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Fun, easy hike for my 10 & 8 year old sons and our golden retriever! Love the tiny off shoot trails... gorgeous scenery and easy to access. Priced kind of high but we enjoyed ourselves!

Nice trail with lots of wild flowers.

Super easy family friendly hike. The narrow 5 mile road that you take there takes longer than the actual hike. A little bit of water at the falls now. The rocks up there are super slippery so watch your lils! Fun river area to explore as well. The bits of graffiti and trash we saw were a bummer! Oh, and lots of poison oak right now!

Very pretty, peaceful and tons of birds. It’s a flat, paved walking trail, so it’s very easy. A plus is that it is adjacent to another trail which is more moderate- The Double Peak Trail- it has a steep upgrade and some nice views. One drawback of both trails is that they are doing some huge construction nearby, building a new neighborhood. So that really interferes with the overall experience.

We took this on the way home to supplement our hiking weekend. This is like a hike in the neighborhood. Good gains over hills. We arrived after rain and spotted huge animal prints along the trail we assumed it was a mountain lion. Pretty cool

This is one of my favorite hikes. I try to get my friends to go with me every chance I get.

wonderful time every yard walkd it's a perfect experience

12 days ago

I would rate this on the more difficult side of moderate (length you should actually figure there and back, which I tracked at about 7 miles, plus elevation gain at some points does get pretty steep). Trail was overgrown in areas, and narrow in some areas with what would be a very steep tumble only a trip/stumble away-- probably not best for littles. Luckily not crowded at all, only a handful of people, or I would have had to turn back, since navigating those narrower parts of the trail with my two dogs + competing foot traffic would have been a no-go. Would have been nice if the trail was more clearly marked-- I was trying to get all the way to the falls, and the first time I went I couldn't figure out the way due to lack of signage so had to turn back at fisherman's camp... disappointing considering it was a trek just to get that far and have to turn back. Second attempt I made it though! Just have to look around and kind of make a "best guess" as to which way to go at some points until you find the more defined trail. When I went the falls were barely trickling, but rain over this past weekend should make for more water flow. First 1/4 mile or so the trail is mostly shaded; good for escaping the sun. A couple water crossings, but at the time it was very shallow, plus there are rocks to hop on over. There are some good vantage points for some really beautiful views, but mostly a very quiet hike where it would be easy to zone out and clear your mind if it weren't for having to so closely monitor your footing.

Also, at the trailhead it is posted that a pass is required to enter and must be displayed on your vehicle left at the lot.

Overall would go again!

Great family trail, keep and eye out for snakes, saw a 4ft snake on the trail (non-poisonous)

it's short, easy, relaxing and beautiful

18 days ago

AllTrails rates this as easy: I disagree. I hiked 2.2 miles of the west Hosp Grove today, and the trailhead signs and free trail map all indicate the hiking trail is “moderate to difficult”. Most of the trails are rather narrow and uneven with quite a few steeper switchbacks. It was quite pretty today, especially after recent rains. Despite seeing houses and the mall, it was an enjoyable hike.

19 days ago

Very nice trial, road getting there was a little scary but it was definitely worth it seeing the falls!

Fun little day hike, trail run.

Trails are open, just not to ATV’s

It’s ok

Great hike. Rated appropriately in this app. Good hike even for senior hikers. 360 Panoramic view at the top. Not to crowded in Feb. and breeze was nice in places during the hike.

29 days ago

Beautiful views and nice little lake. A little confusing to traverse with all the random side trails.

I lost a clear white diamond shaped topaz/quartz crystal earring that has a microchip embedded in it which displays a picture of my girlfriend if you hold it up to your phone. We camped at the intersection of cutca, palomar-mgcee, and wild horse trail about 10 feet behind the trail sign on a flat section next to some leftover coals from an old fire overlooking the edge. I 100% know its there because i left it in the tent and forgot to take it out when we turned the tent inside out. Just hoping whoever finds it has an android phone or iphone8 so that they might accidentally see the return info. Thank you if anyone decides to takeup the challenge! Its going to rain in 3 days i hope it doesnt get washed away :(
heres the last picture of it haha


goodluck to any treasure hunters!!
email me if you find it braydenhesford@gmail.com

1 month ago

Great, beginner short loop to do with kids.

Awesome little adventure for the kiddos. They loved it!

1 month ago

Pretty steep incline and the terrain is very rocky which makes the hike more difficult since you have to be careful where you step. Lots of routes and confusing we had to use the app to make sure we went the right way after making a wrong turn.

I really enjoyed it

Beautiful trees and vegetation at the top as a reward. Could not find a trail to the very top of the mountain, so had lunch under the huge, old oak by a clearing. Trail did not seem that difficult, might need to be downgraded to "Moderate".

Loved it! It was a great afternoon. The dog loved it, too. The trail is narrow in some areas so single file hiking. And if there’s a bike it’s tight.

For those who consider this “easy”.... perhaps Mt Fuji would be more appropriate for you.

Good go to trail for us. Not a lot of people; clean; safe; nice scenery. The trails are not all clearly market which is a problem if you don’t know the area. If you take a wrong turn, you may wind up in a residential or busy traffic area. Be aware. Get your GPS in the know. Have fun. Be safe.

This is my favorite local hike.

1 month ago

Moderate ups and downs. Varying terrain. Good workout. NOT for bad knees.

Good hike with good views. I was hoping to find more and see more at the top of the trail

1 month ago

great hike! very hidden. road was a little scary. short hike but a great moderate incline to waterfalls. still some water flowing. go left over creek to find trail, right after fish information sighn.

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