dawn mine

Did this trail after the rain and had some pretty stunning misty views. Went counter clockwise and really enjoyed, I found it to be a nice ascent with a gentle decline after finishing the steep and narrow segment. Saw three condors in flight at he highest points (prior to the picnic trail fork) which was spectacular. Made frequent stops and still finished in 4 hours. Probably one of my favorite hikes.

Beautiful hike with great views, a passage in the forest for some shade and a perfect steady uphill slope.
Would recommend to anyone. Took 3h up and down at a fast pace.

17 days ago

Amazing views at the top of both the ocean and the mountain tops. End of November and the temperature was absolutely perfect. We went up pretty fast in 1h45 and down in about 1h15 half running half walking.

For parking, it’s either right at the trailhead for $10 or on highway 1 for free with about a 1 mile walk to the trailhead.


Great hike. Moderate to slightly harder than moderate. Beautiful views all the way up the hike. Uphill cutting back and forth all the way up. Really good hike..

17 days ago

Beautifully Brutal.

Arrived later in the day (around 2pm) as the early birds were starting to leave so I scored a parking spot at Bear Gulch. The ranger at headquarters recommended doing this loop clockwise since that makes most of the steep & narrow parts be ascents (nicer on the knees) -- I listened to her and it was a pretty easy hike! Took me 2h15 to complete -- I only stopped a couple of times for water & picture taking. Lovely rainbow views on the high peaks trail thanks to light rain. Considering it was a holiday Saturday, not many others on the trail until I got to the condor overlook.

I like the trail. Very convenient and just right about the length. There are a few rocky roads need more attention. We did it after the training in the evening and really fresh air

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