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Nice little hike. Incredible ocean views.

1 day ago

Did this back in August. Such a beautiful walk in a beautiful city. A nice little mini Venice ( that doesn’t nearly touch the amazingness of Venice, Italy)

15 days ago

Nice walk with my 75yr mother and her 11yr golden retriever. Beautiful day

It’s beautiful but very easy. I wish it was longer.

18 days ago

What a beautiful trail along the rocky coastline, well traveled trails, wide in some spots. Lovely natural landscapes too.

Beautiful hike with shade, views, and a range of terrain and scenery. Great for a short hike on a lazy day to build an appetite.

Can’t believe I’ve lived here for a few years and never knew about this trail! We parked at the community center in the parking lot but you can also continue down the road and park at the other end on the street. All the trails sort of loop back into each other so I don’t think you’d get lost. The dogs loved it! Only ran into one other person hiking on a Friday morning ... we did about 4 miles although you can make it as long/short as you want. Not a ton of shade so bring a lot of water. Pirates trail is pretty uphill on the first half but then it evens out. Really gorgeous views of the ocean the whole way through!

1 month ago

Great hike, but you may have to swim a small section to get to the tide pools. We will def come back with swim suits so we can get across to the tide pools next time.

It was a nice little walk. Very short but the view is nice if you walk up to the bunkers

I love Point Vincente as a new Californian. When you get the the lighthouse there are palm trees you can picnic under and it’s super peaceful. Always good parking and never really crowded. Also the views off the cliffs never get old. No shade on the actual trail but it’s mostly more of a walk anyway!

Nice walk

1 month ago

One of my favorite walks to go on around here. Lots of parking, no shade unfortunately. They do have bathrooms along the way and water fountains.

Pleasant walk around the canals this morning. Halloween decorations only added to the fun and delight throughout. Add this one to the return list.

A nice and easy trail to a beautiful beach

Nice little trail. Great breeze. Easy parking. No shade.

2 months ago

We loved this hike and did the full loop. I’m so glad for the other reviewers’ notes. We came prepared with a pen to fill out the parking fee form and the $4. We also arrived by 8:30 AM — there were two other cars in the parking lot (by the time we left there were about 6 cars). Unlike another reviewers notes, there are actually two parking lots, and it looks like they hold about 6-7 cars each.

There is a full-time resident ranger on the property, which is great. We also left no visible belongings in our vehicle to prevent any possible theft interest — you’re out in the wilderness and quite a ways from nearby rural-area homes, so someone would really have to go out of their way to drive up the meandering road to get to cars and break in.

The bathrooms are well maintained, compared to other California facilities.

We used the GPS continually from All Trails and were super glad to have it because there are many trails in the this area. From the get-go we started on the wrong trail, and the GPS reoriented us and kept us in the right spot. Thank you!

We found the trail to be fairly well maintained. There are some inclines that require some average fitness, but nothing too bad. And you do have to keep watching that you don’t stumble over a rock, because much of the trail has rocks that could trip you up. The scenery is fantastic!!! Highly recommend.

3 months ago

Walking around a neighborhood counts as a trail now?

I did this walk yesterday. Absolutely beautiful! Don't fall for the disgusting portapotties at the beginning of the trail. There are several real restrooms along the trail. Plenty of parking. not much shade, so wear your sunblock.

Great hike for anyone and any age .. Great views and a little military history involved in this hike as well

4 months ago

Nice short walk, great for kids.

Easy walk, family friendly. Beautiful scenery.

When I went on this hike on July 14th, the trails were poorly maintained. So much of the grass and brush was overgrown that for 40% of the hike you’re walking on a path a foot wide, with plants scraping at you up to you waist. The trails are also not clearly marked. The trail has little shade as well. The view of the ocean is nice, but the majority of the hike is in overgrown grass, and this view could similarly been seen by driving to an overlook. I would avoid this hike.

5 months ago

Love this trail especially all the tide pools at the end...

on Abalone Cove Trail

5 months ago

Lovely hike.

Parking cost $6

5 months ago

a beautiful view

5 months ago

Enjoyable scenic walk
Good photo op

5 months ago

wonderful views!

A few nice views of the Coast and Ocean. Not a lot of shade so make sure it is a cool day.

I did this hike today. I'm a pretty amateur hiker and so far this hike is my favorite. It's the perfect length and difficulty to make for a casual

on Venice Canals Trail

5 months ago

Unfriendly locals, full of duck poop

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