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Great hike with beautiful views. Views from giant ledge are better than panther. Deff longer than 6.3 miles if you go up to panther.

We went back to this beautiful trail yesterday. The trails were mostly dry views were amazing! Foliage should be peak by the weekend.

This hike isn’t easy, but it isn’t hard either. There just are points were you feel like you’re rock climbing rather then hiking. Just prepare for that. Also plan to get there either early or super late; the parking area fills up quickly!

I love walking this trail with my dog but there are so many ticks. I checked her before leaving during the spring/summer and I pulled at least 5 ticks off of her each time. (this is with her collar that usually does the job) Other than that it is a beautiful trail and I've never had any ticks on me.

Great hike with beautiful views from the ledges!

This was a nice hike with great views from the ledges. The trail was like a mini river and muddy in most places. Overall not a bad hike but the trail was busy with people.

Got to the Loj at 7:50 - parking was full, but we did not miss by much. Parked at the end of South Meadows lane, which adds 0.7 mile each way. Trail was quite muddy starting mid-way between Marcy dam and the lake. Took a lot of pictures with my good camera and stopped a number of times, so we were out for about 8.5 hours. Trail along the lake is very slow - a lot of rocks/ladders. There were 2 places where you actually had to put a foot in 2 inches of water - hopefully trail will be repaired soon. Saw some rock climbers on the face of Avalanche Mountain. Nice waterfall down Colden. Beautiful lake - this is a must see.

on Myosotis Lake Trail

24 days ago

Lovely trails with a variety of options.

24 days ago

Nice woodland preserve, but the trail markings can be erratic. It's easy to wander down a clear path that tapers off to raggedy scrub. The blue trail markers in particular seem to be clustered so close together that it has two or three blazes on one tree, and three more on the next tree 12 feet away, and then five more blazes on the next five trees. Then, nothing....
So download the map before you head out, or follow the blue dot as you go, to make sure you don't end up climbing several extra ravine slopes in search of the path.

Hiked Sept 19, 2018. High temp 64 real feel 70, Wind 5mph. Weather was cool and perfect for a hike. Wore fleece jacket at start and while resting at lake, shorts and shirt while hiking. No bugs at all, it was an unusually dry trail all the way. Gradual ascent on rocky trail after Marcy Dam. Ladders and boulders were a challenge for 75 year old legs; took 7 hrs round trip including half hour break. Consumed 1.5 liters of water.

Really cool beginner trail. This is where my GF and I got started and it introduces you to a lot of terrain that you will experience on bigger trails. Our dog had a blast and there are great camp sites around

poorly marked trails ..gunshots off in distance .. couldnt even find the loop.. was a nice day ..heard some birds and an owl ..which was nice to hear . otherwise ..ok

30 days ago

This is a busy trail specially on nice weather. This is a moderate hike. weather condition changes at the summit. It was below 40's windchill at the top today

Giant Ledge is probably one of the most accessible hikes in the Catskills in that it’s fairly short and easy and you are rewarded with some of the best views in the region. I’ve hiked it at night for some awesome stargazing as well as backpacked in and stayed overnight at the designated sites up on Giant Ledge. Caught a great sunset and sunrise on that trip!

I'm relatively new to hiking and have been aiming for moderate trails over easy, to challenge myself, gain experience and build endurance. Well this trail definitely helped with that. Steep hike with extremely rocky terrain. I found going up to be challenging but fun, but going down was extremely tough for me. The rocks are tough on the knees and feet. I'm thankful I invested in a good pair of hiking boots and trekking poles or it would have been a lot worse for me. The trail is beautiful, but I have to admit, I had my head down most of the way, because you have to watch your footing. There were some pretty intensely muddy spots on the trail, but that is to be expected with the amount of rain we've been getting. Bugs were not an issue at all except for the black flies at the top of Panther. Trail markers were easy to find. The ledges were some of the best views I've ever seen. We made friends with a little hungry chipmunk on the ledges and had lunch with a snake on the top of Panther. It was not too crowded, as we started at 7:30am. There were about 3 cars there before us, one being the trail steward, who stayed at the ledges. This was definitely a challenge for a new hiker but exactly what I was looking for. Sore today for sure, but still thinking about the lovely views at the top.

Signing could be better. The woods were nice and calm. No lumbering today but large piece of equipment in middle of trail. Would be a good way to climb Prospect but make sure you have GPS to guide you to the correct trail. Whole trail complex needs some love with some better maintenance and new signage. Had a good time.

1 month ago

Trail was completely unkept, with knee high grass and no work arounds to avoid it. Was really looking forward to this hike, only made it part was through before turning back.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail. Have snowshoed as well. Would certainly not consider it as difficult or hard. However,depending on your activity level, I guess it could be.

1 month ago

Nice and easy hike..... end result brings you to a beautiful, peaceful lake to sit and have a snack or lunch!

1 month ago

Very well marked and maintained trail with plenty of off shoots to extend the route. Great views of the lake throughout the hike and the waterfall was neat too. I would imagine the trail would be very muddy after rain, as there were stretches of the trail that were still rather wet despite not having rained in a few days.

Started early to avoid the heat .... nice and shady walk. Great view from the Giant Ledge ... came across a baby snake on the way down ... brilliant day!

1 month ago

Love this hike. Be prepared for a few steep climbs, which are tricky when muddy. Access to the creek at the end of the trail was rewarding and refreshing. Good chance for the dog to splash around and cool off!

1 month ago

Nice trail with varying difficulty levels. On average, I'd rate it moderate instead of hard. There's a tiny pebble beach along the way, which was a refreshing spot for our dog (and my feet!) to cool off.

Completed over Labor Day weekend. As my first non-high peak hike in the Adirondacks, I must say I’m sad to have waited so long to complete this trail. After the trail split at Marcy Dam, the hike becomes more rocky and secluded - my wife and I saw very few other hikers even on a busy holiday weekend. The views of the lake between the sheer rock faces are spectacular, as are the scrambles, ladders and bridges along the water. I especially liked hiking through Avalanche Pass prior to reaching the lake with the rock faces and downed trees.

Awesome walk around with a few different angles to view the falls. Tons of amphibians everywhere, including salamanders. Highly recommended.

This was such a fun hike. Very rewarding views at Giant's Ledge and a really helpful NYNJ Trail Conference steward up there. If you continue up to Panther Mountain, you get even more of a workout but you also get that perfect alpine smell.

easy trail to follow. dogs loved going in the water. it wasn't too muddy when we went. seemed very well maintained. not much climbing, but pretty enjoyable.

Great hike, but busy paths. Several vistas make the incline worth the effort.

was a rough hike for my non hiking family who tagged along bc it was very muddy, with out the mud it would have been perfect

avoid after lots of rain. way too many mosquitoes and muddy.

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