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2/3 of the way is pretty basic. The last 1/3 was more fun. Stepping through and over more creeks, trees, rocks. The terrain became more intense. Once I reached the waterfall, the temperature had dropped and the rocks were iced over. It was beautiful, very private and reclusive.

Moderate hike; Falls were beautiful

Waterfall is best part no surprise but hike is busy because it’s paved with all levels able to enjoy it. Mostly tree high Mountain View

4 days ago

It's a nice looking (though not very dramatic) water fall at the top of a fairly large ascent. The trail is easy in the sense that it's well paved, without any rocks to climb over. Just keep in mind that you are basically walking a ramp to the equivalency of the top of a thirty foot building.

It was great to see, along with all of the other folks hanging out up there, but I don't feel the need to ever return.

Very nice trail. We saw very few people on our hike. The old farmhouse and cemetery were awesome, as was the old hiking lodge. Debris and fallen trees along the way, I cleared out what I could but I'm only one man and I didn't have a chainsaw. Beautiful photography opportunities if you take your time along the river and explore.

very easy hike I walked a 2 year old anyone could do it beautiful trail nice view

on Laurel Falls Trail

9 days ago

Very nice hike, very busy even though we went early. The waterfall is smaller than imagined but very nice area to sit and take the view in.

13 days ago

Did this hike on the way to Mt LeConte. Falls were gorgeous and you're able to walk behind them. Went on a Monday in December so there were no worries of crowds whatsoever.

14 days ago

The trail is an incline until you reach the falls. The falls are spectacular! Very worth the trip. The trail is paved but it is not appropriate for strollers/ wheelchairs/etc. The paving isn't smooth. There are some steep drop-offs directly beside the trail as you near the falls (and at the falls) so be very careful with children. The trail was busy the day I went. I think it normally is, but it wasn't crowded to the point that it detracted from enjoying the day. Love this trail!

Loved the hike, definitely one I would do again! Beautiful view at the end.

beautiful hike with an awesome waterfall

Great, quick hike with accessible falls at the end. High water when we hiked and appreciated waterproof footwear.

16 days ago

Probably the most people I've seen on one single trail! Falls are nice and don't worry, they're will be someone to take your picture when you get there!

Really nice trail running along the creek the entire length to campground 31. There’s about a mile section at the beginning that is a wide, gravel path suitable for anyone. At a mile there is an old farm area with a couple of restored/preserved buildings. Kind of cool to walk around.

After that the trail narrows a bit, crosses the creek a couple of times, and begins a moderate climb that you will need to get used to. It isn’t difficult, but continuous. On the way down the rocks and roots will make you be aware of where you step so I’d say this falls a little between moderate and easy.

I’m the fall you will have great looks at the creek at almost every turn. There was a lot of rain recently so it made for a really high water level. I’d almost give this 5 stars but I think I’m the summer it would be less enjoyable because the leaves would obstruct the views, and in the spring I’d bet the trail is wet. Anyway, it was a really nice day


We loved this trail. The falls are beautiful. The trail is rocky with roots in several areas. I have a bad knee and was able to do this trail with out issue just had to take it slow in a few areas. We will visit this trail again.

Great trail. If you’re taking kids, I’d suggest having one adult per child under 5yrs to keep one hand on them and/or to carry them. The narrow, rocky terrain isn’t terribly safe for little hikers.

This walk was very easy, flat terrain, dog friendly. The trail goes along the river, very pretty. We passed multiple other dogs and there's a close road to the trail so I reccomend keeping your dog on a leash. We started the hike at the beginning of Blue Ridge Pkwy and went down to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sign, took a photo and came back.

Good for beginners and our dog loved it! Walk to the very end to get a picture with the Smoky Mountains sign. There is a bit of traffic noise, but overall good experience!

Very heavy foot traffic. It’s about a mile to the falls and a mile back. Super easy hike and one to do with family/kids. It gets narrow as you come to the end, but nothing that isn’t manageable. The fall was pretty, but hard to enjoy because you practically had to wait in line to get to it, and so many people were crowded in a small place that it was almost dangerous. If I were to go back I would definitely go early. We had to park about half a mile from where the trail starts. There were some great spots to take pictures along the way though. It’s definitely a hike for all skill levels.

24 days ago

The Falls themselves are beautiful with some nice views along the way. Expect there to be people if you’re looking to get your picture taken.

1 month ago

The road to the trailhead was closed when we attempted on 12/15/18.
I believe you can get to this trail by starting on the Rainbow Falls trailhead and branching off to the left for the Grotto Falls trail, but it’ll tack on another couple miles to your hike.
We ended up taking the Rainbow Falls trail instead since it was the same distance.

Nice trail. Lots of rain the night before and raining while we ran it, and the trail did not hold water. Plus, the view is beautiful!

Worth the hike up the mountain. The water fall was gorgeous and refreshing to see after the walk. Breathtaking views of the mountain from the top.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike with stunning views throughout! Quick and easy hike that is well worth your time.

1 month ago

Great hike with 2 kids, ages 9 and 4. The river was beautiful!

My family and I have done this trail many times. We like to park at Sugarlands and walk it to Gatlinburg to eat breakfast then walk it back. Makes for a good morning

Good easy beginners hike. All paved with slow grade up. Waterfalls was just another proof of Gods handiwork!

1 month ago

moderate traffic and well maintained. However it is rather close to the road and there's a lot of traffic noise.

easy trail

1 month ago

Pretty fun walk. My recommendation would be park at the visitor center and walk right towards the river across the street. There are signs posted that say Gatlinburg trail. It runs right next the road for a while, with the river on the other side. There are some great photo opportunities on this trail where you can get right next to the river. One of the only trails in the park that allows dogs, so it was definitely worth it to be able to walk my corgi.

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