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Loved the energy of the stream flowing through the gorge and couldn't get enough of it! The little waterfalls and the sound of the water made me want to climb higher and just hang out as people passed by. One group had to turn around and go back because it was too difficult for one of their peeps. i personally didn't think of it as Hard but rather as Exhilarating! I agree that the fire road was not so exciting but we did get a nice pic of the panoramic view. i give it 5 stars because of the energy in the gorge.

Fantastic scenery along the historic Maurice River. Not a challenging trail for those that are in even a little bit of shape. But this trail system brings you into nature. You will see many birds, snakes(if your looking for them), ruins from past times and meet a few pleasant people enjoying the out doors. Only reason I give it 4 instead of 5, is it would be nice to have bathroom facilities for women.

I probably hike this place 5-15 times in the fall and spring. It’s a great way to spend the whole day. A handful of hidden little locations too.

Amazing nature hike! Trails are quite difficult, not quite as hard as Glen Onoko but I definitely recommend this one too!

Breathtaking beautiful. Next time I go back, I will be sure to wear hiking shoes. The trails are quite difficult, so be sure to be prepared for a challenge!

8 days ago

A lot of carriage roads but the Gertrude's Nose trail makes up for it. Awosting Falls running pretty good.

10 days ago

Very rocky! Great views.

10 days ago

It was ok. Decent hike with some good inclines but definitely not "hard." There were a few pretty spots but the best veiws were from the parking lot. I haven't hiked the area before but I got the feeling there were other trails near by that would have been much better.

I drove 6 hours from Cleveland to hike this and some others in the area and this has become a new favorite of mine. I highly recommend hiking up the orange route which is hiking up the falls. From the parking lots, go down the steps to the first trail sign and make a right, go under the bridge and maybe 100 yards later you'll come to a split. GO LEFT which is hiking up the falls. It's more challenging than hiking the other route but FAR more rewarding. There are places to stop and relax/take photos the whole way up. Wear hiking shoes! If you don't take the orange route up, I feel horrible for you - going down the orange route has to be awful (slippery and much more steep). I'm not a waterfall enthusiast so I was a bit reluctant to "waste" my time on this one but it turned out to be really awesome. The only downside to this one is that it's got a ton of people on it, maybe the most of any "hard" trail I've done to date. WEAR HIKING BOOTS - you'll regret it if you don't. Enjoy!

Very rewarding day hike with great views, ponds, streams and a beautiful waterfall.

12 days ago

My hike was starting at Michaux Rd, then hiking NE up to Sunset Rocks, then down to the AT and on to Pine Grove Furnace. Very narrow ridgetop with heavily bouldered trail. Trailhead at Michaux Rd was hard to find ...it looks like a driveway..so here are some tips: Coming from Rt 234 turn onto on Michaux Rd...look for address post #111...on right. Baby blue color trail blazes are on left and right side of Michaux Rd to alert you mark you are near to trail. Follow bay blue blazes at #111 on the RIGHT side to the beginning of the rock outcrops almost immediately. If you like rocks, this is it.

Gorgeous falls! Be sure to wear hiking shoes! I recommend hiking up next to the falls first as coming down on the wet rock would be more difficult.

Good short hike - doge loved it

My wife and I Loved the views! Only a handful of people on trail, mostly had to ourselves. Easy to follow, big loop like is shown here will show you all the cool views.

Loved the rock scrambles - couldn't stop grinning!

18 days ago

Nice hike, I hit this after work sometimes in the spring/summer. A bit of rock scrambling here and there so be prepared to help your dog if you take it.

Views arent bad too.

Awesome trail! Fire road can get a little boring, but the way up is amazing. I will return

looking for big foot with kids, you will see lots of natural sites for story telling and adventure making.

Not a bad hike, combining Dark Hollow Falls with Rose River trail. The problem with this hike is you end up going down at the start and seeing the falls, then it is back gaining altitude with no real view or payoff to get back to your start. Not a bad hike, but so many better ones in the Shenandoahs

23 days ago

What a great hike! It was a little difficult finding the trailhead, but we really enjoyed the hike and the beautiful views once we got going! If you've never taken this hike before, you can either park near the visitor's center and begin by following a short stretch of the Appalachian Trail to the Sunset Rocks trailhead off of Centerville Road/Pine Grove Road or drive to the end of Old Shippenburg Road to park right at the trailhead.

Amazing hike up the Falls! We went to the left of the loop so hiked up next to Falls first....absolutely awesome views and great hiking! I will definitely hike this again!

beutiful views while the foliage is still down...4 on the way in -1 on the way out

Be sure to wear hiking boots! beautiful trail and exciting climb.

Great view! Hike was rocky but not difficult. Will definitely be going back once everything is green.

We did the trail in reverse (going up the falls first). The views of the falls are amazing, although the climb up is moderate difficult.

My discrepancy with this trail is the lack of sufficient markings. We got mildly lost 3 or 4 times after reaching the top of the falls.

Make sure you have a map and compass.

25 days ago

Awesome hike, trail markers change from blue to yellow. We decided to make a loop with the Mid State Trail and that made for a much more challenging hike! Best hike I’ve done in PA so far!

27 days ago

Great trail, starts out as an exercise from the bottom. Once you’re at the top it’s peaceful with beautiful scenery and no one else for miles.

27 days ago

There are a lot of amazing views on this hike as the trail hugs the edge of the cliff for a good portion. The elevation changes are spaced out well and strenuous at a few points. Overall, the payoff is definitely in the hikers' favor. Once the views are all thoroughly enjoyed, the return trip through the forest is also very nice. I did this hike with a good amount of snow on the ground, I imagine this will be much easier once the snow melts.

Beautiful trail! Felt like we were in the Last of the Mohicans. Definitely take the trail clockwise as climbing up will be easier than climbing down the rocks along the falls. Not difficult ,but we had to plan how to cross at spots and watch footing in wet and icy spots. Wore hiking boots with great traction.

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