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8 hours ago

A great hike, with hard terrain and amazing views of LA at the top. Gets crowded on weekends, but there’s always street parking on Sunset. A local staple.

Amazing sunrise and sunset view

Great day out met plenty of good people on the way could not get to the top as the snow from the last saddle to the peak was icy so ice axe and crampons would be needed, will certainly go back to bag it either with the correct gear or in easier conditions

13 hours ago

Because of the recent rain the waterfall was flowing. All uphill from parking lot to waterfall. It's definitely a medium difficulty hike going up. Very pretty views all around. No shade going up but there is shade at the waterfall. Limited parking

The trail was awesome! It rained all last week so there was lots of water in the creek and falls. The water made it a bit tricky, but it was worth it to see a waterfall in this area. Glad I wore waterproof hiking shoes.

All trails are closed to the public due to “unsafe conditions” ): We will be back to try this trail soon!

I went with a Facebook group (Hiking with Friends). It was a very large group and we did not do the Mount Lee loop. We only did the out-and-back portion to the Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak to the Hollywood Sign. We began from Lake Hollywood at 3052. This hike was short 3.5 miles or so) and a bit steep and you go over tons of rocks so it’s definitely not for beginners. The view is amazing once you get to the peak and the sign. It was a clear day today and it wasn’t too hot. I’ll go back and do it alone next time. The trail is very clear and pretty popular. Lots of people were there today.

17 hours ago

definitely need hiking boots. when the reviews say rocky, they mean it's literally 3.5hrs of traverseing a continuous pile of loose rocks.

A great moderate hike with gentle switchbacks up the mountain and back. Beautiful views of LA city and Catalina Island. This time of year some of the trails were so pretty lined with fresh green grass. Other areas were covered in loose rock so you really have to watch where you’re stepping to avoid rolling your ankle. A lot of traffic today. Loved the views and interesting history at the top.

off trail
over grown
18 hours ago

Pretty difficult hike for clumsier people. There Are a lot of rocks to climb and jump off. If you’re shorter that may present a difficulty. The trail meanders a lot so it seems like you’re jumping from side to side a lot. You will have to eventually get your feet wet so plan accordingly. Don’t forget your socks like I did -_- came 3 days after the heavy rains we got on 1/15/19. Mud is still really slippery, and the rocks themselves are slippery too. Saw a lot of dogs so it is dog friendly. Be prepared for a long hike it took about 4 hours round trip.

no shade
washed out
20 hours ago

My friend and I made it to the Hollywood Sign. During our hike, we got lost several times since the Park has many trails that lead to another. It is useful to use the default map and pay attention to it especially when there is a fork. Don’t pay attention to my route since I am not taking the fastest route. My friend and I kept choosing the wrong way; we didn’t reference the map much.

My main complaint (hence the four stars) is the lack of trail signs, which makes it hard to go the right way. We started at the Park Service Center, which is not the fastest route to the sign.

Dogs are welcome on a leash. I have a 1.5 years old German Shepherd and my friend had a 8 to 9 years old chihuahua mix. The chihuahua did get tired and had to be carried for the most difficult part (climbing up rocks and walking on wash). There was some points where my dog wasn’t on the leash because it was a tripping hazard for me. Overall, they did well. On the other hand, I do not recommend this for young kids.

Bring water and snacks (important if you get lost; make sure to fuel up).

Happy hiking.

Take the 2nd trail from the left (Hectic Trail) if you want 35 minutes of constant climb. Loved it. View of Catalina island awaits you at the end. I am hooked.

Nice hike to start the day. Gets crowded around 8a on weekends. Go earlier if you want more alone time. I’d recommend this hike and will definitely do it again soon.

My sister and I came here a day after it rained here. Everything was green and beautiful. This is a pleasant trail where you have many different trail options.

Missing hiker in this area, 19yo African American male, please keep an eye out for any out of place clothing etc.

Also, parts of trail are collapsed after the rain.

Great trails with a lot to see. However there were some parts that would be difficult for children or seniors to cross. Enjoyed the river and not so congested walk.

I was skeptical about the trail due to the fact that it starts in a residential neighborhood but it’s a fantastic hike. Nice scenery, some really nice views. Last, not sure how a 11-12 mile hike qualifies as “easy”. This should be listed as moderate.

Great workout!! 2.5 miles up hill to the railway. Lots of cool things to see & really awesome views. On a clear day u can see the ocean. The only drawback is that it is very crowded. But overall it’s a Fun hike! Beware of the sun! Not a lot of shade at all... great in the cooler weather. Bring lots of water.

Nice walk. Mostly flat & paved. Very peaceful! Easy workout. Nice views from the dam. I saw a couple deer last time I was there ❤️

Love this hike!! Beautiful & challenging

Good workout & nice view but super crowded! Not great... lots of horse poop on the trail. So, again Not great!

Very fun trail, it's up hill but you get great exercise and very nice views.

was the best back in the mid 90's

Best hike I’ve done period. Great tree coverage throughout most areas - more foot traffic near bottom but once you get up and out there’s barely anyone. Note that there are some complications with the trail which can make it challenging for some people. I recall one section being pretty narrow to walk on and had to be very careful walking that section with my dog since it was a drop off to the side. Also a tree fell over the trail at one section so you have to climb over the trunk. beautiful peak at the top!

Views are great! It's best to head out before 6:30am to avoid the crowds.

It was a pretty walk along a creek. I wish it was a little better marked as we hit a few forks in the trail and I didn’t know which way to go or how much farther. I wish we would have hiked on higher grounds with views.

Does anyone know if this and/or the Grotto trail are back open? I'd love to check at the Grotto after all the recent rain fall!

love this hike

6 days ago


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