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We had a great time. most dogs were off leash, and that's ok with us, ours was too unless we spotted people ahead. my wife and I went with our newborn and our 2.5 year old, who made it most of the way before I had to carry her. Well marked and maintained trail with a great view at the top

easily completed within a few hours, great for the whole family.

It was a nice hike except for the motorcycles. The views were amazing.

An amazing hike. Easy parking access. Great views and multiple trails to explore!

Beautiful hike! Perfect weather beautiful lake and Mt Rainier in full view!

Good trail, very pet friendly. Great views of the surrounding area.

Beautiful trail, currently just covered in snow. Unfortunately on our way back down from a couple day hike, it looks like the trail is now closed for the season. We had to remove, and put back, barricades to get my car out of the trailhead.

2 months ago

11/18/18 trip: Rough road on the way up. Lots of potholes and one major gash in the road 1.2 miles from the TH that I didn't want to chance. Got a lift from some nice people on my hike to the TH.

I've never done this hike so I missed the cairn and hiked almost all they way to Mirror Lake. Easy to miss. The cairn was just a couple of rocks high when I found it. I restacked the cairn so others could find it.

Icy conditions on the way up. Had to put on microspikes. Made it to the saddle which had some good snow cover, but not deep - maybe a couple of inches. Beautiful clear day though and the surrounding mountains were visible in the tree gaps.

Sadly, I could not find the trail to the final ascent and no one was around to ask. I searched for a while, but it was getting late so I decided to turn back before I had to deal with the ice in dark conditions.

Enjoyed this hike though. Next time!

Mason Lake trail is a wonderful hike. No snow or ice on the road. We enjoyed the waterfalls, even green trees, Mount Rainer view on the way up. No so much traffic, the forest is nice and quite. The Lake view is stunning. The hike is much easy than we expected.

2 months ago

Hiked Saturday 11/17 with sunny conditions. Spikes were helpful with snow and ice above the turn-off at the cairn. Stunning view of Rainier and the surrounding ranges. Road had a couple rough looking spots, but nothing a standard SUV can’t handle. Plenty of wind up high!

2 months ago

Great hike but definitely not an easy hike. Incline most of the day with little switchbacks to change up the hike but the lake and views of Rainier make it totally worth it.

2 months ago

Trail was partially covered in snow. I would recommend wearing at least hiking shoes. We slipped a few times in our hikers. The first mile isn’t terrible. It’s mostly the second mile and the decent down to the lake that is pretty slick. Overall fun hike. Definitely moderate. Majority of the way up is incline. We caught the sunset on the way down around 4. Lots of potholes on the gravel road up but wasn’t too muddy today. Lot was full at 12.

Peaceful walk and only steep for a short while, and a great view of Seattle.

Left parking lot about 0830, got to mason lake about 10. Put on micro spikes somewhere near the lake and kept them on the rest of the hike until returning back down to that spot. Walked on rocks to cross stream and continue to the peak. I didn’t use poles but they seemed to help many people with the semi-rock scramble near the top. Had lunch at the peak and put on a bunch of layers. Got back to parking lot about 4pm. Remember sunset is 4:30pm now!! It was beautiful when I hiked but I’m sure there is more snow to come.

2 months ago

Gorgeous day on the trail. Nice people enjoying the mountain (special thanks to the man that gave me a lift back to my car!)

About a foot of snow at the summit. Dog really enjoyed herself. Bring crampons and boots. Parked about 2 miles from trail head due to road conditions.

Took a hike in the rain and I’m glad I did! We parked close to the ranger house and you can take a peak at the river before you start your hike. The trail is easy to follow and there is a fork but don’t worry, both of the paths will take you to the fall viewing area. Bathroom by the falls Incase you feel the urge to go.

Just checked this trail today. As some have mentioned, the road to get to the trail is pretty brutal. I have a Jeep and I hit a few very iffy spots. Once you are there the parking is sufficient for about 10-12 vehicles. No facilities nearby.

The trail is in good shape, well maintained, with minimal roots. The bookends of the hike are rocky, but not bad at all. I experienced minimal bugs and people. It was just me and my little 9lb dog and we made it to the peak in about an hour and made it back down in about 45 minutes.

The peak is a sight to behold! Amazing 180 mountain views on a clear day. To get up to the peak there is a cable wire to use, which came in handy! We sat up there for about 30 minutes, had a nice lunch, and prepared for the climb down.

This is easily one of my new favorites for a shorter, moderate hike!

Random note: as we hit about the halfway point I regained cellphone service (AT&T) and the signal grew stronger the higher we went. Which is always nice if there is an emergency.

Good hike. Great views once you get to the last mile or so. You can see Rainier consistently. Mason lake was beautiful with a lot of space to spend time.

on Silver Peak Trail

3 months ago

Very difficult to find trail head. Silver Mt was marked on a small rock a mile in.

We had slushy snow and mud most of the way which made the trail much more challenging. Would definitely have liked some hiking poles for safety ... We each fell/slipped multiple times. On way down definitely found it easier to get steady footing on the rocks off-trail than the slushy/muddy trail. Scramble trail at top is unclear. No view when we got to the top, only cloud.

3 months ago

To start we are not experienced hikiers....We went October 6th, the temperature was great for hiking. We drive a Honda Fit was was worried we weren't going to make it up the road once we hit the gravel, lots of large holes to avoid. Once there the first mile or so was good then we started hitting snow, the footing was ok as long as you had shoes with good traction. The last mile or so to the lake was very steep and with the snow cover,we thought about turning around a couple times,but had come so far we decided to go for it. The lake was beautiful. On the way back the footing was mostly slush and pretty slippery. Overall I would do this hike again, but would definitely go a little earlier in the year, as having better footing would have made it more enjoyable.

Really an excellent hike, couldn't be happier. The views of the valley and the lake were amazing. Going in late September means all the leaves had turned colors but hadn't fallen off yet. And my dog had a blast playing around the lake. The hike was a solid moderate. It had only a small handful of switchbacks, The slope was pretty consistent - the first half was easy and the second half got pretty steep. It's a good workout, but I saw a handful of kids and a chihuahua climb this, so it wasn't THAT hard. Trail was well maintained and there weren't a ton of people. Took about 4 hours including stops for photos and eating lunch at the lake. Highly recommended! And don't forget to check for the right kind of pass!

This hike is amazing. Not a lot of people head this way, they usually stop at mason lake or Bandera. The incline beginning from Mason Lake is pretty tough, I think equal to climbing Bandera. But all alone I was at the top! On the way down I saw nobody headed to the top.

Really beautiful hike. Went on a partly sunny day and you could see Rainer for a lot of the way up. The fall foliage was beautiful. I’d rate this as a harder moderate hike. Pretty consistent grade on the way up.

Great hike that was definitely a work out (average fitness). Some pretty steep gains until you break through the trees and enter into the boulder fields. The trail was really easy to follow and the fall colors have already started to come in. I went on a Sunday morning and the parking lot was already full but I didn't feel like the trail was too busy. I decided to go the extra half mile up to Bandera Summit and it was pretty steep, but there were a lot of steps and rocks that climbing up wasn't too difficult going up or down. I am still glad I had my poles though, they helped a ton.. Just pace yourself. It was a pretty cloudy day so I wasn't able to see all around, but all in all, great views either way and a great work out.

Fun hike! Not hard if you pace yourself. Once at the ridge its an easy cruize to the scramble, which is loads of fun with the cable to help. View was mist today, so coming back when there is sun.

Road has some very rough patches, suv highly recommended, if not required.

Beautiful hike. Absolutely gorgeous!

love love love this app. definitely my go to. thanks reviewers that take the time to update trail conditions and tips.

My dog and I went up this trail: and it does go up. Lol

We found a ‘grove’ of huckleberries at the lake! The hike was beautiful, especially the boulder fields. The spur to the ridge was challenging and fun with an amazing view.

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