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nice hike, a few views on the way up. we started early in morning in heavy fog. it opened up by the time we reached the bunion. the forest was great in the fog, lots of good pics. if it's a clear day do the jump off for a added bonus.

The view would have been amazing if it wasn’t cloudy!! Overall a good hike. Mostly through woods but there are a few spots along this 4 mile hike with very nice views. Be careful at the bunions, they are literally a straight drop down on both sides.

The view at Charlie Bunion is just amazing!! Worth a shot. Make sure you carry enough water cause it's not an easy hike.

Hiked all the way to the top of Mount Leconte. Beautiful but hard hike, mile markers are not exact, to get to the true “top” is more like 7-8miles but it is worth it! Go all the way to Myrtle point past the lodge, it gives you a 360 degree view of mountains. Many people hiked up and stayed at the lodge, my father (50) and I made it a day hike, doable but we were sore the last few miles down. The Bullhead trail was closed, we were going to take that down, but some locals at the top said the Rainbow is the prettiest anyway. There are a few shorter trails to the top from the gap if you want a shorter route to the top. Perfect time of year 10/13, get an early start though because the hike to the falls gets crowded with people in the afternoon. Fire damage is noticeable on the way up, giving some sections an eerie feel. Otherwise amazing hike, just needs some updated mileage!

Great hike! Beautiful view!

a nice, moderate trail, with easy reaches along the Little River. A portion is also known as Jake's trail, and the signs can be confusing. The non-river reach is sparsely hiked, with several challenging stream crossings, making the trail totally worth it. Parking at the trailhead is easier to get than at some of the other trails in GSM park.

The hike is rough but it is well worth it. Bring plenty of water and some snacks and you will be fine. Spend plenty time of there because you are not going to want to leave!

Loved the trail. Had a lot of fun.

Enjoyed this hike. Beautiful scenery, enjoyed the small bridges and lots of water.

Good hike with an 11 year old and 8 year old. Took around 2.5 hours in for hydration and picture breaks and 1 hour out. The water fall was nice. I think it was slightly challenging for me not being a novice and not physically fit. It only gets rough toward the middle and at the end near the waterfall. Very rocky and rooty. I recommend good boots and a couple bottles of water.

We did this trail for our quest to hike all 900 miles in the park. I would rate this trail somewhat on the easy side but also moderate in sections.
We did see a baby bear cub, a deer and lots of turkeys.
It is a rather boring hike though with only a view at the top of the mountain and no waterfalls.
Also, I don’t like hearing car traffic for a lot of the hike.
The gnats were unreal!
There is some neat stone chimneys and walls left from a time gone by.
Bees and wildflowers were plentiful at the top of the mountain.
This isn’t a trail we would probably do again.
If I had to so it again, I would do winter and hopefully less bugs.

We caught a beautiful sunrise at Newfound Gap then continued onto the AT, this trail is no joke folks. Lots of steps, big rocks and uphill travel. Some nice views along the way but nothing that keeps you anticipating the next turn. We did the jump off first (turn left onto the boulevard). Again, very hard trail and not well maintained in areas but absolutely beautiful views, we sat on top and ate our lunch. Then back down and headed towards Charles Bunion. At this point the beautiful day had turned foggy in a matter of seconds and it started to rain, we stopped at the Icewater Spring Shelter and waited it out along with some others. The sun came back out and off we went to the Bunion. The hike up wasn’t to bad but once at the top, we couldn’t see anything. It was so foggy. Still a great experience. There were two girls who sat on top of the rock and hogged it the entire time, others tried to navigate up but between them
And their packs it was impossible! Please don’t be like these two girls and hog the rock, others would like to see it and have photo opportunities also. Anyway..we waited it out while talking with some very nice hikers doing the same...but the fog never lifted. We decided to head back down the trail. We did a total of around 13 miles and our knees and feet were feeling it by the end. We took lots of water, snacks and a lunch. Make sure to take your rain gear also. The day started beautiful for us, but rained hard several times on the trail making for very slick conditions and what would’ve been cold and miserable with the gear. Once down to Newfound Gap it was sunny and beautiful. It took us 9.52 hours but we are never in a hurry (we stop and smell the roses so to speak) and enjoy each moment.

Pretty steep trip in but a good hike trough the woods. Great waterfall. BCC #34 is just up the way and a great place to stay the night.

Make sure you bear left at the beginning of the trail over the bridge. Beautiful waters.

Absolutely beautiful

I'm not a "flat" trail kind of guy, but the scenery along the River Trail is rivaled by few trails in the area. I enjoyed the ruggedness of the Cucumber Trail, which also had some excellent scenery. We ended our hike walking through Daisy Town, which was very neat.

Best in the Smokies!!!

Great hike up through the forest with rewarding views at the top! There were a few steep uphills, but they didn’t seem to last long. After about 2 miles, the rest of the way up was gradual. Hiking poles would help navigate some of the rocks and roots encountered along the way. Start early to avoid the crowds.

Great hike, even with children. Recommend hiking and then letting the kiddos play in the river. My young children who are known to complain did not want to leave after SIX hours 

Went on an overnighter to Mt LeConte. We loved the solitude. My favorite area was the backbone right before Mt LeConte where it’s narrow and you can see East and West. Was hoping we would see a bear since it isn’t highly traveled, but no. The Alum Cave trail is probably prettier, but so darn busy.
Recommend the trip and spending the night at the LeConte Lodge.

Fairly easy hike to a beautiful waterfall.

Great views! Some serious elevation to start out! A great hike for a fall day!

This trail is virtually uphill from the start and doesn’t change until you are on the way back. First 1.2 miles very well maintained trail. After that the trail slowly becomes more narrow, dirt, and rock which I prefer. Very nice waterfall towards the top. Nice large old trees along the hike. Was enjoyable!

Pretty rough especially the first 4 miles! Don’t get the full experience since it was cloudy. The hike was actually 13.3 miles from parking lot out and back .

1 month ago

The most beautiful hike that I have done!!! Waterfalls and stream along the whole hike! So breathtaking! Will definitely do it again!

Awesome hike! Me and my wife starting hiking the trail around 8 am. the forest was foggy and everything was beautiful. Only thing is there was a couple there that hogged Charles bunion most of the time. other than that, beautiful hike.

1 month ago

Pleasant hike for everyone!

Wow what a workout! We parked at the Rainbow Falls trailhead even though that trail is currently closed. Took the Trillium Gap trail all the way to Grotto Falls, which on a Tuesday, was the only crowded part of the trail. We continued on to the top of Mount LeConte...it was rocky and tricky in some spots going up. You will come to a split in the trail with signs that says trillium gap to Mt LeConte is 3.6 miles. Feels a LOT longer than that!!Make sure your conserve your energy for that part. Definitely wear good hiking boots for your ankles. My husband and I are in good shape, we run and lift 6 days a week and this kicked our butts...a different kind of physical activity. Please pack lots of water and food but keep moving when you eat to avoid hikers vertigo (when we stopped abruptly we got the dizzies). Took us 5 hours up and almost 4 hours to get down. The Lodge at Mt LeConte was ok...I understand they are limited but the staff kind of acted like we were bothering them ie. did not acknowledge us even though we are super low maintenance. We stopped for a sack lunch and just to sit for a bit and refuel. If you make it up there go a quarter mile hike up to the scenic overlook. Even on a cloudy day it makes the trek worth it. We did the whole thing in one day...ended up being a 21.8 mile hike round trip. If you do this in one day just make sure you allow for enough daylight. We kinda cut it close and I’m sure you’d be fine using a flashlight (bring one!) for the last part of your journey, but with it getting dark we didn’t want to take our chances turning an ankle. Saw a couple black bear along the way...they did their thing and we did ours!
The round trip in one day was strenuous for us, I would suggest starting a little closer at Grotto Falls trail or at least drink lots and lots of water and fuel up properly! Would do it again.

This was a great hike! The little river trail was easy peasy - flat gravel trail along the river. Just beautiful! Cucumber gap trail I found to be a bit challenging at times (for me) due to many tree roots, uphills, and a couple stream crossings. A hiking stick would have been beneficial on the cucumber gap trail, but I did it without just fine. Just watch your step! No bear sittings but saw evidence of them on the trail. Really nice hike overall.

Enjoyable trail. Mostly covered mossy forest a good bit of the way. Charlies Bunion is a very cool spot. Definitely watch your footing and your kids!

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