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17 days ago

Breathtakingly beautiful, but it's easy to loose the trail. Had to double back several times to get back on track. Definitely worth checking out, but take care not to get lost in a bad way.

18 days ago

Decent moderate to difficult trail. Used the east branch of the trail and hiking all the way to the cross and back. The last 1/4 mile leading up the the knob was difficult, very steep. The trail is not blazed well and the trail head at the cross is obscured by a good 30’ of brush. Definitely wouldn’t have found it if we didn’t come out that way.

18 days ago

Nice little trail. Can’t wait to see the waterfall in full force. Nice walk in the woods and a fun trail.

Gorgeous trail.

We loved this trail. It’s beautiful and challenging. Climbing down and back out was awesome! One thing I want to note, while dogs are allowed, I do not recommend taking them as they are required to be on a leash. Dogs make getting down into the canyon and back out far more dangerous. We had two small dogs and one large dog and I would not take them on this hike again. Also, as someone else here noted, going counterclockwise makes it easier! All the signage wants you to go clockwise, but we are so glad we went the other way.

19 days ago

Ugh. We really wanted to hike this trail but could not stay on the trail. Tried from both directions. Trees down blocking path. Not marked well at all.

1 month ago

Fun little loop trail. Hope to see the waterfall at full force one day but still a fun trail. The back part of the loop can get confusing. There’s a steep hill to climb or go down, depending on what way u r going. Had a great time!

Really good trail! Make sure to walk it against clockwise! Decent into a canyon is a bit difficult and slippery but it is much worse as an accent. Make sure to have good hiking shoes or, like my 12 years old dachshund, bring a friend to cary you down!)) Views are great! Trail is extremely well marked. Outside of 3 places it is more of the easy/moderate easy but those 3 places are difficult.
To bad it is 4 hours away from my house but if I’ll be in the area I’ll make sure to repeat it!

1 month ago

Very cool spot. The Trail itself was hard to find and not marked well but we made it around pretty well. High cliffs that can be wet so proceed with caution. Loved climbing up the rocks near the waterfall.

This is a really nice loop trail about 3.5 miles in all. The start either way is 'paved' with asphalt and then changes over to dirt/rocks. Very nice overlooks and well maintained.

Fall is a great time to come and see this awesome place! The different color trees make it more beautiful. Lots of places for photos. It is a easy trail I have been here 3 times and it always has a lot of people. If you bring children ... don’t let them out of your sight.

1 month ago

Nice easy hike. Does take you to a awesome overlook. Has a small cave , big rock formations. You need to follow the blue blazes and sometimes it’s hard to know which way to go. Use your AllTrails recorder to help you stay on the right path. Saw a couple putting up their tent to camp which would be fun!


Gorgeous views. Wonderful !

we do this trail all the time. its more moderate in my opinion. lots of variety of views. great option - not uber challenging so all can enjoy it, but still a good workout. in spring, the wildflowers are amazing. in winter, the frozen waterfall is gorgeous.

really nice trail, but easy to get lost. take a phone (a charged one!) for GPS so you can consult the map and you should be okay. wear bug spray - the trail can be overgrown at times.

Always a great view and fun climbing

Short paved hike beautiful views.

Did a short loop off of the South Forest Road. The area offers a lot of opportunities for hikes both long and short. I recommend checking out the park map for hikes.

We went after a rain and it was absolutely beautiful, it did make for slippery hiking conditions and it was a difficult hike through the falls. Definitely need good shoes.

Horribly marked. Very disappointing.

Great trail, may be difficult for small children or the disabled

Such a great trail! Clearly marked and it makes a 3 mile loop. I try to do this trail at least once a year.

Loved it. Hard for us seniors but worthwhile

One of my favorite trails and camping spots in the area.

Very easy trail, beautiful year round, but can be crowded with people on the weekends.

Awesome trail. Great views and very challenging. First portion of trail is pretty easy. Once you climb down into the canyon, the hike becomes difficult. You need to ascend and descend through the wet and rocky streams. Portions are slippery. As long as you are careful, you can handle the trail. You probably will get a little wet and muddy. The trail offers great scenery with rock walls, rivers and forest. The trail also provides a jaw dropping view overlooking the canyon. The 3 mile trail provides a challenging hike with a great sense of satisfaction when finished. A must hike, if around the Shawnee national forest.

My favorite place in Shawnee national forest. Fantastic views with unlimited photo opportunities. A nice short loop, but plan on budgeting a few hours for rock climbing. Very dangerous in places. Common sense must be used. Very peaceful.

quick trail but can easily spend hours here after a good rain looking at the waterfalls and rock formations

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