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Beautiful trail. A bit brutal with 3 ft of crunchy, icy snow on the ground, but worth it for the views.

Alright trail.

nature trips
2 months ago

Beautiful place completely ruined by inconsiderate dog owners. You can’t look around at the beautiful surroundings because of all the dog poop everywhere, unless you don’t mind stepping in it. Gorgeous place to walk turned into a dog park.

Currently iced over - Bring traction. There is a trail head on the sunnier south side, from Bauneg Beg Hill Rd, but has roadside parking only.

had a great time night hiking in the fresh snow.

One of my favorite loop trails. I usually do 3 laps.

Easy to follow very well maintained

5 months ago

Quite a bit of tree damage from the recent storm. A few large trees fell across the Green trail and one on the Orange trail.

Don't go during hunting season!!!

Lovely trail with a little mix of terrain.

Loving all the fall colors!

7 months ago

Great trail. We came across three other people but it was mostly secluded and very relaxing, peaceful. Trails are well kept and the walk is easy for all ages. Dog loved the place too.

Limited views of the pond but I'd imagine it's easier to see in the winter with less brush.

Will be back!

on Chaffin Pond

7 months ago

Nice and easy stroll through the woods. I love to bring my daughter here because of the playground and also the designated "story trail" for the kids. It is a nice, well kept area.

Also mixed feelings about these trails/area in general for hiking. There are a lot of opportunities to explore, but the area was a little confusing at first. I started on a trail that went downhill behind a kiosk, it led to some railroad tracks and I pretty much made it up from there! Some trails venture off from that area, but I didn't get a chance to check them out. The railroad track trail led to the YMCA Otter Pond Campgrounds. It was a nice adventure, good place for fishing and exploring with kids and dogs. Don't forget to fill out a land use permit!

This was a beautiful place to hike, kayak, read a book, or simply explore! Some places are what you make of them! Nothing strenuous, a lot of flat ground to run, bike and/or walk along a railroad track. Good place to bring kids and dogs! Several soccer fields and areas for kids to play.

7 months ago

Great quick hike without having to drive out to western Maine

beautiful walk

Just got back from walking the North Trail Loop. If you want to add some distance you can add in the Ginny and Linny trails. All in all it was a good trial, marked well, there are some spots you have to look down at the markers on the rocks to know where to go, just need to pay attention and look around. Nice trail to do with dogs and young kids.

trail running
7 months ago

This was an incredibly easy place to find and a wonderful place to trail run with a dog. The trails are clearly marked and kept clear. My only wish was that there was a better way of getting into the pond other than trucking through deep mud once you've reached it.

loved the hike really nice for being right outside of sanford. the dogs loved it and the views were awesome but the trails are very poorly marked we ended up in someones back yard (on private property) at first but eventually found our way to the peak

Absolutely amazing! My dog adores this place! We go as often as we can.

8 months ago

I love bringing my dog to this trail for walks. Unfortunately, not all dog owners keep their dogs on a leash. We only had a close call once, most other dogs are good when off their leash. They have been doing a lot of work lately in creating new trails, their is plenty of tree coverage in the summer and nice wide trails.

Nice, but buggy. Our kids weren't all that interested in the scenery. Maybe in this part of the region it's better to stay near the water?

I have mixed feelings about these trails. They are wide, well maintained, and available for a variety of activities. They aren't particularly picturesque though as there has been a lot of equipment in clearing areas out. It is possible to hear traffic as well from the busy roads surrounding it. If you like to listen to music, this won't be a problem. Also, the wetlands boardwalk is currently being repaired so you will be unable to use it.

trail running
9 months ago

More like Hinckley Dog Park, everyone and there mother brings there inbred animals here to shit and piss everywhere. Attempted trail running, was an absolute pain, a municipal ordnance starting you are legally required to leash your animal unless it is voice controlled. Not even 3 minutes into the run when a women's dog began to chase and bark at my heels. I confronted the women, insisting to her should I discontinue running? With no leash she ignorantly replied "oh, it's no big deal, he doesn't like runners." Disgusted with the remark and still with a dog barking at my face, she realized quickly I would have thrown her animal and her ignorant self into the lake. She proceeded to move her dumpy body and restrain her animal. Don't go unless you expect to step in Dog shit.

Attempted again to give the "Dog Park" a try with a late evening mountain bike trail ride. Got shit in my tyres, had again individuals with no contest to abiding the law, and there half assed idea of "voice control". When attempting to bring my significant other to ride we were chased by ankle biters with not a single obedient account of training from there ignorant owners. This park is a very beautiful park and provides an amazing system of trail loops to keep you entertained for hours. This park is not and has never been prioritized for one specific activity but individuals continue to disregard rules and use this park as a bathroom for there animals. I would never dare swim in that cesspool of animal waste run off.

Added plus, attempted another trail run, on July 9th 2017, someone had let there dog puke animal kibble over the parking spaces, in the parking lot, not even 10 feet from the entry. If that isn't a dissatisfying enough account when on the trail you will no doubt be sucker punched with the stale smell of dog shit. I'll put money on it.

0 out of 5

Very rugged trail. Poorly marked. Damp, muddy forest floor. Beautiful views. 879' elevation. Will be back!

Would have been a great walk if I didn't pull 12 ticks off of myself and at least 10 off the person I was with.

I attended Otter Pond camp as a kid so its fun to visit now. Easy trails. Fun to bike in from Westbrook along the Sebago to Sea trail too.

nice quick hike

Very easy hike, by no means is this a moderate hike. Well marked, heavily wooded- only view is when you reach the pond.

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