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This waterfall is nice, but it will be crowded and there isn't a whole lot of room at the top. The trail does continue past the falls for a less crowded walk in the woods. Don't give this trail less than 4 stars because it's crowded....it's stated in 90% of the reviews.

If you're looking for a short hike with a great waterfall this is it! While on the hike we encountered as momma bobcat with her 2 kittens. We met a few hikers on their way out who had saw a bear (we never saw it). If waterfalls are your thing I highly recommend this hike!

This is a very nice hike, but I would hardly rate it as easy due to 4 separate creek crossings and elevation changes. I would not hike the trail for the sole purpose of seeing the waterfall, but the trail scenery is wonderful and well worth the hike.

This trail was awesome!! Very rocky and tricky in parts! More difficult than moderate, with plenty of exposed roots!! Great for a Sunday afternoon excursion...we saw a baby bear cub and heard rumors of baby bobcats nearby.

Great water fall, little bit rough getting just because of the tree roots. Very beautiful!!

Trail definitely a moderate to extreme in spots. I am 32, not too athletic and sit at work so don’t get many steps on a normal day but love to hike when i can and I am also an asthmatic, but I did fine. My family members didn’t do as well, step mom and aunts ages 74-70 that are fairly fit took a lot of breaks and struggled. If you don’t like heights do NOT go on this trail! The ledge could be super nerve wrecking if scared of heights, also if you are super clumsy be careful. My father is 60 and super athletic and did fine. My aunt and step mom did brace themselves on a rock and got stung a lot by some hornets. Above all the waterfall was stunning and views were amazing!! Hope this helps out. Also we did see a baby bear super close! Crossed the trail right in front of us! Super awesome!

5 days ago

Love it. Paved trail can be slick in spots. Water fall was awesome. On the way back saw a young bear.

This was a great trail! Went with my husband and our three girls and saw a ton of colorful insects. the falls were beautiful and a great spot to cool of in. deffinetly recommended!

10 days ago

Pleasant hike for everyone!

10 days ago

Moderate to strenuous we say. Only 1.9 Miles round trip from Trenton Institute parking lot. Rocks and roots and wet in some places. Steep drop offs as well. But beautiful scenery, especially the falls.

10 days ago

The hike was great. Definitely come early to get parking since it’s limited. I would also rate it a moderate hike. Good hike for families to bring kids. The falls was beautiful. Saw two salamanders when I got it the falls.

10 days ago

Great walk and beautiful falls. When the reviews say “heavily trafficked” they aren’t joking. It’s almost too busy to walk it but once you navigate around the people, it’s nice.

Fully paved walkway with a great prize at the end of the trail. There is a nice resting spot with a bench and a view at the .7 mile marker. shortly after this the trail levels out and depends slightly.

Nice but high volume of traffic.

14 days ago

Great trail for our family with small children. Easy enough for young hikers but with enough trail features to create several teachable moments. We will definitely visit again!

14 days ago

Easy walk through mostly dry river bed when we were there (Aug 28th) I really enjoyed the views of smooth side walls and searching for the pictographs. We found them in two completely different areas. Met a local and explored the opposite direction of the waterfalls after we were done there. Lots of rocks, boulders and cairns along the way until we saw a cave up high to our left. It looks like a big sand castle! Not a challenging hike but fun to explore.

Amazing hike. Definitely Moderate++, descent down to Falls and then short stretch to get under the Falls was technical and slick. Worth every step though.

It had been raining & it made it (the falls) all the more beautiful. Beautiful walking through the woods. All uphill the first 1.3 and then down hill back.

Great short trail with a rewarding waterfall. No crowds at all Sept 9th. on Sunday, in fact we only met 6 other hikers. The parking lot was full when we returned at about 2:30 with everyone swimming in the Sinks.

15 days ago

More people than water on this one. Was disappointed with the falls, particularly given how crowded it was. One or two nice overlooks on the way up...but main take away was either come early or late, or just spend time on other longer/harder trails to avoid people.

16 days ago

Paved but please leave your strollers as its not smooth and it might be crowded. In fact, the trail was disgustingly crowded when I went. Nice quick trail if you can go at a time where you can avoid the crowds.

this trail is beautiful. it's the first trail I've ever hiked that starts by descending for roughly one mile. my view at the top was disappointing, it was so foggy that I couldn't see anything, but I also kind of knew the weather would block my view before I started it. the entire trail was gorgeous and I cant wait to go back to the mountains.

Moderate +..... Steep and technical in spots but we'll worth the effort.

18 days ago

Fantastic, rugged hike...definitely more than just moderate. But, completely worth it when you get to the falls. A few areas along the way with a great view looking at the smokies, take your time and enjoy the scenery to the falls. 1.9miles there and 1.9 miles back...be prepared for both treks :)

This was our first Trail on our family vacation to Gatlinburg. We thought it would be a good introductory Trail for our 5-year-old son and we were right... he loved it! There are quite a few creeks/streams to cross and views of the mountains. We were lucky enough to spot a few bear cubs along the way! Of course the falls at the end were the biggest hit - my son loves water, climbing, and salamanders so he was in heaven. I would strongly recommend this hike - the only downfall is the limited parking at the trailhead...plan accordingly

Decent, short trail. Paved but a lot of the paved area has been eroded and can be broken in areas. The falls is worth it in the end. Heavy foot traffic and expect people in your pictures.

Great little fall...even saw a yearling bear on the way back (luckily there were volunteers directing ignorant tourists away from it). The bad part and why I would not do it again unless someone with me really really wanted to is the # of people. Go early! Was ok on my way up but on the way down it was super crowded. I went past the falls and hiked a bit too, which no one really goes past there so that was nice (unpaved path). Is a good waterfall for those that want to see one that is easier to access. Difficult to get decent pics though because of all the people. I went around 9:30 am so I would say go at 7ish am and you’d have better luck.

Easy hike , with very nice waterfall, heavily travelled

At times the trail was a little narrow with how much foot traffic there was but there was a lot to see and we hardly broke a sweat.

23 days ago

awesome worth the view

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