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This is a beautiful trail following along a creek, super easy to do. It was a bit muddy at times, but it wasn't a big deal.

wow, I thought I had seen all the arches , this is a must see!! the little falls past the arch is so beautiful... don't miss this hike!!!

If you have kids or just a short time in the gorge, you can do Angels Window, Whistling Arch and Sky Bridge and see 3 arches without much time,travel,or effort.

23 hours ago

I didn’t mind the gravel road. It follows a ridge line through the woods and was very pleasant. We combined this hike with Star Arch which made a 6.25 mile hike. It was easy walking with staircases for the few steep sections. Some views of Courthouse Rock and nice views from the arch.

It was definitely difficult this time of year. Most of the hike was muddy and slick with all the fallen leaves, but the views of red river were amazing!! My second time doing this trail and will definitely do it again.

great hiking trail! i want to go back and do the super loop which this is part of.

Gorgeous views from the top.

Easy hike for all ages; great views!

this trail is closex

This trail was not easy at all. It’s straight uphill. Didn’t see anywhere that said you had to do the very hard trail to get to the easy trail. They have the trails detoured because of construction. You have to cross a creek to even get to the trail. It was a pretty hike but a heads up would’ve been nice.

on Raven Run Red Trail

6 days ago

Great go to trail-does get pretty wet when it rains, but it is easy and well marked- I never feel uncomfortable hiking it alone.

My husband and I completed this hike on 11/3/18. Beautiful fall foliage, crowded place, limited parking, lots of doggies, and not a super easy hike. It's best if you go in and out on the same trail nearest to the bathrooms. The waterfall is gorgeous and the hike is beautiful. I would do it again. I wouldn't recommend going if it's rainy or snowy, it might get very slick.

8 days ago

Nice flat hike at the top. We camped right before you head down until the valley.

Does anyone know if there are any accessible trails for a Wheelchair?

The trail was super muddy but it was right along side the creek which is nice. The arch was somewhat underwhelming.

12 days ago

Our go to short hike. Metal grated stairs at end get the heart rate up just in time to collapse in the car if you haven't been keeping up with your cardio but also scare our dogs so will not be bringing them along in the future. A nice hike any season you choose. Found Sunday evenings in particular to be our favorite time to hike here. Few to no other hikers even during tourist season.

13 days ago

descent little hike , not to hard but not alot to see.

nice view and good hike for afternoon with the family. It's a good little hike

great place for a day hike and a picnic.

14 days ago

Was a fairly difficult hike with a 40lb pack on my back but was beautiful and worth spending the night. October 2018

Beautiful trail! A good amount of uphill to the overlook, but nothing a moderately in shape adult couldn't do. Trails were nice, and we didn't see anyone else. Just the friendly dog that guided us on our hike! The overlook is amazing, and well worth seeing. The fall colors were beautiful, and I'll definitely go back.

very nice hike, folks at the gift shop were very knowledgeable and helpful.

Beautiful easy hike. Was muddy but worth it

Beautiful views. Great hike.

We live in Lexington, this is our quick go to trail. We love it!

Love this trail. If you’re in for the work, then this is your trail. From passing creeks to bridges. To climbing rocks and going up inclines, this trail has it all. Good scenery and plenty of trail to keep a hiker satisfied. Hope you enjoy! Be safe, be cautious, and let’s not forget; be adventurous!

See review for hazardous water filled pot hole on Princess Arch review 2 days ago. Always do both. Both Easy.

Two days ago there was and likely still is an enormous water filled pot hole. We had AWD Pilot and went through on the more shallow R side going in and did just fine. But would not recommend if you don't have 4 WD truck or SUV. A couple sedans did go through but entire hoods were mud covered and surprised it didn't kill the engine. We always love Princess and Chimney Top Rock.

Great hike, challenging but worth the effort. We went counter clockwise as it starts heading towards the arch, which makes this a loop and not an out and back. Arch is great, If you go out there be sure to climb to the top and enjoy the nice 360 vista view. From there headed towards Courthouse Rock. Can be climbed to the summit but a fall would likely be fatal. Aux Ridge is spectacular, with several great views along the way. Pack a few snacks and plenty of water. T

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