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Steep as hell but very rewarding. Lake Blanche is breathtaking and there are two more lakes with a gorgeous backdrop within a few hundred yards. About half the trail is shaded, the water level of the lake is super low in the fall so you can walk around the whole thing pretty quickly.

hey was a nice beautiful hike today. This is definitely a hard level hike. Don't let anybody fool you thinking this is an intermediate hike you need to be in good shape and be ready to rock. Definitely bring good shoes as there is a lot of rocks and this Trail has a steady incline and will test your Fitness level.

Completely breathtaking scenery. After hiking mount Olympus this was a piece of cake. I think it should be rated as moderate.

It’s a pretty steep and rocky trail but a beautiful hike. I wish I had worn shoes with more ankle support. It was a little longer than anticipated but it is something you can spend the day on.

So beautiful but for sure a doozy! Comparable to Squaw Peak if you’ve done that hike. Loved the views!

Worth the struggle

Let’s be clear and say that leaving your orange peels, pistachio shells, and Cheerios is not Leave No Trace. Please plan ahead or put that stuff in your backpack!

On a positive note, it was a fun hike that takes about an hour and a half each direction at a quick pace.

5 days ago

Great hike. Good to start early if possible. Steep climb. Good hiking shoes and plenty of water are advisable. There are many good spots for pictures. I took my camera, hammock, and day pack and spent the day around the lakes.

"Bang for the buck," the best views available along the wasatch front considering the effort you make to get there. The trail is mostly shaded and this makes the fall colors amazing along the way. This is a very popular hike so weekends are busy and parking can be the biggest challenge. The trail is somewhat difficult if you don't either hike or workout regularly. Bring a lunch and enjoy the views at the lake.

The best hike I’ve ever been on. The views are amazing facing Sundial Peak and the view of where you came from is breathtaking. If you go on a weekday you’ll have significantly less crowds.

9 days ago

Beautiful trail. Arrived at trailhead at 6:30am on the weekend and was the first day hiker up to Lake Blanche at approximately 8:00am-8:15am. On my way down there was several people going up, but on my way up... nobody...

Fall colors are starting to show on the trail. Steep, but not steep enough where you are sliding down the trail. Lots of shade. Phenomenal Hike.

Great hike! Although we had a total distance of closer to 8 miles round trip. Amazing views at the top. We left at 7 am and got back at the bottom by 10:30am.

My GPS showed about 3.7 miles one way and 2880 feet gained in elevation. There's another half mile past Lake Blanche to see the other two smaller lakes. It's definitely longer than the trailhead map.

But it's a beautiful hike. I finished it up in about five hours, but I stopped to take pictures of everything, explored around the lake, and spent some time held up by a moose on the trail.

Great hike with a great payoff in the end. One of my favorite ones out here.

trail running
11 days ago

Pretty views of the canyon. Decent amount of other people on the trail on a Saturday morning. Walked about 3 miles up and ran the way out. Good trail if you want something nice and easy to get used to trail running on.

Beautiful hike! Definitely some steep parts, climbing up rocks, but worth it!

13 days ago

I thought this trail(s) was beautiful, however, coming down the large road at the end, is very dangerous. There are loose pebbles the entire way and of course-I found the wrong one and fell and I sustained a pretty painful injury to my knee cap and side butt. You just have to pay attention and be careful coming down.

Always prepare for a overnight stay! Easy hike and beautiful. Plenty of water just take a filter. Pick up your trash people. Utah has some of the most littered trails I’ve seen. It’s disgusting and sad that people are this lazy to leave no trace. Beautiful hike though!

on Lake Blanche Trail

14 days ago

Amazing! Great workout and beautiful views.

The distance is wrong on the trailhead map (2.8) and here (3.35) the actual distance to the lake is approximately 4.7 miles each way or 9.4 out and back, and its all uphill, so pack a lunch and bring plenty water, the lake was pretty and views were good. Had I known what I was was getting into I could’ve prepared better. Probably won’t do this one again for a long time.

17 days ago

very fun to do at sunset !

Wouldn't call this one "easy " simply because of the many rocks and tree roots. Decent elevation gain as well. Kids would enjoy it, but you'd probably need to help littles over the rocks. I wish it were marked to show the routes around the reservoir more clearly.

19 days ago

Lake was mediocre but view of Sundial Peak was amazing! Hiked up in 1.5 hours and ran down in 30 min. Went around 3:30p and trail was not busy. There are some cool smaller lakes within 0.5 miles of Blanche and plenty of space to explore when you are at top. The trail is narrow and shaded a good portion of the way, as well as quite steep in some sections. For trail runners, prepare yourself for some tight switchbacks but other than that enjoy!

long climb (and descent). the lakes are nice and the surrounding peaks majestic but I assume would have seen much nicer in the spring when fuller

It is a long and hard hike...Little bit steeper at some places but mostly moderate...very much doable. Had to stop few times to catch the breath. you should see beautiful landscapes on the way, and once you reach the lake you should find it very scenic. you would spend good 30 minutes reaching the late and walking across to see the mountains. I felt hiking down was unusually long. start by 7am, on my way down I found people fitter than me also were stopping at all available chances while they were hiking - this is around 11am. so certainly hiking will look even harder if you start late I believe.

This hike is breathtaking! A little steep in parts, but definitely worth it. Take extra water as there isn’t always shade.

28 days ago

Nice trail. It was cool and fresh this morning. Dewy. Lots of natural cover. Hand fed a marmot! Enjoyed the very cool petrified looking rocks near the lake. Lake is small but setting is serene for sure. Trail was fairly busy. Hiked up in 1:35 and down in about the same time. Trail is somewhat rocky. Good challenge hike.

The most gorgeous hike I've done. It's moderate in my opinion, 2 hour hike to Lake Blanche. I went a little further to the other lakes as well. 100% recommend this trail, beautiful views the entire day.

on Lake Blanche Trail

29 days ago

We started up the Lake Blanche trail at 10:30 a.m. on a Fridays. We didn’t see that many mosquitos, though I did find two bites when I got home :) It wasn’t very crowded on the way up, with about 50/50 shade vs. sun. People we met had good trail etiquette and were friendly. One woman on the way down told us we’d see a moose family just up the trail. We spent several minutes watching a a mother and her calf walking and noshing on the foliage only a few feet away from us. What a treat!

The hike starts getting more difficult about 2.2 miles up, when you’ll encounter some dusty, steep switchbacks and rocky terrain. Even though we’re quite fit at sea level, we are still acclimating to Park City’s elevation, so we had to stop a few times to catch our breath.

Once you reach the top and Lake Blanche, keep heading around to the right (west) through a crack in the rock wall to see the other two lakes. We stopped for 15 minutes for a quick lunch before heading back down. In all, the 7.34 mile round trip took about 3.5 hours.

One final tip: when you’ve finished, walk over and down to the edge of the mountain stream that’s flowing by the track to dip your feet. After a warm, dusty hike, it’s quite refreshing.

trail running
1 month ago

Best hike of the season!

Ran this trail with a friend from Romania on Sunday Aug, 19th. There were quite a few people on the trail, but all respected trail runners...THANK YOU!

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