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Hiked 1/21 some patches of snow towards the higher elevations but nothing icy or too hard to get thru with regular hiking boots. Waterfall is small right now.. but the views the whole hike are worth it.

Definitely recommend spikes. Poles were helpful on the way out because it was downhill and snowy and some sections were icy. Totally worth it. The lake is completely covered in snow at this point, but the views are beautiful.

Recommend bringing spikes. I just had hiking boots which was fine but would have been easier with spikes. The lake is gorgeous and for the people that are worried about the potholes on the .4 mile road to the trail head, invest in something other than a Prius and you’ll be okay

awesome trail need micro spikes and poles

4 days ago

Went on 1/17/19 at 0700. The trail head lists the hike at 8 miles total. The trail itself was fun because you start out in a lush rainforest and end up in a winter wonderland. The trail doesn't offer many views, but it's a nice landscape to hike through. Micro spikes needed. No need for snow shoes. The road leading up to the trail has numerous potholes, so drive slowly.

5 days ago

Trail is well maintained at this time. Some trees have fallen over the trail and will need to be removed, but isn’t impeding movement along the trail or hazardous. Trail is steep going up and of course, going down. Bring walking polls. Weather today was raining with evidence of snow below the tree line on the west side of the mountain face 3 miles up. Traction devices are recommended. Once you clear the tree line and cross the Talus field, you will need traction devices due to the exposure on the south face and due to the icy conditions. Expect windy and icy conditions over the next few days as the low pressure system passes through. The mailbox is full at this time. Be sure to drop something off into the mailbox prior to your departure. Sunset during month of January is around 5 pm. Be sure to plan your trip accordingly.

Nice hike definitely recommend microspikes and poles. Has some icy sections.

Soooooo beautiful ! Summer time is definitely the best!

Beautiful in the summer and winter. Definitely a favorite.

Beautiful hike! Perfect weather beautiful lake and Mt Rainier in full view!

Very steep and challenging hike. The first three quarters of the hike is a fairly steady incline and a number of switchbacks. The last quarter of the trail is incredibly steep and covered with snow and ice. Definitely make sure to bring micro spikes and poles. It’s demanding but the view at the summit is well worth the effort.

Perfect day, awesome view of Ranier, Olympics, Cascades. Fresh snow, ok without spikes to the talus field. Possible to do the talus field to the Mailbox without spikes or poles on the ascent, coming down you will struggle without at least spikes and spend most of the time on your backside. This is a longer hike than as listed, I’ve done the new trail as an out & back twice now and it clicks at ~12 miles/19.5 km. With snack breaks, pictures, spikes on/off this is a 6 to 6.5 hour hike in winter unless you are really humping it.

easy, beautiful

Hiked 12/29/18. First off, I would HIGHLY recommend bringing poles and ice spikes. It will make this hike a lot less strenuous. Snow shoes are not necessary. Secondly, there was snow in the parking lot when we got there, but even if your car doesn’t have AWD, I think it wouldn’t be a problem since the road to the parking lot isn’t very long. There was patchy snow from the very start of the trail. About a mile in, the snow on the trail became much thicker. There was a compact trail all the way to the lake and the path was very clear the entire way as well. The last 3/4ths of a mile to the lake probably had anywhere from 5-7 feet of snow especially in the avalanche chutes. It rained pretty much the entire day and on our way back, the snow was turning pretty slushy/wet. There’s a good chance a lot of that wet snow and all of the slush puddles will freeze over night. There was already some ice on our way up, which was really slippery even for ice spikes. It took us about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to the lake and then another hour and 45 minutes to get back to the car. Definitely plan ahead as it does get dark very early in the Forest. Nonetheless, it was beautiful at the top! Enjoy :)

Did this on 12/21/18. Moderate usage on this day. Didn’t start until 11:45ish a.m. I had on regular trail shoes, sweat bottoms, a couple thin base layers and a thick hoodie, light gloves/beanie, and a daypack with some snacks and about 2L of water. Temperature was high 30s/low 40s for the first couple of hours and I got really warm and was drinking more water than I expected. Once we hit the snow it got considerably colder. My hiking partner had on Nike trainers. People coming down the trail had poles and chains and kept telling us we couldn’t make it to the top without them. We went all the up anyway, just took longer and had to be more careful of our footing. Coming down took a bit longer again due to not having the poles and chains but it was definitely possible, just be extra careful on your footing and take it slow. If I did this hike again during this time of year I would definitely get some chains, but the poles probably not necessary if you’re in good hiking shape. Last couple hundred feet were pretty tough. I drank more water than expected, so not a bad idea to take a little more than you think you’ll need. Oh yeah- the gate at the parking area closes at 4pm. We didn’t make it all the way back to the car until roughly 5pm. They actually waited for us before locking up, but they were not happy about it. I didn’t even notice the 4pm closure sign, so that was my bad.

I did it and I had fun! I saw three dogs on the hike, and one was reaaallly big but it was not the friendliest. Anyways, good hike, moderate amount of snow, but good amount so if you fall it won't hurt. We made it to the end, but if you are older or feeble than you will probably not make it :)

trail running
1 month ago

One of my favorite easy day hikes to go on during the summer!

Beautiful trail, currently just covered in snow. Unfortunately on our way back down from a couple day hike, it looks like the trail is now closed for the season. We had to remove, and put back, barricades to get my car out of the trailhead.

1 month ago

My wife and I love this hike, I hiked it on my own today, i made it 3/4 of the way but turned back after hitting knee high snow (I gambled not taking snow shoes). So, fun winter hike, lots of running water, just bring your snow shoes and poles to get to see her

Plenty of parking as well as a bathroom at the trailhead. The new trail is in excellent shape. Well maintained with maybe one or two downed trees but nothing too cumbersome to navigate around. You WILL need microspikes for the last half mile, from the boulder field to the summit. The trail is well-trafficked enough that the snow is packed and icy.

1 month ago

We went in late November and it was an amazing snowy hike! We went in the morning and had beautiful light piercing through the fog and trees. The first third had no snow, second third had some, and the final third was a bit icy. On the way down in the early afternoon the ice had thawed a bit so we didn't slip too much! Poles are good to have, and spikes would probably be even better. The lake was pristine!

Went early yesterday and had the trail and lake largely to ourselves (passed three people on the way down).
Other reports are correct first third is snow free, second third is icy and final third was packed down snow (up to about 1-2feet). The icy section was difficult to traverse uphill and microspikes would have been helpful (we had poles), however on the way down the ice and snow did start to melt a bit.

The mileage is incorrect! It’s only 3.5miles each way, 7 miles in total. Took us just over two hours to get up, and less to get down.

Otherwise a gorgeous hike, starts in the forest, passes some waterfalls, snow covered mountains and ends in the lake that was completely frozen over for us. Super pretty at this time of year!

trail running
1 month ago

Arrived early before the sun on Sunday, power hiked up with few moderate pace jogging sections until I reached the talus field. Like others said, spikes would have been great. I was one of those without spikes but did have my trekking poles, that final half mile was a challenge in maintaining traction. But well worth the effort up, amazing views all around and the snow clad trees just made for very good photo opportunities. Was able to maintain a pretty good solid run pace all the way down after clearing the talus field. All in all, just under 4 hours round trip for trail running, considering the 30 minutes up top.

1 month ago

Currently a gorgeous snowy hike! I arrived around 8:30 today (Sunday 11/25) to find 7 other cars in the lot. The road was fine, a few potholes, and the parking area was slushy/icy. Trail was in good shape and easy to follow, but I’d highly recommend spikes or poles. I did see people without (in sneakers or boots), but I was very glad to have my spikes - I wore them starting about 1.5 miles in/2700 ft elevation. It was very windy at the lake, so have extra layers! The lot was pretty full when I returned around noon. All in a great first truly snowy hike for me! Also, this is the only trail that my Fitbit clocked as shorter & lower elevation than AllTrails (eg alltrails said you arrive at lake at 4.4 miles, but I clocked 3.62), so don’t be scared off by the mileage!

Hiked the new trail out & back. Hit snow at around 3,000 feet. Trekking poles and micro-spikes highly recommended, without them I would not have attempted the boulder field from the tree line to the mailbox. Oh, some we’re doing it without but it didn’t look like fun and too easy to get hurt in my view. Didn’t have great views because of some cloud cover but a nice day, I like this trail, it’s a beautiful hike. This is a long day if you aren’t really humping it, 3½ hours up and 2½ hours down in current conditions. Once you reach the boulder field it’s another ~30 min to the Mailbox. This is a really nice hike, trail is in great shape, nothing really steep except parts of the boulder field. The sign at the gated lot says it gets closed at 16:00, it was open later than that, I left at 17:00 & watched get locked at 17:30 so either park outside the gate or plan to get off the trail by 16:00 or you will get locked in.

Pretty grueling hike. We did the old hike last year and it killed me. I needed to beat this hike, so we did the new way up and down. Took us 2 1/2 up and 2 1/2 down. I remembered the rocks from last time, but I still didn't respect them like I should have !! The rock path will test you. You think you're close, but don't be fooled. Still a lot of work to do. Happy I have it in my rear view mirror. Beautiful sunny day. Could see for miles. Bye bye Mailbox. Glad I finally beat you !!

Mason Lake trail is a wonderful hike. No snow or ice on the road. We enjoyed the waterfalls, even green trees, Mount Rainer view on the way up. No so much traffic, the forest is nice and quite. The Lake view is stunning. The hike is much easy than we expected.

AMAZING. We took the new trail there and back. It was so beautiful. The last stretch when you get to the rocks is a real test of strength and endurance but the views on top were amazing. It was so clear out today, and we could see all the way to Seattle. Definitely one of the hardest hikes I have ever done, but provides the most satisfaction when complete. Get there early so you can get prime hiking. One of my favorite hikes.

2 months ago

Great hike but definitely not an easy hike. Incline most of the day with little switchbacks to change up the hike but the lake and views of Rainier make it totally worth it.

2 months ago

It took about 2h30m getting to the lake and 1h30m going down for my team. It was so windy at the lake while we got there (about 2pm).

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