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Very nice trail. Fairly steep, but beautiful and peaceful.

Beautiful and short hike

This is quite a work out but well worth the effort. The views from the top are amazing. The entire valley is visible, so are the surrounding mountains.

Amazing views of downtown, Mt Olympus, parleys, and the whole valley. Start at church fork picnic area, shaded switchbacks for a while, then opens up for a bit then more switchbacks, then an open traverse up to the top. The last 1/2 mile to a mile is pretty steep. 400 ft/mile did it in 3.5 hours. 2 hrs to top.

3 days ago

stopped just short of the summit due to a storm that rolled in. in hindsight it didn't last long but better to be safe then sorry. beautiful views and fantastic wildflowers that got better and more abundent the higher you hike!!!
trail definitely starts off pretty steep but becomes more manageable the higher you get.

Easy going for the first mile. The trail has some snow and water running down it, but it gets much worse once you reach the upper bridge (the one you don’t cross). From there on be prepared for snow and lots of water running own he trail. Your feet are going to get wet. I had micro spikes and I had no trouble with the snow. There were four groups totaling 8 people on the final snow field ascent when lightning started to strike. We all chose to bail even though we were in a quarter mile of the lake. Hail rain lightning...it was an awesome day. Met some cool people in the process. There is plenty of water on this hike so carry a filter and a few less liters of water

Gorgeous hike! The majority is in the trees covered by shade. Bring water and snacks it’ll take about four hours. We saw lots of families with kids and 50+ yr old people hiking this with us. There are lots of places to stop and rest or turn back . There are steep areas that tire you out but also flat switch backs that make it enjoyable. Gorgeous views the whole way not just at the end! Moderate is a perfect rating !

This trail starts out hard, following the creek bed straight up. Gets a bit easier once the switch-backs start and you begin to climb out of the creek bed. The views south across Mill Creek Canyon are fantastic, and plenty of yellow and blue wildflowers along the way (I wish I knew what to call them). Great lookout across Salt Lake City from the summit. Not nearly so crowded as Mt Olympus (only about a dozen other hikers on a Friday AM), and not quite as much of a crushing climb. Snow is all gone now. Would love to spend more time here.

Just hiked/ran this 5/15/18. It was in awesome conditions. I hit the trail at 6:30pm hit the top at 7:40pm. Everybody I ran into on the trail was so nice. it is a pretty steady incline. I was a little surprised how little running I could do. Although I'm not in the best shape. there were quite a few people getting their runs in.

One of my all time favorites. Difficulty is fair but absolutely worth the effort. The scenery along the way up to the peak is beautiful and the view from the peak is breathtaking. You could watch the sunrise and the sunset from up there. Amazing hike. Bring plenty of water and some trail snacks.

Always a favorite. Not much snow until you get about .5 mile below the pass. It is easy to get off the trail here (but that won't matter in a few weeks). The ridgeline to the summit was over 5ft of snow and I was wishing I had some snowshoes. A couple of postholes later and we made it to the summit. One of my favorite Wasatch summits.

15 days ago

About the hikers: two non-local, relatively fit 20-somethings. No real experience hiking in snow. I'd say our pace was slow - maybe a 5 minute break every 30 minutes.

We hiked this the week of May 6, 2018. We ran into a local on the trail who said all the snow would be gone in a week, but when we were there there was plenty of snow. We had micro-spikes and trekking poles and were very happy to have them.

We started the hike at 8:15 AM. The following are duration timestamps for when we hit certain markers. Maybe that will be helpful for someone else to estimate their pace.
0:45 - Arrived at the split with White Pine Lake Trail
1:15 - Came to the Lone Peak WIlderness sign
2:20 - Came to an unmarked bridge near a sign that marked 'Red Pine Lake' and 'Trailhead'. The trail doesn't cross that bridge.
3:30 - Made it to Red Pine Lake
4:15 - Started back
4:45 - Back at unmarked bridge we first reached at 2:20
5:40 - Back at Lone Pine Wilderness sign
5:58 - Rejoined with White Pine Lake Trail
6:30 - Back at trailhead around 2:30 PM

So it took us 3:30 to go up and only 2:15 to come back down. We consumed about 3 liters of water between the two of us and that was fine.

There were a couple of different routes that diverged somewhere around the unmarked bridge mentioned above. One went through an open meadow and the other through the trees, but I don't think they were more than 50 yards from each other at any time. We came up through the trees and down through the meadow, but it didn't make much difference.

For us this was a pretty strenuous hike, but I loved it! Very few people on the trail and great views. Also spotted a Dusky Grouse. I'm glad we got an early start and very glad we had the spikes and trekking poles. We rented those at REI for very cheap.

15 days ago

There are still large area of snow going up the trail, your feet will get wet. I'm looking forward til the snow it gone. Enjoy!

We hiked this one last week when high was in the mid-60s and the sun was shining. The trail starts steep, shady, and cool in the pines and spruces heading north along the creek. There are several small stream crossings and don't miss the large rock face on your left that you can climb up from the north side for a great vantage point.

Roughly half way up you will start exiting the tall trees into the scrubby stuff (bring sunscreen) and the switchbacks will begin. The trail gets rougher and narrower here and you will encounter some minor scrambling opportunities as you continue upward. There are a few spots to sit and enjoy a view of Parley's canyon if you need a snack break getting close to the peak.

The peak provides ample room to hang out for a while and soak in the view of the valley and nearby peaks. We brought a pair of binoculars for fun.

This is a great trail for those wanting to advance their hiking capability from the beginner level. This one really boosted my wife's confidence. The moderate rating, in my opinion, is accurate.

20 days ago

Incredible hike!!! We only made it 4 miles up, shy of the lake by a mile or so. We were not prepared to traverse the knee to waist deep snow in spots. Must do! We will be back!!!

Very nice beginner hike. Not technical

Steep! A climb the whole time but so worth it! Not much snow left at the top and I was easily able to get to the summit with just some quality hiking boots. Don’t get lost on your way back down!

Absolutely GORGEOUS today. I had 6.4 miles from the Church Fork Campground. It took us about two hours to reach the summit at a pretty average pace. Only a few snowy spots left on the trail, I didn’t have spikes and made it just fine!

I love how the terrain on this trail varies...from evergreen forest along the roaring creek, to dry and rocky, to snow at the top! I was alone hiking, so definitely didn't attempt the snow without spikes. The distance measurement definitely doesn't take into account the walk from the gate to the trailhead since the picnic grounds are still closed. This trail is very manageable for most ability levels. There are lots of places to stop and take a break. The views are amazing.

1 month ago

The trail was completely covered with hard pack snow all the way to lower Red Pine. It got a little soft up to the upper lakes but manageable with cleats. The accent all the way to the saddle was steep and sketchy as there were only a few tracks to help stabilize your feet. Still an absolutely beautiful day to be on the trail. All lakes are still frozen over of course but the Ridgelines look amazing under snow. Keep trekking

Very slushy at the top - spikes recommended. Also, round trip is about 6.5 miles, not 5.8.

I love this trail in spring, as it’s clear earlier than most. The east side is in full sun most of the way, so be prepared. Just before the summit (at the steepest part) it’s still snowy/slushy/slippery and spikes helped a ton, especially on the way down. FYI, I always clock this closer to 6.5 RT (from the gate at the bottom of the Church Fork campground.).

II am pretty athletic and found this trail to be exciting and beautiful but also steep and grueling. I was exhausted by the time we reached the summit. I would rate this trail as difficult not moderate.. I’m from Ohio so maybe I’m not used to such steep climbs or the altitude - so if your not a local it may be a difficult trail.

Challenging hike. Beautiful view at the top worth the work.

Beautiful hike today! Trail is pretty muddy, and last mile or so was very icy, so I would extremely recommend spikes! Ran into a pretty aggressive bull moose on the way back down, they’re definitely active later in the day so be careful!

1 month ago

This was such a gorgeous hike. Beautiful views of the canyon and when you get to the lake it’s stunning. The bugs were pretty bad so definitely bring your bug spray.

Really enjoyed this trail. Ran/hiked it in about 2.5 hours last Sunday. Trail near the top still covered in snow and ice. Did not have treads, but I did have trekking poles which helped immensely. Woman on the trail didn't control her dog who ended up biting my hand as I tried to walk past...keep your dogs under control please!

Definitely a fun hike and less crowded than the Pipeline trail further down the canyon. The trail was relatively easy to follow, though it's still slushy and icy the higher up you go. You might want to consider microspikes if you want to make it to the peak this time of year, but you can get pretty high up without them. Really stunning views.

1 month ago

Awesome hike. Snow is still really deep but compacted for most of the trail. Fairly steep and can get difficult in areas.

Fantastic hike today! The weather was perfect. Needed microspikes near the top to get up - the funnest part was sledding on my bum on the way down! Great views!

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