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9 days ago

An amazing hike with fantastic views at the summit.

Trail is in excellent condition. Any level can navigate it. Lakes are gorgeous and worth the walk. The distance registered 11 miles on my pedometer, so make sure the distance is appropriate. Very easy walk in and never gets too intense. Not many aspens is the only downside this time of year.

easy and dog friendly.

29 days ago

Very fun, beautiful and adventurous trail. It is rated easy but I wouldn’t say this trail is easy as some might expect it to be. Personally I would rate this moderate. There are steep and rough inclines/declines. As someone in a lower post said, I wouldn’t recommend for small children. Also note that the road to get to the trail is pretty rough. We did take it in a smaller car and made it through fine, just take it slow, you may also have to get out to move some of the bigger rocks. Other than that amazing trail.

the first part of the trail is good for all ages due to it is flat and just a nice walk through the old train tunnels. However the loop part is definitely for more experience and for people that are in shape. If you are not experience tour in shape you can still do the loop but be advised that it is climbing a hillside. But over all is was a wonderful hike and my group had a good time.

1 month ago

Moderately rough road for 6 miles to get to trailhead—glad for the clearance on our Highlander. Trail moderately easy, but as others have noted, it’s easy to lose your way a bit in the rocky spots. Surprised there weren’t more cairns in those areas. Met a few backpackers on the trail, but had lovely Salmon Lake to ourselves—a treat on a gorgeous, autumn Sunday! Will do again, and continue to Loch Leven Lakes. Be aware, trail starts at about 6,500, so if you’re coming from sea level, you may feel the altitude, even though the trail isn’t hard.

Great hike with great views. Starts as a dirt road, at the big sign you take a left onto the trail. You can make this into a nice loop (adds maybe a mile and adds no elevation gain) by continuing onto the castle mountain trail a bit and then taking the pacific crest trail back down. The pacific crest trail is a very sharp left turn, easy to miss.

I love this hike! It involves the Donner train tunnels and the China wall of the Sierra! I love getting some history with my hike. Oh and don’t forget to see the petroglyphs near the bottom!

*beautiful fall walk.
*plenty of water for the dogs.
*another person described this hike as flat, then uphill, flat, then uphill....it is nice that way- and the uphills feel effortless rather than strenuous.
*saw a fox.
*lakes were lovely.

Great trail this time of year, only passed a couple groups of hikers. Perfect dog friendly hike

Cool fall weather, light traffic on the trail – several small groups of backpackers. Crag Lake was a picturesque place for a mid-hike break and lunch. While we were eating, heard sudden yelling from a couple who were also on the shoreline eating about 20 yards away. We rushed over, they were yelling to scare off a bear. Unfortunately, all happened too quickly to get any photos.

1 month ago

I love this trail! It's very easy and the perfect trip for beginning backpackers. Also a quick one-night when you have to be back at work the next day. It's pretty flat most of the way except for towards the end just before Island Lake, you start going up a little. Not many place to pitch a tent at Feely, but quite a few around Island Lake.

Start at Donner Ski Ranch and then go there afterwards for lunch, a beer and pie! We didn't go swimming, but it looks like you can swim in lakes 2 and 3 (Flora and Azalea). Plenty of photos in my recording in my account (still trying to figure this out but do I have to load my recording and photos here, too? Too much to reload if so). If you are looking for a nice, scenic, easy hike that allows dogs and has a great place to congregate afterwards, this is it!

The directions take you down a dirt road that is relatively rocky so make sure you have a car with decent clearance. We also never found the actual trail head but it was fun to explore and walk along the train tracks!

1 month ago

Great mellow trail!

we rode bikes for the first mile in. then hiked the rest of the way. worked out great. nice to to ride the last mile back to the car.

love the old tunnels, not really a hike but one of my favorites none the less. a beautiful view of the lake in the middle of a tunnel turn out.

1 month ago

Hiked with the kids... some rock scrambling which is just what they wanted! Great hike, well marked, good views.

*signed well.
* it was $10.00 for me to park in the day use area to explore the biathlon trails.
*options to go to lily pond (+1.3 miles)& lost lake(+4.5 miles).
* water on the trails for the dogs.
* nice tahoe access if you cross the highway on the paved trail & see the mansion estate.
*easy, easy pleasant stroll.

Only saw one other person hiking in on this gorgeous September Sunday morning--very light traffic, especially compared to the much busier Five Lakes Trail at Alpine Meadows yesterday. Meeks Bay Trail is uphill and flat, uphill and flat. Five miles later you are sitting at a gorgeous alpine lake that we pretty much had all to ourselves. Lush, fern-lined paths interspersed with rocky steps made for maybe my new favorite hike! Ten miles round trip from where you park.

We hiked the trail Friday, Sept 9, 2018. We started early to beat the heat and hugged the dam, found the trail with little problem and hiked up past Lake Azalea. Good trail Great hike. We caught the PCT back to Hwy 40. Afterwards, we decided we could have avoided some of the hot sun by hiking out on the PCT and returning past the lakes.

Beautiful hike, about 50% shade, it is a little difficult finding the trail around the first lake but the map is super helpful! would definitely recommend this hike it has some breathtaking views!

2 months ago

Had a great time hiking the trail to salmon lake with our kids (7 and 9). Definitely an easy trail that we could do again sometime with the grandparents too or as a first backpacking trip. We opted to go off trail and hike around the lake, totaling about 4 Miles on the GPS there, around, and back. We spent 5 hours total including lots of sitting, playing, wading and swimming. A perfect afternoon!

It’s easy to lose the trail for a little bit around the first big rock outcrop. Just look around and you’ll pick it right back up again, it’s a well travelled path.

Driving directions are not correct. After the point where the directions leave off drive another 1.5 miles forward, over a pretty big rut that will get your attention. Trail is obvious, wide and on the left. We made the trip easily but carefully in our minivan.

Beautiful views. Mostly covered (in tunnels)

Spectacular view from top. Interesting “layered” granite rock formations. First trail section is steep and rocky.

The hike was pretty boring for the most part. The tunnels were cool for a while, but kinda sketchy and they got old after a while. After that, the hike to the top was great. Steep, rocky, and loose made for an epic day. The views are the top were great!

This trail is great for overnight backpacking. Permits required. It climbs at a steady pace. Some parts are strenuous, for me at least. It was the boulder steps that got me huffing and puffing. I have little legs. I’m not all that athletic, 5’1”, and hiked with a 20lb pack. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous!! Lime green moss cover the trees, as well as lime green berry leaves cover the ground. Several running water sitings. Wild flowers. And of course, the lakes are stunning and peaceful! Great for swimming, if you can stand the chilly water. It feels great after a tough hike.

Hiked this trail early August started about 8 am to avoid the heat. The only real spot where the sun was blasting on us was the first section to the first lake, after that there’s ample shade till the third lake. Beautiful views and great hike overall and the trails were clean.Keeping track and staying on trail can get tricky because of all the cuts leading to the PCT nearby. I didn’t download the map but I have solid cell service during the hike making tracking way easier. Was pretty busy by the time we ended our hike late morning. I’d do it again next time I’m in Donner.

Took the kids here (ages 9&10) for their first backpacking trip. It was a nice, easy hike just right for introducing the kids to overnight hikes. The trail is well marked and beautiful the entire way through. You’ll park at Carr lake trail head, start your hike and after you pass Carr lake on the right, you’ll come to The Feely Lake dam. Pass the dam and you’ll see beautiful views of Feely lake on your left. Next, you’ll see two small ponds, a slight ascend then you’ll finally see a beautiful rewarding view of island lake. It’s About 2 miles from the Carr lake trailhead to island lake. We saw many dogs, but we didn’t bring ours because we weren’t sure if they were allowed.

great scenery great people working to maintain it

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