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Nice hike on gravel road. the views we good, even on a cloudy, snowy day.

I haven't been on a hike in some time so it was somewhat hard at times but I enjoyed it! would definitely recommend this hike!

This was a trail that was totally worth the view at the top. All paved trail that has a steady and tough incline the whole way. The view from the observatory at the top is great. 360° view of the mountains that is very photo worthy. The most challenging part of this trail is parking. It is an absolute nightmare. Narrow two-lane road with cars inventively parked on both sides and a line of cars that goes halfway to Gatlinburg.

May be better for bicycles and horses than hikers. The man made lake is usually low and not very appealing to the naturalist. Great for exercise rather than forest bathing.

Beautiful views. A perfect hike for a beginner to moderate biker. A good workout!

14 days ago

Foggy wet and chilly but beautiful. the road leads to science center which has secondary trail heads that lead into SMNP. Too wet and foggy for those until spring.

Leg smoker, lots of rocks on the trail, so wear good boots! The view from the top is incredible. This is a popular hike so once you make it to the end, there are quite a few people climbing on the rocks for photo ops.

My friend Chris is a professional hiker and trail runner. We recently did this trail together and he absolutely smashed every Strava KOM on the map. Truly a freak of nature as we tried to keep up with his record blazing pace. The hike was OK but his performance was incredible definitely would give it a 12 out of 10.

Nice loop trail from deep creek access point of GSMNP. Maybe 5 miles but easy enough that keeping track isn’t really necessary. Going to juney whank falls first and going clockwise the first half will run along a creek, then climb a bit, then descend to run along another creek. 3 waterfalls in all and all pretty for this time of year. Most of the trail is wide and flat with benches so it’s good for anyone.


Beautiful!!! Not challenging verticals makes for a great family hike. From Parking lot to parking lot it’s 7.3. Use suggested routes and watch out for bikers.

Wait for a clear day and go early to make sure you get a parking spot.

22 days ago

Enjoyable, easy hike. Well maintained.

The views were great from Charlie’s Bunion as it was a cloudless day. Still it was a bit disheartening to see the brown pall of smog in the Tennessee valley. Absent the smog, one could see forever, well almost. There was a lot of snow and ice on the trail. Depths ranged from 6 to 18 inches. The snow was no problem except where hard packed in places by hikers. There was also considerable ice, particularly on the frequent natural or man made steps. My wife’s bad knees combined with the ice made the return trip a bit hazardous. Because temps were above freezing at New Found Gap there was a lot of muddy slush the last 1/4 mile or so to the parking lot. But, we made the 8-mile round-trip without incident, albeit slowly. This is a great hike with excellent views into both NC and TN. There is no way this is a “hard” hike. It is moderate at the most, as the elevation change is minimal given the 5000 foot starting point. Snow cleats would help right now, and hiking poles are recommended. Our hike was 12/26/18.

Beautiful hike, especially along the river

We went to this place in hot August, but it felt like an autumn day even in the parking lot on the mountain. There were birds, bumblebees, and beautiful flowers all along the trail. At first, we could see the valleys below. When we got to the highest point it was all clouds. It was peaceful, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone in the area.

It was absolutely breathtaking. We went as a cloud moved in but getting drenched while in a cloud was incredible.

Absolutely breathtaking at the top! The air and atmosphere at the Bunion itself is pure and blissful. Our trip was a little precarious due to icy paths in Mid-December, but it is well worth the trip! Not to be missed!

Really nice and well maintained trails. A lot of different options to explore depending on how lengthy of a hike you want to do. We did the 5 mile loop. It was easy for the most part. There was a 0.5 mile climb up a ridge about half way through that was decently strenuous. Outside of that, it was fairly easy hiking. You walk along side 2 different creeks and get to see multiple waterfalls. We went in mid-December when it was in the low-50s. Made for a very fun day.

Great hike and great waterfall. My husband and I went in December with 40* weather, we wore proper attire and the hike was doable. It also provided a quick work out and moderate 1 mile loop. Trail is clearly marked. The waterfall was beautiful and some aspects were frozen, which was neat to see.

Beautiful hike!

1 month ago

I love this trail. it's short but you get 2 waterfalls on the way. totally worth the trip and hike.

Great trail that isn’t too challenging with some great Mountain View’s.

September 2017- such a pretty hike on the NC/TN spine. The overlook was very cool. Would highly recommend this one at the park. Took us about 4 hours.

Gorgeous views from the tower. Very busy, lots of people when we were there. Concrete pathway with incline.

Very nice trail with incredible views from the observation tower! Trail is wide and paved, but steep.

Beautiful trail, but we didn’t see many people on this route through Cucumber Gap and it could use a little work. Trail signs were present and easy to follow once we found Cucumber Gap.

We started at Jake’s Trail because the parking lot at Little River was full. So, unless you turn around after Little River & Cucumber Gap, it really isnt a “loop”. It was a little confusing, but the map helped. There was a steady climb for the first 3 miles and a challenging water crossing. So, if the parking lot is full, you may want to park by Jake’s Trail, but walk down the road to start at Little River Trail. To finish the loop, we had to walk up the road.

I enjoyed the longer trail, but it was more challenging. Luckily, someone laid a bunch of logs over a stream and we bushwacked about 50 ft to find it. We could not have crossed otherwise, water moving quickly due to previous rain
i assume.

Once we arrived at Little River Trail, it was more crowded (and for obvious reasons: there was a waterfall, scenic river views and ALL Flat).

Old cabins are laid out along the historic trail which is also accessible from this trail.

Beautiful very easy for the kids very wet tho.

1 month ago

Short hike, not too strenuous. Brought the dogs too, they enjoyed the walk. Definitely recommend.

1 month ago

this was an excellent hike with a great view of the waterfall.

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