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6 hours ago

This trail can be difficult to do during the winter because it gets iced over at higher points. During spring and summer, it's lovely. It's easy for avid hikers, and moderate for people who are not avid hikers/not athletic.

One of our favorite hikes!

Our favorite hike in the Smoky Mountains! We started at about 10:30am and had great weather the whole day. BEAUTIFUL 360* views at the top. We didn't have any problems with ice/snow, but you do have to be careful in the wet areas. You also need to be prepared for how steep this hike is, but the views at the top are well worth it. We also had fun feeding the llamas with the kitchen staff at the top. The llamas bring supplies up every few days--very neat!

This trail is a great workout! The first part of the trail (Low Gap) was very steep with a lot of rocks (you definitely have to watch your step on the way down--lots of opportunities to misstep and trip). There were a lot of pretty wildflowers. It was neat to see all the thru-hikers once we got to the AT. We ate lunch at the top and enjoyed the view and learning about the fire lookout. We were glad we hiked this trail, but wouldn't do it again if we had limited time and could only pick one long hike. The views weren't as good as Mt. LeConte, and we thought this trail was just as or a little more strenuous.

Beautiful day for a walk in the woods with my daughter!!
What views on top!!

Hard hike but worth it. We went at a pretty fast pace so probably wouldn’t have been as hard if we had slowed down. Lots of ice in places that made for very slippery footing. Starts with a beautiful mountain stream. Views are absolutely breathtaking. Guide cables at the top near icy areas and shear cliffs. Make sure to hike the extra mile and a half out and back to Myrtle point once at the top as well as the short hike to Cliff tops. Definitely my favorite smokies hike.

We only hiked to Alum Cave due to a late start in the day. Boy was it foggy— I guess that’s why they call it the Smokys! Alum “cave” is still low enough that we had a nice view to relax and eat a snack. We felt lucky because we met hikers coming down from the top and they said they couldn’t see a thing from up there on a foggy day. Pretty gentle trail for a slow climb of 1250 feet gain! Loved following the creek up... rare rocks/roots making it easier than a normal climb of the same elevation gain.

This trail is definitely rated appropriately.. My husband and I did it yesterday and it kicked our butts! The first half to alum cave is not as bad and quite scenic. It gets considerably colder and drippy from there on to mount leconte. The sun was out and several large icicles above the cave area were melting and falling - watch your head! Wear plenty of layers and water resistant clothing for the second half of the trek. Appropriate hiking shoes are a must as this has a lot of tricky footing and wet areas. The majority of the trail is wet in fact. At the top it was probably at least 30 degrees colder with lots of snow still, but you can warm up inside the Mt leconte lodge dining hall before heading back out. We hiked back down around 4p and the trail is very shady and cool at that time with little sun until the last mile. Overall excellent challenging trail with breathtaking views!

4 days ago

Went this morning before 9am. Not too many people compared to coming down after 10am. Wow, what a difference. Very pretty waterfall and very manageable hike.

4 days ago

Beautiful falls and an easy hike for all ages. Wildlife is abundant and there is always something interesting to look out. The trail is a little broken up for the last .25 miles, so just be careful with where you step.

It was an amazing hike.I will do this trail again.Next time all the way 2 My Leconte

Second time doing this hike, always a good one to stretch the legs. Nice time chatting with the thru-hikers this time of year and spreading a little trail magic!

Love this trail will do it more a very nice walk in the smokies

Great hike. Stopped at Jump Off as well. Beautiful views!

My wife and I hiked this today in about 6 hours (which includes about 30 minutes of stopping). We are relatively new to hiking and both in fair shape. Got there around 8 and the parking lot was half full. Didn’t see too many hikers on the way up but tons on the way back down and the parking lot and adjacent roadsides were packed. To be fair, it was a gorgeous day weather-wise which will bring a lot of people to the park. The trail itself wasn’t too bad. The incline was pretty gradual throughout and wasn’t too strenuous. All in all it was a fairly difficult hike due to its overall length, but the views at the top were well worth the work.

The steep drop-offs made me nervous, but it was a beautiful hike and the waterfall was an amazing destination.

7 days ago

A beautiful short "walk in the woods" Most of the way out to the falls is a gentle uphill and it is only a little more than a mile out. This path is all paved and the hike is good for all ages. Not a lot of parking so you should probably plan on being there early

Moderate may be a conservative classification of this trail, but a great trail nonetheless. The trail is well marked. Between the trailhead and the Grotto Falls Trail, the trail is lightly trafficked. The Grotto Falls portion of the trail is highly trafficked. We were fortunate to arrive at the end of a cold snap, so there was still a lot of snow on our trail. It was a beautiful reminder of what nature offers.

8 days ago

I hiked this back in 2015, before the wildfires. It was a pain in the butt but well worth the experience. Looking forward to hiking it again.

Amazing hike with a decent incline. The stone steps through the mountain was a crowd pleaser and there are so many amazing views along the trek. Rested under the bluffs towards the end of the trail and it was well work the hike. 10/10 would do it again.

Trail was pretty with blooming trillium. However, this trail runs along with the road which made it very noisy.

This IS a bucket list hike for anyone who loves the mountains

Different from many other trails in the park. Very rocky to start with. Lots of elevation changes. Nice payoff at the bald.

11 days ago

Pretty short and relatively easy hike. Starts to the left of the paved path up to Clingman’s Dome. The trail itself goes downward for the majority of the time until Andrew’s Bald, meaning you have to hike back up to the parking lot. Rocky trail with a decent amount of steps and some wood planks to use. Gorgeous less crowded view and pretty area.

Wonderful view

trail running
11 days ago

Nice morning runs from Gatlinburg hotels

12 days ago

It was a difficult trail! But it was incredibly beautiful. Some of the changes in elevation we very steep. Coming down was much easier than the trek to the top. One you reach the top the view is breathtaking. It is also frightening. You can get claustrophobic pretty quickly. This one takes some endurance and patience.

12 days ago

Great hike with beautiful views and spectacular waterfall!!

one of the best trails in tennessee. it has tough terrain and beautiful views

15 days ago

Nice hike waterfalls worth the hike. You would enjoy it more if you don’t have young children. It was a bit crowded but we expected that.

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