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1 day ago

Great hike with family. Good incline, total hike felt more than 3.2 miles. Shade on lower part of trail. Beautiful views of the ocean!

Great views of the Central coast, but limited parking at the North end trail head.


7 days ago

My friends and I met at 8am in an overcast and very foggy morning. We were attacked by a swarm of very aggressive black mosquitoes in the parking lot, by the trail head. I immediately used Deep Woods insect repellent towelettes but it was not enough. They covered our clothing, backpack, hair, and bit my friends and I through our clothing and anywhere my wipe didn't swipe. We ran out to PCH where another friend kept a bottle of repellent spray in the car, and we covered each other. We then hiked past the trail head to higher ground as fast as we could. As we got above the fog, we left the swarm. The trail is a steady smooth climb all the way up 2.7 miles, offering spectacular views. The fog below rewarded our efforts with great photos! I would do it again, just be armed and prepared next time!

I love this place “ Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

8 days ago

Amazing scenic trail. The upper falls is a challenge to get up and down but well worth the effort.


9 days ago

The Bluff Trail is an easy hike and the views are spectacular of the Central Coast and Pacific Ocean. This hike of the Bluff Trail is well worth doing, best in the spring when everything is blooming and it is not too hot, it was foggy on this particular day. This trail has both ticks and Poison oak as hazards if you get too close to the sides or go off trail. Rattlesnakes are very common here.
I actually was on three different trails, I started on the Bluff trail at the southern end, then switched to the Badger Trail to go inland for awhile. Then, I switched to the Rattlesnake Flats trail to head towards my car.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.

9 days ago

This was my first time hiking this trail, the initial climb is intense but well worth it, once you get to the top and the trail levels out it’s amazing and great for photos

The Elfin Forest Natural Area Trail is an easy hike and the views are spectacular of the Central Coast and Morro Bay Estuary. If you have people visiting and you want them to go on a very easy hike, this is it. This hike of of the Elfin Forest Natural Area Trail is well worth doing, great all year long, maybe not so much in rainy season. This video was shot in the summer so very little bird life as compared to winter. Lots of wildlife if you look for it, mostly squirrels and rabbits so hawks can always be present.
A Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.

12 days ago

This trail was very clean and wide at sections. You are deceived at first by a big mountain that is just the small peak before the actual Valencia peak. make sure to bring hiking poles, slippery on the way down.

Here is the deal. It’s a park with a nice paved walking path, but the “hike” starts when you take the long-ish stair case down to the beautiful relatively empty undeveloped beach and “hike” to your hearts content along the beach or to any of the other long staircase access points. This is very much an unofficial off leash dog area. This hike is also tide dependent. A hide tide would make this potentially impossible. Tides change daily. A quick google search will let you know what the ocean is up to that day.
You could also head South on the pavement from the park towards the marina and walk on pavement for miles along more development/used beaches, but that’s not what this “hike” is sharing.

3/4 mile walk to trailhead from parking. Crossed 2 different snakes within the first .25 mile of trailhead. One was red and black

13 days ago

Do this trail in the springtime and you will not be disappointed! Beautiful plants, flowers, animals, and views.

14 days ago

Steep incline but definitely worth the workout! Gorgeous ocean views.

Beautiful cliff views

Beginning is all uphill-burns the calves. Once you reach level ground the trail continues into the backcountry which is much less crowded and more serene. From the backcountry you’ll approach the peak from the rear-easier than initial assent, but still a solid climb. Views from the peak are great...ocean, mountains, etc. There is also a cool American flag at the top that makes for nice pics. Check out the adjacent state beach after your hike, or drive 10 mins south on PCH for a great lunch at Neptune’s Net restaurant.

Scenic and historic- good incline!

Scenic and historic!

15 days ago

Hot, steep, and exposed, but beautiful! If you’re hoping to escape the typical Malibu crowds and get a solid workout in, this is a great place to hike. You can pop over to the beach after and jump in the water to cool down. Just know that it’s not casual.

15 days ago

easy hike, good views, great temperature, too manny people.

Great hike with the family!

A great hike for when friends and family are in town visiting. That being said, if you're able and wanting to put in some more mileage elsewhere, you can get much better views that aren't as crowded.

A nice easy boardwalk trail with scenic view points of Morro Rock and estuary.

A nice easy little boardwalk trail. Easy for non-walkers. Loved the variety of plants and scenic view points.

Great hike overall. Nice view and workout. Went up with a 20 lb plus pack. I would categorize it as moderate to borderline difficult with that. Bring a map. Found some lost hikers and if you don't know what to look for, you might get lost. BRING BUG REPELLENT. I was destroyed by the mosquitos. Literally around 100 bites on my body. Mainly from beyond the loop a bit, down the valley. Wear loose pants, and bring a rain jacket to protect upper and lower body. Protect... yourself... have fun.

23 days ago

Definitely a fun hike. Not very challenging in the beginning but does get difficult if you want to climb to the second waterfall. The worst part is how far you have to park before the hike even starts. The main trail is mostly covered so it’s not as hot. As dude to the best the waterfall is nonexistent. If you want to see water you should wait until a big storm, which in SoCal rarely happens. We went with our two year old and made it just fine. Enjoy and be sure to drink plenty of water.

Beautiful views; slippery and dusty trail that is very steep - good shoes a must!

Great hike with ocean views

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