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If you're looking for a short hike with a great waterfall this is it! While on the hike we encountered as momma bobcat with her 2 kittens. We met a few hikers on their way out who had saw a bear (we never saw it). If waterfalls are your thing I highly recommend this hike!

This trail was awesome!! Very rocky and tricky in parts! More difficult than moderate, with plenty of exposed roots!! Great for a Sunday afternoon excursion...we saw a baby bear cub and heard rumors of baby bobcats nearby.

First review on AllTrails. Awesome hike but would also rate this one a little more on the difficult side. Lots of climbing and descending. Took the wife and 25lb Boston Terrier. I started to feel unsafe toward the end but my wife pushed us through and very glad she did! Views are amazing! Pack some snacks and bring plenty of water. And give yourself 3 + hours to really enjoy it and spend some time at the summit. Didn’t run into anyone on the hike until we got to the summit, but still very few people. Would definitely recommend but do consider this one as a more difficult hike.

Definitely moderate coming out and easy going in. Rocky, take appropriate footwear. Gorgeous falls. Dangerous, please don’t swim here - do a little research before hiking this trail!

Trail definitely a moderate to extreme in spots. I am 32, not too athletic and sit at work so don’t get many steps on a normal day but love to hike when i can and I am also an asthmatic, but I did fine. My family members didn’t do as well, step mom and aunts ages 74-70 that are fairly fit took a lot of breaks and struggled. If you don’t like heights do NOT go on this trail! The ledge could be super nerve wrecking if scared of heights, also if you are super clumsy be careful. My father is 60 and super athletic and did fine. My aunt and step mom did brace themselves on a rock and got stung a lot by some hornets. Above all the waterfall was stunning and views were amazing!! Hope this helps out. Also we did see a baby bear super close! Crossed the trail right in front of us! Super awesome!

Well defined trail, wet at times but not really muddy. Very heavy on traffic. A lot of people like to hang out at the falls, but it was still enjoyable on a Thursday afternoon during the shoulder season.

Nice hike on old road. Took 3 and 4 year old granddaughters, easy

This was a great trail! Went with my husband and our three girls and saw a ton of colorful insects. the falls were beautiful and a great spot to cool of in. deffinetly recommended!

9 days ago

Beautiful! I am a beginning again hiker. It has been decades since I hiked. This was the longest trail I’ve done so far. I enjoyed the hike so much. It was tough but I survived. It had the water flowing parallel with the trail. It had some steep hills both ways and of course the hardest was the uphill after the waterfall visit. The waterfall was beautiful. There were a lot of families so it’s great family time. Bring band-aids because someone is sure to scrape something playing on the boulders.

10 days ago

Moderate to strenuous we say. Only 1.9 Miles round trip from Trenton Institute parking lot. Rocks and roots and wet in some places. Steep drop offs as well. But beautiful scenery, especially the falls.

10 days ago

This trail was perfect for my wife and I, who only get to dust off our hiking boots about once a year. We took our 1 and a 1/2 year old, 50 pound pitbull mix with us and she did surprisingly great, even towards the rocky summit. I did have to lift her a couple of times to pass some of the more challenging spots. I would not bring an older or out of shape dog on this trail, i kept ours leashed and clipped to my belt through most of the hike just in case she fell. Challenging terrain with views and steep climbs that will take your breath away. The trail is marked with purple and yellow markings on the trees. We took our time and lots of pictures on our way to the summit. At the top the views are amazing, but they are only 360 degrees, not the 365 degree views that we were promised in other reviews ;P. We packed a lunch and ate at the summit before descending back down through the beautiful mossy forest. This trail is challenging and beautiful but not for everyone. I recommend bringing hiking poles, check the weather because rain might make some spots dangerous, and prepare to do a little rock climbing and scaling near the summit.

Amazing hike. Definitely Moderate++, descent down to Falls and then short stretch to get under the Falls was technical and slick. Worth every step though.

15 days ago

Good hike, moderate hills, descents, and flat sections. Falls and pool below falls is great reward. Decent crowds but not annoyingly so.

this trail is beautiful. it's the first trail I've ever hiked that starts by descending for roughly one mile. my view at the top was disappointing, it was so foggy that I couldn't see anything, but I also kind of knew the weather would block my view before I started it. the entire trail was gorgeous and I cant wait to go back to the mountains.

Moderate +..... Steep and technical in spots but we'll worth the effort.

Amazing hike! Easy if you are a prepared hiker. Next time we'll spend more time hanging out at the falls. Added challenge was carrying 35lbs of wiggly toddler and pack.

18 days ago

Fantastic, rugged hike...definitely more than just moderate. But, completely worth it when you get to the falls. A few areas along the way with a great view looking at the smokies, take your time and enjoy the scenery to the falls. 1.9miles there and 1.9 miles back...be prepared for both treks :)

Well we were feeling ambitious after doing the 10-mile Cades Cove loop so we decided to hike the Abrams Falls Trail with our son. We might have bitten off more than we could chew as several times I debated carrying my 5-year-old the last two miles of the hike. The first leg of the trail was amazing offering great views of the stream below, climbing and dropping in elevation several times and finally offering a nice place to rest at the falls. It was a summer day so it was warm on the hike but the falls provided a nice cool breeze. All in all I would still do it again in the future. Just be prepared and bring plenty of WATER!!!

Beautiful views, hiked on a cool sunny day, trail had some mud and several downed trees. Trail is not marked we parked at Browning Knob overlooked crosses the BRP and found an opening through the trees where the trail begins. Once on the trail trees are marked along the trail that guide you to the summit. Walked through berry bramble along the trail that grabbed at us . The rock climbing along the trail to arrive at the summit was challenging glad we had our hiking poles. The trail was up and down most of the way with beautiful views along the way. Once we arrived at the Blackrock Mountain summit the flies were very annoying but the view was 360 and beautiful. I would rate this trail more than moderate and the miles longer than stated.

on Abrams Falls Trail

21 days ago

Abrams Falls Trail is a moderate 45-50 minute there and back hike along Abrams Creek in the Cades' Cove section of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. At roughly only 700 feet of elevation gain the hike only has a few somewhat strenuous climbs. There is also plenty of opportunities to access Abrams Creek at the many pools that form along it's bank along the 3.5 mile hike. When you reach the falls there's plenty of access points to the large pool at the base of the falls which can accommodate a large number of visitors as this is one of the most popular waterfalls accessible to Knoxville. Climbing on the falls in discouraged for good reason as most of the rock faces are extremely slick. The pool is deep enough to swim in and gradually deepens nearer the base of the falls. However, due to current created by the cascading water, I don't recommend jumping in or swimming too close to the falls themselves because of current's pull back toward the base of the falls. This is definitely one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Smoky Mountain National park so understandably it can be crowded on weekends and it's best enjoyed earlier in the day before the sun is behind the tree line.

23 days ago

awesome worth the view

Rugged hike, exposed roots, wet rocks! Wonderful views and the waterfall is exquisite, worth the short hike to it. You can also exit this hike by following the waterfall down the brook/fall, doing that is very challenging though and would definitely be classified as difficult. We took ages 2-12, 2 year old fell asleep but was packed the entire way. 9 & 12 hiked it perfectly. If you are planning to hike soon, watch for the yellow jacket nest under the rocks near the fall, our 12 year old was stung. Also saw two snakes on this hike! Fun in all though, we enjoyed it!

24 days ago

Great short hike! Definitely moderate but the waterfall at the end was well worth the trip for us and our 8 year old!

Great hike with a beautiful waterfall at the end. It was beautiful and strenuous but definitely doable as I'm pretty much a couch potato and this was my first real hike. Now I'm hooked. Not very crowded. The sign only say "Falls" on the trail. Tremont has a little store with a very clean bathroom. Stop in and make a purchase to help support the area!! Once you get to the falls there are several spots to sit back, eat a snack and enjoy the view. I will definitely be back!

easy on the way in but walking back is what will kill you. bring lots of water

Wonderful, diverse, rugged and challenging with rewarding 365 degree views at the end. We took both of our 45-50lb Australian Shepherds and they handled the trail very well including navigating over the big rocks. The trail was up and down the whole way and just enough for us “vacation hikers”. We parked at browning knob overlook and walked down across the BRP into an opening in the trees where the trail started. There was nothing on the road to indicate there was a trail.

Great hike! Great views at the top!

on Andrews Bald Trail

29 days ago

This is a beautiful hike we have done a few times. It is easy going to Andrews Bald but moderate/strenuous coming back up. The views are spectacular. This is a trail you can be all alone on or it is packed.This is a definite must hike if you are visiting the area.

nice hike. just to many yuppies u gotta getta off trail to really enjoy

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